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Kathryn's Birth

Ok, here is the low-down onthe show-down!....
It started yesterday morning...contractions! I could tell it was different from BH, it was more like menstral cramps, sharp and low. Everytime I got up and did something, they would hit me.
I had to go to my grandmothers house, it was my usual day to help her out. I just FELT different, it was a gut feeling that something was going to happen!
I started writing down and timing them around 10:30 am. They were 15 minutes apart, as long as I was resting. Closer if I was moving around. Irregular though altogether, so I was worried it was false labor. Finally around 1 I decided I should start calling people, alerting them this could be it! My MW said to let her know when theywere more regular and 5 minutes apart. I decided to go ahead and drive home, before I could not. They were starting to feel more intense.
I got home and told DH to come home NOW! I needed his support, this was probably it. He came home and took DS to a friends house, I needed to concentrate. When he got back, they were about 4 minutes aprt and very strong. I told him to call MW and see how far away she was, and to HURRY!
She got here about 5pm. they were about 2 minutes apart, I hardly had time to breathe in between! Very intense! At 5:30 I started to push. My sister had just gotten there in time to watch (she is due in November with her first).
I finally got the head out (that felt good!), and the water sack was still on her head, not broken, like an astronaut! Then I have one more push, and the water broke and she TORPEDOED out! That felt REALLY great! Such a RELIEF!!!! Thet put her up on me and covered with a warm towel. She hardly made a peep, very contented baby! Born at 6:04pm.
She weighed in at 9 lbs 12 ozs!! 14 1/4 head, 22 in. long! I got a tiny tear top and bottom, but not enough to stitch! Thank God! Last time I had a second degree tear that took almost an hour to stitch, worse pain than the birth!!
I got her to latch on after about 45 minutes. MW thinks that she was actually OVERDUE! Bright rosy red skin, NO vernix! Strange!
I have had minimal bleeding, and I was up and around getting a shower an hour or so later, eating pizza and birthday cake!
We are doing great now, she nurses wonderfully and is very quiet, happy. I feel like I have been riding a Clydesdale bareback for a week, but it is tolerable!
So That is the story, can't wait to read everyone elses!!! Good luck!
hugs.... Elfmamma
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Congrats, lisa and elfmama! Yay!
It really gives me a better idea of what to expect when my time comes! And the birth stories just make me want to cry they're so wonderful.
Welcome babies!

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Wow Lisa! Amazing birth. Congratulations and welcome Carrick! Take care of yourself.

Elfmama - what a great birth! I'm so glad that something went smoothly for you! Congratulations!
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**sigh** I am loving these birth stories!

Thanks for the full details Ahimsa. Please pamper yourself and rest and I hope you heal quickly!

I'm glad everything worked out so well, Lisa, w/the previa stuff. That's really nice to hear of a short labor too!

And elfmama-that's wild about the sac...I always wondered if human babies could be born without the membranes rupturing or fully rupturing. BIG girl, too, btw. Guess I don't have to tell you that, haha.
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I am still processing this birth. Hopefully it won't sound too convoluted.

After having a lot of signs that my baby might come early, my due date came and went. I went through a big journey to feel emotionally ready to have another baby and ended up having a long talk with baby-in-utero letting him know that it was ok to be born and that I was really ready. I also went to see a cranio-sacral therapist (ah, the benefits of living in a college town) who also helped me relax and talk to the baby and untwisted a line of tension that ran from my neck through my spine to my pelvis. This was on Saturday.

Sunday night, 5/16, I had one very little tiny contraction at about 11 pm while writing. I remarked to my dh that it had occured, but warned him that I had three days of such contractions before baby #1 was born. Over the next two hours or so I had more tiny contractions, lasting maybe 15/20 seconds. I got in bed about 1 or 1:30 and tried to breathe through the contractions which were not too close together or long, but getting a little more noticeably intense.

At about 3 am, I felt like I needed to stand up and walk around to deal with the contractions, which were starting to get regular. I woke up dh and told him that I wanted him to get up with me. I lasted about 10 minutes up and walking around when I realized that the contractions were getting longer and closer together and asked him to call my midwives. The midwife on call (Kerry) was about 45 minutes away, so I wanted to let her have a little bit of advance notice before she had to come out. I had a short labor with my first son as well, so we had talked about me calling early in labor. She must have thought I sounded well on my way because she called in the secondary midwife (Sierra) who lives a lot closer (actually, only 2 blocks away). Sierra got to the house at about 3:30. She asked to check me because we had a few concerns about the baby being breech from my last visit, and I consented, mostly because I knew it would make her feel better. She checked me, baby head down, about 5 cm dilated. Soon afterwards, I got into the shower, and stayed there. Nothing but standing and swaying felt good to me, so dh stood outside the tub and I dunked myself under the shower between contractions and stepped to the side and hung on him during contractions. I was coping pretty well, but at about 4 I asked him to call my mom, who was supposed to care for ds (who is 4), saying "I am going to get loud now."

I got through the stage most folks call transition without a lot of difficulty, roaring and growling a lot. I was wearing a cool birth necklace which I had strung up with beads from my blessingway and it felt very grounding and comforting to have it there. I also had candles burning in the bathroom and a small space where I had put some other jewelry and symbolic objects. My midwives were waiting discreetly outside the door and I was totally unaware of their presence, but they would also magically appear whenever I needed anything (like a basin to throw up in, which I thankfully needed only once). I began to push slowly as the urge built, over maybe 5 contractions or so, and Kerry came in to ask me if I wanted to move out of the shower to push. I asked to wait until the urge was constant and strong, and she replied by asking me if I minded having the baby in the shower. I said no, and she and Sierra began setting up for the possibility that the baby might slide out there. Their assistant, Tracey, was also in the house by now, and was out in the hall, getting the things they needed and generally being supportive. My poor midwives got a bit soaked in my micro bathroom as they watched me and encouraged me. Pushing was difficult and the baby didn't seem to be moving down much at all. I pushed for perhaps 30-40 minutes in the shower. Sierra thought there might be something going on that we couldn't see, so she asked me if I minded being checked. I said ok and we moved to the bed where she discovered a posterior cervical lip. That made sense to me because I was having a lot of pain in that spot. The baby began having some relatively deep decels, though he recovered well, but I was beginning to get worried. Sierra knew that I had had a lip reduced in my last birth and that it was incredibly painful for me, so she asked if I wanted to try and breathe through a couple of contractions in different positions to see if it would resolve itself. It didn't, so I asked her to try and reduce it, which took two tries, but it felt much better after it was gone. My membranes released around that time and there was thin meconium. I was beginning to worry a lot about the baby and began to ask for suggestions. Hands and knees didn't seem to be working much, so Sierra suggested McRoberts, which felt surprisingly good (all other back and side positions were horrible, but being hyper-extended that way felt ok.) I immediately felt a change in the movement of the baby and within about 5-6 more contractions he was crowning. He erupted into the world and I had a small tear along the lines of my previous (much worse) tear, but it didn't need stitches. He was born at 6:25 am. His name is Theo.

He was born blue and pretty floppy, with apgars of 6 and 6. Because of the mec, the midwives were somewhat concerned, though he pinked up relatively quickly. His muscle tone was much, much slower to improve, however, and he had very, very rapid respirations. As his condition altered, it looked less and less like he had aspirated meconium, but they were still unsure about his rapid, shallow breathing and retracting, his somewhat cold temperature, and his slow to improve tone, and recommended that we transfer to the hospital. I knew that the transfer meant 3 days in the NICU, though, because of my unknown GBS status. I wanted to talk to my pediatrician first, so Sierra paged him a few times over the next 10 minutes and had me get dressed while we waited for him to call back. He did, and offered to make a house call (for which I am eternally grateful). He was at the house within the next 15 minutes and did a full exam on our son, listened to his breathing, ruled out a heart defect and diagnosed him with probable transient tachypnea of the newborn, with an unknown infection as a second possibility. He gave us the option of going to the hospital or staying home and doing close monitoring for a couple of hours, then reevaluating. I know that a lot of people might not have made the same choice, but I decided to stay home wth him and monitor his temperature, color and breathing. It was a really difficult and heartwrenching decision to make, though, and I spent most of the next hours filled with worry and doubt.

My midwives were exhausted by the intensity of the experience of the birth, so they went home at about 10 after making sure that we had a plan for monitoring our baby and a plan to contact our ped. As soon as they left, we settled into bed for some skin on skin time. Theo's respiration rate was cut in half, and his temperature began to normalize. When we called in the results of our monitoring, the ped was very encouraging, and asked us to continue throughout the afternoon and call again, but things sounded good. Theo continued to become more vital and stable and calm throughout the afternoon, so by the evening we were feeling a little better. I was up pretty much the whole night with him, though, worried and hyper-attentive. Our ped came by the next morning for another home visit and declared him to be healthy and apparantly out of danger. After that, I began to relax and just enjoy Theo and realized just how much of my energy had been devoted to making sure he was ok.

He is an extremely enjoyable human being. I feel already like I have known him for a lifetime and not just for a few days. I am very grateful to my midwife team and to my pediatrician for the care we got, and grateful that things worked out so that we were able to stay together and at home. I feel very blessed.

Take care,

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Wow, Stacia, what an amazing story. You are so strong. The labor sounds intense...I am awed by these stories of long labors, cervical lips, etc. My labor sounds like a walk in the park comparatively. Your pediatrician is an absolute hero - I am so heartened that there are still doctors like that out there, who would "let" you (ha ha) stay home and monitor your baby yourself. That is so empowering.

Thank you for sharing your story and welcome to baby Theo!

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this is my story -i was due may 31st-

Lucca's Birth 5-21-04

I went on the 20th (2:45pm) to my appointment with my midwife, Ann. I asked her to strip my membranes. the baby had dropped down 2 cenimeters that morning. on my drive home i started feeling crampy. when i got home it was 4:30pm. i picked up a few things around the house and got out my canvas and paints to paint a picture for my midwife. my back hurt and i was cramping in what seemed to be a pretty regular pattern, though i wasnt timing because i was too busy trying to keep the kids entertained so i could paint...dont ask me what i was thinking! LOL
I called Gabe at 5pm to ask him to come home because I thought labor was starting and I was having a tough time dealing with the kids. He got home about an hour later and i asked him to feed the kids because i was leaving to go down the street to a friend of mine's house so she could time my rushes for me. i walked down to her house, definantly noticing the rushes, but they didnt really hurt, just were uncomfortable. i stayed at my friend's house till about 8pm and she timed my rushes, they were about 15 sec long and about 1 1/2 minutes apart. i called my midwife and told her and she told me to try and sleep.
i went home and took a bath which made almost unable to feel the rushes, although they were still happening. i got out of the bath and laid down in my room trying to rest, but could not- i was too uncomfortable. at 10pm i asked Gabe to put the kids down so he could come time the rushes for me. He timed them from about 10:30 till 11:30, when he fell asleep... During his timing they were 2-3 minutes apart lasting 35-45 seconds. i was able to talk through them, but preferred not to. after he fell asleep i started timing them myself-- i was obsessed with timing them because i was afraid for some reason this wasnt really labor and i didnt want to call my midwife out to the house unless it was. i timed from 12-1am and they were every 2 minutes for im not sure how long because i couldnt concentrated on timing them!!!
Since Gabe was sleeping i started to get tense and i knew i needed some support and i knew he was going to keep falling back asleep. so i called two of my girlfriends over to keep me company. they were so great! we were having tons of fun, listening to music and cracking jokes in between contrations.my midwife and her assistant finally came at around 3 or 4 am , and Ann checked me. i was at 4 cm! i was very pleased that this was the real thing and i was progressing. however Ann checked me during a rush (on purpose) and it hurt like hell!! it felt like buring hot pokers being shoved into me..
Ann said "ok, time to start walking!" so around the nieghborhood we went at like 430am.. strange people are out at such odd hours! im sure we were a group of the strangest, 4 woman one of them hugely pregnant and making all this ruckus. at first i was still trying to walk through the rushes, but i definantly couldnt talk and i had to close my eyes and hold hands with Ann and one of my friends so i wouldn't walk into anything, but by about halfway through i was moaning and stopping during each rush to grab and lean on the nearest shoulder. we were still having alot of fun between rushes and i was laughing so much my face hurt. we walked for a hour and them Ann finally let me go back inside to get in my birth pool.
horray! it felt heavenly! i stayed in there for hours sighing and moaning through the rushes. the pool made it so easy to shift positions, even during a rush. finally sometime after sunrise i asked Ann to check me . i hurt worse than the first time! i was 7-8. i decided to labor for a while on the bed while everyone dozed, including me (during rushes that is!) it was so strange because i totally fell asleep during the breaks, and it felt lke i still in the pool, floating and that i was sleeping for 30 mins at a time. but when the next rush would come I'd be aware that the same song was still playing.
i got back in to pool for a while and at this point my water still hadnt broken..Ann said if it didnt break by 10am she could break it. i agreed and at ten she broke it. immeadiatly i could feel the difference in the rushes. there was a sharpness, an edge that wasnt there before. at the peak of each rush my vocalizations got high pitched and i felt like i was losing the calm from the rest of the labor.
i got back in the pool but it was still very intese i was feeling like an insaine fish, thrashing around the pool. An hour after my water broke i asked Ann to check me again, and she did. she said i was 10, but there was a swollen cervical lip in front and it was from the forward leaning positions i kept gravitating too. she asked me to try squatting outside the pool which i did. i tryed about 3 rushes like this and then she checked again, still there. she she said i needed to lay on the bed flat on my bak so she could push the lip out of the way while i pushed.
this next part was tourture. while she had me pushing she had her hand inside me and it HURT SO BAD. i could keep any measure of control. i was thrashing and screaming and cussing. i felt like a tornado. i remember screaming at her to that her "f&%$ing hands were driving me nuts!" when the lip was gone i was told to really push, but i was screaming to hard so Ann said , "stop screaming and push!" (nicely) so i took this opportunity to bite the hell out of my upper arm and brear down. Ann said "good! i can see the head!" i felt the imeanse size and weight and pressure of the head and was blown away. i said "this isnt going to work!" and she said "it is working!" so i pushed .the head crowned on the same contration and i was screaming SO LOUD. i thought the walls would break from my screams. they said "Stop pushing, are you even having a contration" i said " i dont f^%$ing care if i am!!!" and i pushed her right out in the next breath! Ann put her on my tummy, i could hear Kiryn shouting "our baby, look our baby!"
she hardly cried just a little cry then she closed her eyes and took a little nap. she was very pink and COATED in tons of vernix. she was so cheesy!!
Lucca was born at 11:45 am, and was 19 1/4 inches long and 6 pounds 4 oz. she has dark hair and the softest skin. i am in love!!
my birth was different than i imagined it, but was great none the less, and afterwords i kept saying " i did it, i had a homebith!!"
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I'm so excited to read your birth story since we actually had the chance to meet in person. What a wonderful story. I hope to get to meet Lucca in person!
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Congrats, what a great birth story!
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Great birth story and welcome little Lucca! I'm glad your homebirth went so well. You sound like a very strong woman!

BTW-5.21 is dh's and my wedding anniversary-great day!
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Silas Michael arrived on friday the 21st. My labor was totally different from my first - and very fast.

I had a wierd backache and was throwing up during the afternoon, but needed a friend to convince me that it could be connected to labor and to call my midwife. I called her at around 6 pm, and had my 1st contrax while talking to her.

Silas was born at about 8:15, which was about 45 min after dh got home from taking dfosterson to his baseball game, about 20-30 minutes after dh gave up trying to put ds to bed and came out to be with me, and about 15-20 minutes after my midwife arrived. It was also about 10-15 minutes before the second midwife arrived and about 2 hours before my friend who was coming to watch ds arrived

I'm amazed at how I labored alone for most of it, and at how fast he came!

Silas was 9 lbs at birth, came out with a fist up under his chin, and I didn't tear!

We're all adjusting, but ds (21 mos) is a great big brother, very devoted. The only things he's been jealous of are the baby swing and one particular baby outfit that he won't let Silas wear All in all, pretty darn good, considering that we're tandem nursing, and he's got no problem sharing the milks with the baby!

This is likely very incoherent, but....
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Cora Blake's Birth - Dad's Version

The big day has finally arrived...early stage labor began with contractions
around 11 pm on Saturday night (5/22), and they were enough to keep Steph from getting much sleep...though David slept fine. Things slowed down Sunday morning, but picked up again as the afternoon wore on. David left to get diapers because our service doesn't begin until Tuesday...by the time he arrived home around 4:30, things were just getting into full swing...Steph was in pain with contractions and the additional (and severe) back labor pain, making all sorts of noise, and we called the birth center to begin plans for the final stages of labor around 6:30 pm Sunday. We were asked to wait until the "big" contractions were a bit more regular, and spoke to both sets of (grand)parents during the interval. By nine-o'clock Steph's mom, Connie, had convinced Steph and David to call back and have Steph checked out...that we did, and the midwife wanted to check Steph out because she thought the contractions could have been caused by
dehydration related to a GI virsu (unlikely based on Steph's fluid intake!), so we were at the birth center by 9:30 pm...Steph had a contraction on the steps leading in, and the midwife (Karen) came out to help us in.

Steph began on the bed, then added the birthing ball to the mix, and then moved to the tub for much of the remainder of the experience. Some of the things Steph said and some of the noises she made left David just giggling like silly, but for the sake of future children he kept the outbursts of laughter (mostly) to himself. The midwife was in and out, and around 12:30 pm Sunday night Steph made the decision to ease the pain of back labor with four sterile water injections into her back...the pain of those injections was excruciating (screams were indescribably and chillingly shrill), but Steph experienced near-immediate relief...and expressed some jealousy that most women only experience the "mundane" pain of contractions. The back labor pains and the relief from them really set her up to keep a great outlook as things continued to progress from that point on. Later Karen broke Steph's water (these were the only two interventions...no pain meds, cutting, or other aids or procedures) to speed things along as Steph was terrified that the back labor would return), and by 1:20, with the sterile water injections wearing off, Steph moved from the tub and began to "bear down", which means push. First in the bathroom, then on all fours on the bed, and finally two more contraction/push combos on her back, and then, at 1:58 am on May 24th there was...

Cora Blake
7 pounds, 8 ounces
20 inches

There are more details of course, but all in all, this was a wonderful
experience; we did most of the work ourselves, while the midwife was low key - though she helped us to make all the right decisions at the critical moments.

We are blessed with good fortune.
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Welcome Silas and Cora!!!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful birth stories, ladies! Your tales of strength are so encouraging right now!

Megan, still waiting
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Thanks for posting your stories everyone. They're wonderful!! Congratulations.
I hope to add mine soon - too busy playing with the baby!
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I’m not sure when I should say labor started. For the last few weeks of my pregnancy, we had a lot of start and stop sessions of contractions… each more “real” than the last. I started paying attention to them/timing them/coping around 2 pm on Monday, the 17th.

There’s some background information which I guess would help the understanding of the whole birth. We were planning a VBAC. Ds#1 was an emergency cesarean, born at ~42 ½ wks. The C was due to 2nd degree fetal distress. He never dropped (was actually transverse at time of birth w/ cord around neck twice), and was flipping from breech to vertex till about 36 weeks or so. I never had any dilation or effacement with him. My cervix was always high, firm, and posterior (ie, baby’s not going to come out any time soon). We had had several non-stress tests during the last few weeks of pregnancy, and he was always in good shape. Finally, we ran out of time (the ob overseeing our midwife cut off our time), and an induction was scheduled. But when we got to the hospital, he was in distress, and out he came.

So… I had never experienced labor. I had had a really long previous pregnancy. With this pregnancy, we were living in another state with poor access to CNMs, so we went with an ob practice (the choice was ob and hospital birth or lay midwife and homebirth… wish there had been some middle ground). I really liked my ob. She was very amenable to a VBAC. When I discussed it with her, I felt like we were in total agreement about risks, etc. We also agreed that I would be given up to 42 wks to have the baby vaginally, then I would submit (gracefully) to a repeat C.

But a couple of things cropped up along the way…. I found out that the doctors at the practice rotate call for labor, and I wasn’t guaranteed my favorite doctor. (Went on to discover I didn’t particularly care for the other doctors, too…) And I developed a number of painful cysts on one of my ovaries. That was a pretty scary development—for a while, they seemed to be growing fast, and cancer was a concern, surgery was even scheduled, but just in the nick of time, they started shrinking/popping, so I was able to avoid the knife (and a 2nd opinion ruled out cancer). The stupid ovary pain hung with me to the very end, though… I’m hoping now that I’m not pregnant that the last couple of cysts will finally leave (or leave me alone).

Anyway, zoom up to the end of pregnancy. As I said, I was having rounds of pre-labor. It was very interesting and exciting for me (though I was trying not to get worked up with each one, because I knew I’d need my energy later). The physical sensation of late pregnancy was just totally different with this baby, and it was really gratifying (because it seemed to indicate that the baby had a sense of direction, at least). We (including the doctors and our doula) were concerned about getting the show on the road, though… I needed to get things going before I ran out of time. I did several rounds of acupuncture, which seemed to help. We had a lot of sex. I was taking evening primrose oil. At the end, I even did a tiny bit of cohosh tincture (though I emphasize tiny, tiny, tiny).

Monday morning, the 17th, I was having contractions about 10 minutes or so apart. I took ds to gymnastics and to a playground, then finally home for lunch. Got him settled into a nap. I started timing my contractions. I wanted dh home from work, but I was also afraid of a false alarm (and of that eating into his parental leave time). My mom came up later, arrived some time before dark. At that point, I think contrax were around 5 minutes apart, around 45 seconds long, and painful (though not horrifically so). I was trying to breathe through them, stay hydrated, etc. I think I was ~1-2 cm dilated, ~80 effaced at that point. I was in the tub for a while (till it got annoying).

Contrax continued through the night. Everyone else went to sleep. I laid down between the contractions, but I had to be upright during the contraction. So yeah, I experienced a night of “sleep” in basically 3 minute chunks.

We went to the dr’s office Tuesday around 10 to be checked (and have another non-stress test). Everyone at the office was so nice to me, it was incredible (I guess women who have had babies themselves tend to remember what labor is like). I hadn’t progressed much in all that time… I think I was ~2-3 cm at that point, mostly effaced? Oh, and the good ob was on call!

Went home, more laboring. I was really tired and in pain, starting to not manage the contrax so well. I wanted to get some rest… the plan was to go to the hospital and see if a little morphine or something similar could take the edge off of things long enough for me to “catch my breath.” Tried it, didn’t help. By this point (Tues afternoon?) I had been managing painful contractions for over 24 hrs, and I was exhausted. I knew that an epidural might be just the ticket… give me a chance to relax, and allow my relaxing body to dilate faster. Fortunately, I had finally dilated enough to get one, so I did. Even though I had been hoping to avoid the drugs, needles, being pinned down to a bed, I think it was a wise move… I got some rest, and so did dh and our doula. The pain went away completely, and I think I even managed to sleep a bit. I was also given a tiny, tiny tiny amount of pitocin to keep my contractions going (they slowed after a bit)—I think I started at 1 cc/hr and reached a max of 5 or 6.

Around 1 am, I started feeling pressure in my bottom. I wanted to make sure that everyone was “ready”… so we called the doula (she had gone home to rest), and dh had a cup of coffee… I think around an hour later, I started to push…

After the pain and exhaustion of labor, pushing was fabulous. I could feel the baby moving down. They brought over a mirror, and I watched… it really helped me focus my pushing, because my goal (with each round of pushing) was to make that visible patch of hair larger.

Of course, near the end, the ovary reared its ugly head again. I started having *really* intense pain around the ovary. The ob and I talked about it, where it was, etc., and we were confident it was the ovary (and not a uterine rupture). But it hurt *so* badly… it was way worse than the labor pain, worse than any of the pushing sensation… I had to have the epidural bumped up again for it, and then I just pushed through that pain (fearing that my ovary was going to explode or something)… I tried different positions, different coping methods, nothing helped till the epidural was turned up (and even then, I realized that the only thing that was going to stop the pain was getting the baby out!). The sensation of pushing the baby’s head and then body out were really amazing… I’ll never forget it. I had a small episiotomy downward (to slow down a tear that was starting upward in a bad direction)… Then this big, warm, wet, bloody baby was plopped down on my chest. I can’t believe I did it! Ezekiel Judah was born at 3:24 am, the 19th, 9 lbs, 4 oz, 21.5 in long, 14 in head (I think). And I was 41 wks, 5 days--I just made it!

I definitely benefited from an awesome team. I can't believe how wonderful and supportive they all were...
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KKmama, what a wonderful story. Congratulations on your hard-won, successful VBAC! You are an AMAZING mama! Such a long labor...you are so strong to continue through that and the pain at the end. And you pushed your baby out...Welcome Ezekiel!

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What a great story! I'm so glad you had a chance to post it and are now feeling better. What a wonderful birth you had! Very inspiring. I didn't think about the ovary causing pain during the birth, but it sounds like you handled it marvelously.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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mine is pretty long... sorry To see the entire story with pictures please visit my website,


Saturday May 8th, DH and I went shopping with our friend C,who is visiting here from Canada (she came to be here for the baby's birth). Around 3pm we were in a store and I was getting very tired, so I walked to the front of the store and sat down to rest while C finished up her shopping. When we got up to leave I felt a little "wet" but didn't think much of it because well, pregnancy causes "stuff" heh.

We came home and went to DH's parents house for dinner, while there things were feeling "odd" but no contractions so I wasn't sure if it really was my water or just excess mucus. By 8pm I was almost sure it could have been my water, so we decided to place in a call to the nurse to see if I should come in, or wait for any contractions.

After calling the nurse, at first she said I should wait until I am in labor, but once she pulled up my medical chart and saw that the baby has a history of breech presentation and that I'm high risk she told us to go on in and make sure it wasn't water leaking, if it was they'd keep me, if not send me home.

So, I hopped in the shower (just in case) and then we headed out to Denver, on the way I kept joking that if it wasn't my water then I was going to be pretty darn embarrassed for peeing all over myself so much, lol.

Just as we pulled into the parking lot and I got out of the car, my water broke for sure, gushed all over the place, and dang I was embarrassed, I had just put on clean pj's and had nothing else to wear, even though we were right outside the hospital, I didn't want to walk in soaking wet, how sad huh, lol. So I made DH open up my suitcase and grab my robe for me to put on, for the short walk to the elevator and up to the 2nd floor.

We got there and checked in, and the nurse came to get me, took one look at me and said "oh yeah that's your water" they didn't even test it to be sure, not that there was any doubt by then, hah.

Because I had told the nurse that I felt some wetness earlier in the day they weren't exactly sure when my water broke (even though I told her that it broke for sure in the parking lot) she went and spoke to the doctor and he decided to start labor up with pitocin, because I wasn't having contractions. At that moment I knew that my birth plan was going right out the freaking window and I was annoyed.

I didn't want an IV and I damn sure didn't want pitocin. I realized they were doing it to make sure the baby didn't get an infection because the longer water is broken the higher the risk, but at the same time I wanted a natural birth with no interventions.

The nurse came back in and hooked up the IV around 11:00pm (about that time DH walks back in with a copy of my birth plan, which was then almost useless but the nurse took it anyway) I requested that they start the pitocin very low and let me try to walk to get labor going on my own, she informed me that once pitocin was started my butt was hooked up to monitors and couldn't unhook them.

There went my plan to use the bath tub for pain relief, there went my plan to use the birth ball and there went my plan to walk and move around for labor. I was starting to get very annoyed, but decided that the end result was going to be worth it so I went with the flow so to say.

Contractions started out pretty mild and I was able to talk and make conversation with C and DH while they were happening. About every hour or so the nurse came back in and upped the pitocin. They had checked my cervix when I arrived and it was 1 1/2 cm and the baby was not engaged in the pelvis she was still floating, so the doctor told me I'd be in for a long night and day ahead.

Around 3am the nurse checked my cervix again and I was only 3 cm and I started to get very discouraged, the contractions hurt alot and I was having trouble breathing through them with out panicking, and to know I was only at 3cm sucked. She kept coming back and upping the pitocin and I was getting more and more annoyed, I wanted to sit straight up, I wanted to get in the tub and I wanted to rock on the birth ball. I kept saying I had to pee, since she said that was the only reason I could get out of bed , heh.

So about every 30 min or so DH and C unhooked me and I got up and sat on the toilet, whether I had to pee or not. (And now that I think about it, I am pretty sure that getting up and sitting there helped me dialate more quickly), at one point I said "screw the nurse I'm sitting on the ball" and once I sat there I could manage the pain SO much better, in fact I was able to talk to DH and C again and joke around that it was much easier, of course sitting there they lost the heartrate for the baby and the nurse came back in, I told her I didn't want to get up and she tried to get the baby's heart range on the monitors but the way I was sitting made in impossible and she told me "I'm sorry but we can't let you sit in a position that doesn't allow us to watch the baby" so back to the bed I went. She offered to check my cervix again but I declined because I was sure that I had not dilated anymore and didn't want to be upset.

I laid on my side for a while with DH rubbing my back during contractions (he was SO wonderful) and C giving me ice chips, the contractions were coming about a minute apart and felt like as soon as one ended the other began. By 5am I was finding it very hard to keep myself calm and in control so I started talking about wanting to get the epidural. I never had one before, and always said I would never ever get one, but I was also counting on not being in bed for the entire labor. DH tried to talk me out of it (as I asked him to do before hand, just in case I asked for it) the nurse came in and I started asking questions about how the epidural was done and what was involved etc. She asked me if I wanted it, since I had basically said 'hell no' in my birth plan. DH was asking questions about the effect on the baby and she was answering him and also trying to reassure me that I was doing fine. It sure didn't feel fine though.

Around 6am I had pretty much decided I needed some pain relief, although I was upset because I KNEW if I could only have gotten out of the bed I wouldn't have needed it at all, every time I got up and sat on the toilet or got up and walked around a bit (pretending to be on the way to the bathroom) the pain was lessened and I was in control.

When the nurse came back in I told her that I'd get the epidural since I was sure that I hadn't progressed much since last cervix check and didn't know how much more I could handle, by that time both DH and I had been up for more than 24 hours and it was starting to wear on us both.

The nurse was going to check my cervix then, but said since I was getting the epidural that she'd wait and not put me through that, her shift ended at 7 and a new nurse came in. At the same time the epidural dude came in too, the new nurse decided to check me before they inserted the epi and see how far I had progressed, we were all very surprised to find that I had gotten to 7 1/2 centimeters, I was sure that it would be 4-5 at the most. After hearing that I felt much better, all the pain was obviously doing something.

After the epidural was in at 7:30am I started to feel much better, I had requested the lowest dosage possible and the doctor asked me if I was sure, I was. I wanted to feel something and not be totally numb. So he set it as low as it would go and left. I told DH he should start calling people since I was at 7 1/2 centimeters and it wouldn't be long, so he started making phone calls to let his folks know it was time.

Around 8:30 I started to feel very cold and shivering, also like I was going to throw up, I remembered that feeling from my first two and knew it was probably transition, the new nurse came back and brought me some warm blankets and a puke bucket. She decided to check me at that point and I was about 9 1/2 and the baby still hadn't engaged yet, she didn't want me to start pushing until her head was down, so we waited it out.

At around 9:00am I started to feel some very weird sensations, like a grinding in my pelvis, and boy did it hurt. Every contraction I felt this intense pressure and it really felt like my hips were going to explode (I know now it was her head making its way down) DH and C kept looking between my legs saying "oh that's interesting" and "never seen THAT before" heh. The nurse came back in around 9:30 and checked me again and said I was complete and the baby's head was "almost" where we needed it to be and asked me to do a few practice pushes. I guess my "practice" pushes were pretty darn good, because all of a sudden she was telling me not to push and was paging the doctor to come in for delivery.

Just as the doctor came in (who happened to actually be MY doctor, what a nice surprise! as we were expecting a different one) he asked me how much I thought the baby would weigh, since Jamie was 9.6 and I was thinking she would be close, I said 8.2 and he said "we'll see!"

They got me set up to push and away we went. It was much easier than I remembered and didn't take long at all for her to start crowning. About that time my mother in law peeked her head in the door and asked me if I wanted the kids to come in ( I had said previously that they could be there for the birth) I think I was in the middle of a contraction and said something like "sure, whatever, I don't care" The door was semi-opened and the kids could hear everything, but the curtain was closed.

While MIL was standing there, the doctor said "someone needs to help her hold her legs up to push better" so MIL grabbed one leg and DH grabbed the other, while C snapped away with the camera, about 2-3 pushes later and the baby's head was out. I didn't know it at the time, but the cord was wrapped around her neck twice, and the doctor carefully removed it and laid her on my chest.

She wasn't crying at all so he told us to rub her ALOT and make her cry, so we rubbed and rubbed and she started screaming. Such a sweet sound MIL immediately went out and got the kids, so while they didn't witness the birth they were able to hear it and see their baby sister immediately afterwards.

DH started to cry and then that made me cry, I couldn't really see her, and no one had said "its a girl, or its a boy" even though the ultrasound had said it was a girl, I wasn't convinced. From my angle where she was laying, all I could see was her very swollen labia which looked like testicles to me, so I said "its a...?" and everyone said "OH! girl!" heh.

My father in law came in at that point, couldn't have been more than 3 minutes after she was born and started taking pictures, there were flashes going from every angle in the room (although my FIL was very careful to take discreet pictures)

Just before we had started pushing, the doctor asked DH if he was going to cut the cord, and he said YES, he also said that I wanted the cord to stop pulsing before it was cut and the doctor said that was fine. It was almost the only thing in my birth plan that actually went as I wanted it to, he waited quite a long time to cut the cord, and even at one point said to me "I don't feel any more pulsing, but we can wait a bit longer if you wish" we went ahead and cut it at that point. I'm guessing it was at least 5-7 minutes. After that the placenta was delivered, and the doctor showed it to the kids and explained how it worked for the baby, they were very interested in it and curious. I had a small tear and needed 2 stitches to fix me up.

After a lil while the nurse asked me if I wanted to try to breast-feed her, and of course I said yes! Elliana latched right on and was very alert and suckling good, she nursed for at least 12 min on the first side and 10 on the second. After she nursed a bit the nursery nurse came in to do her weight and check-ups. She weighed 7 pounds 2 oz. and was 19 inches exactly.

After they finished that up, the nurse wrapped her up and gave her back to DH to bring to me. We spent some great time just staring at her and crying happily. I cried so much my contacts were getting very cloudy and I needed to put my glasses on, so DH took the baby and let the kids each hold her while I did my glasses. After that the grandparents got to hold her and my friend C also. At that point my other friend M came in, she was hoping to be there when the baby was born but got lost on the way to the hospital and didn't make it in time.

We were discharged 24 hours later, I felt great and had almost zero pain, my milk came in 2 days after she was born and she's been nursing happily since.

For a few days after her birth I experienced some depression and sadness about how the birth went, the end result was SO worth it and really the only important thing, but at the same time I wanted everything to be different and was disappointed that I got the epidural (not that I think there is anything wrong with them) I just didn't want one.
Its been exactly 3 weeks now and I can happily say that I am over my disappointments about the way things went during labor. I don't feel like it was a "failure" anymore and I'm so happy to have my lil "velcro" baby!

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Dawn - thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm sorry that you were a bit disappointed but am very glad that you made peace with it. She's so gorgeous!

Congratulations once again.
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I don't know how detailed I want to get with my birth story, because it was extremely difficult for me. But here goes.
Monday night DH and I decided to erm, help things along. So...sex, super-spicy curry, and then 2 tbsp of castor oil in juice (not as bad as I thought it would be, even the aftereffects which only lasted an hour or so!)...then, there was a thunderstorm (!!) and then I went to bed. Thought I felt a few contractions, but nothing I didn't sleep through just fine.
I woke up the next morning with nada, and DH said "guess I'm going to work today..." and so, at 7:20am I sent him on his way, and went back to bed.
At about 7:30, while I was settling myself in bed, I heard/felt a "pop"! I reached down, and felt a gush of warm liquid, and jumped up, ran to the bathroom, and saw that indeed my water had broken! It looked a little yellowish/not clear, so I called the doctor immediately and he asked me to come in within the hour, so I frantically called DH on his cell phone (since he probably wouldn't even be at work yet!) but the connection wasn't working so I was freaking out! Then a second doctor called and she told me I didn't have to go in immediately, to wait until noon and then call her. (this is the problem with having my regular OB on vacation--I had to deal with whoever was on call from the office...that sucked.) Anyway, I kept trying to call DH, left many messages at work and on his cell, then I decided to take a shower.
At about 8:15 contractions started, about 10 min apart and not too bad, so I puttered around excitedly getting things ready, washing some dishes, eating a little. Then FINALLY DH called me from the road, said he got ALL the way to work (about 45 min away) and got the message on his work phone, and jumped right back into his car and came home. He was home with me 10 min later. We hugged and kissed and hung out at home for a couple more hours. My kitty could tell something was up! He was pacing around and being very demanding of our attention.
The contractions were still only 10 minutes or so apart at noon, so after lunch I called the doctor again like I was told, and they told me to go to the hospital, since my amniotic fluid may not have been clear. *sigh* So off we went.
When we got to the hospital, we were put into a sort of triage room on the labor/delivery floor, and hooked up to a monitor. I asked the nurse how often I had to be monitored, and she said the MINIMUM was 20 min out of every hour. WTF?!? She said I had to have a special doctor's order to have it be any less. Ugh. So I was monitored, baby looked just fine, I wasn't contracting anymore and my BP was a little high (yeah, I was kinda stressed out because of all the intervention they IMMEDIATELY wanted to do to me!) and so after they monitored me the first time, we got dressed and said we were leaving the floor to walk. :LOL They really didn't like that! We went downstairs, outside for a bit, then got a couple of magazines at the gift shop. Then we came back and made nice with the nurses. They had found a real room for us at this time, so at about 5pm we were put in there (after being at the hospital for hours already) and the waiting began...
I walked, walked walked and waited for the contractions to get more frequent. No dice. I stayed 10 min apart but they got more painful by about 11pm, and I was getting tired. The doctor had visited sometime earlier that evening and tried to get me on pitocin but I still refused so much as an IV and he actually left me alone. We shared our birth plan with a really nice nurse who actually asked for it, and with the OB who basically felt the need to tell us what was "unwise" about several parts of it. :
But I was still determined to have the labor I wished for, even though I was in more pain than I expected at first. My nurse was so nice, she suggested a warm shower, which I used a LOT, and my Hypnobirthing tapes came in handy for relaxation, but not much else. I was definitely in pain.
At about 2am I was ready for something, so I asked the new nurse about some of the stuff they had to "take the edge off"..nothing else, because narcotics make me REALLY sick. :Puke She put a saline lock in, so I could still move around and shower if I wanted to, and gave me...Fenergen, or something like that. It did NOT take the edge off. It made me feel HORRIBLE. More on edge than I could even describe. All I can say is that it whiled away the hours while I was trying to deal with it. Ugh.
I remember sometime around 5am thinking "they could just cut me open and get the baby out!" What a portent that was...
I labored all through the morning, and finally, after a lot of deliberation and pain, decided on an epidural. They got it in, and it was SO scary, I cried kind of hysterically when they first tried to insert it. They got it in, and I felt a little relief.
Then it wore off. They gave me more, it wore off again. One of the other OB's on call came in to check me, and I was STILL only 5cm and 90% effaced, which is where I was at 2am. No progress. She decided to break the "forebag" of waters...and did so without DH or my consent. I was so beside myself that I didn't even are at the time.
Sometime around 4:30 in the afternoon, I was visited by the OB again, was checked, still 5cm, now my cervix was swollen, and he basically told me it was time to "sh*t or get off the pot"...he suggested a c-section. Dh and I cried. Baby's heart rate went down, I was given oxygen. The OB left us to make the decision, as it was pretty much the only decision I could make at the point. I asked DH what he thought, I NEEDED him to tell me I should do this, because I couldn't think with all the pain. He told me he thought we should do this. Doctors cam back in, baby's heart dropped again, I was given more oxygen and spinal and proceeded to feel NOTHING past my breasts. It all happened so quickly...I was wheeled into the operating room, and DH had to stay outside while they prepped me. He came back to my side just as they were starting the surgery. They tied my arms down, I felt like I was being crucified. Then tugging, surreal because I felt nothing, this TREMENDOUS pressure, and a tiny cry. My Rowan made it into this world, perfectly healthy, at 5:47pm on Wednesday May 26, one week past due, after 34 hours of labor. It turns out his head was transverse and since he didn't move, I couldn't have delivered vaginally after all. DH saw his head emerge from my belly, and just cried. I cried as well. There was meconium, but he didn't inhale any of it, he was perfect. I couldn't hold him but DH brought him to me and I saw my swollen. red, beautiful son for the first time.
It made the awfulness of my labor just go away. Rowan is all that matters.

I was in the recovery room for a hour before Dh fought with the nursery to bring my son to me. He was brought in and when the shaking in my arms subsided, I was able to hold him and nurse for the first time. We held each other and cried. Rowan nursed like a pro then, he does even better now.
I think that's all I can say right now.
We had been planning on only having one child for many reasons before, but what I went through at the hospital cinched it for me. I'm done.
I am so ecstatically happy when I see my beautiful boy, hold him in my arms, nurse him, when I think about how incredibly my husband stuck through all of the harrowing labor with me, and when I see him with our baby...but when I think of the actual labor and how everything I wanted didn't happen and how so much went wrong...I still want to cry.
I am so bittersweet right now. I got postpartum depression as soon as Rowan was born. Only my baby gets me through the days. But I am slowly getting better and each day is more wonderful.

Hope this wasn't too long or disjointed..I just wanted to get it out here.

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