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Still not much stress here. I've been sending nagging internal e-mails to a couple of people giving them stress. Otherwise, I'm coloring. Yup. Coloring. On plans. I went to engineering school for 5 years and I'm coloring.

Well, I guess you could call it stippling and shading.

And I'm really careful not to go outside the lines. They've been surveyed.

T In the course of my job today, I was in the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center in Midtown. I've got to say, I really think the antiques business is a bit of a racket. I looked at prices on some stuff...only things that I actually could evaluate...and thought they seemed to universally be half again to twice as expensive as they should be. If you know enough to buy this stuff, wouldn't you know enough to refuse to pay inflated prices? Nothing I saw was sufficiently rare to command its "own" price, in a vacuum, so to speak.

Sorry, everyone. Can't bond with you over stress.

All I can do is send you a little that might help.
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I would love to have been in Midtown today. One of my NYC relatives is coming here on Friday. I hope the culture shock doesn't hurt him. 1

Work stress is pretty level for now. This means I have forgotten something and it must be important. Actually, I am waaaaaay behind on the book edits. Gosh, if someone else had wanted the job, I am sure I would be out on this project.

My graduate intern came in today to talk about the projects I promised and darn it! I lost the stuff I had drafted and had to redo it. Yeah, I'm an Archivist. Please, deposit your valuable documents here so I can lose them!

Well, off to teach class.

See you all tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by mirlee
Yeah, I'm an Archivist. Please, deposit your valuable documents here so I can lose them!
: : :

I love it when people assume that b/c I'm a librarian, I must be super-organized. HAH! Just take a look at my desk--I'm 95% packed, except for current projects, and piles of paper are STILL scattered everywhere!
I failed flylady...
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Originally Posted by Nate
: : :

I love it when people assume that b/c I'm a librarian, I must be super-organized. HAH! Just take a look at my desk--I'm 95% packed, except for current projects, and piles of paper are STILL scattered everywhere!
I failed flylady...

Yea, the only organized desks here are the admin assistant's and the vacant cube. Everyone else is loaded to the gills.

I, too, failed flylady. Should we start a support group???
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Okay, stress level UP

I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue... (well, actually to stop taking Zoloft, but you get the idea.)

: Still no word from director on who they've decided to hire. Which, the way I look at it, means they've probably decided to go w/ an outside candidate, b/c if they were extending the search or looking at their 2nd tier they would've told us immediately, wouldn't they? But hearing NOTHING says to me that they're working on extending an offer.

And I got called the other day for an interview at another U., which would mean moving from Madison to urban CT, which has its advantages, but mostly we keep thinking "we'd have to lock our doors again!" It'd be a really good job, but dh really doesn't want to move there & I'm not sure I do either. But I'm so up & down about this job right now... so basically, I'm not excited about the interview, just stressed.

Plus dd isn't night-weaned, so either the whole family would have to go (which would make it an expensive interview if I turn them down) or she & dh would stay home & I'd go by myself & worry.

And I just found out about ANOTHER job in Vermont, which would be a wonderful place to live, but I don't like the job as much as I like the one in CT. (I like certain things about it, but the job on the whole isn't quite as good a fit as the other...but they're not going to start reviewing apps until July 15, so if I get offered the first job I have to evaluate it independently, and won't be able to compare the 2).

And I'm going to our annual conference tomorrow, and have JUST a few things to do b/f then. Like finish packing my office so that they can come take everything away if they need to while I'm gone.

And we just found out that the city engineer is planning to rip up our street & replace the sewers starting June 1.

Hmm, I think that's it.

Bippity, how's your employee? Did you hear anything?

I'll be off the board until early June, so have a good 2 weeks, everyone!
This is me, alternating moods this week:

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Yowza, Nate! I am surprised you aren't totally : at this point. I know all about that not-nightweaned travel thing. Those were the times when DH drove the boy around until he passed out in the car, carry him inside, gently laydown and try to get some rest until it was time to feed.

Personally, I really feel like ! I am experiencing the ebb and flow of work stress. My publishing deadlines got smooshed around, so that is good, right? I am nearly out of storage space, but please don't mention moving. We have moved the entire archives three times. (If you think moving a house is bad.....)

Top my work stuff off with home stuff, and I am completely :

Well, I am leaving now. I have to fit in some grocery shopping before my weekend houseguest comes so that we can attend my grandmother's 90th birthday party in which we are playing taxi to about 10 people. Why isn't there a running around screaming smilie?? I think we could use one of those.

Bippity, hope all is well .

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Originally Posted by mirlee
Why isn't there a running around screaming smilie?? I think we could use one of those.
I'm forwarding this suggestion to Simonee. We DEFINITELY need one of those!
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Ugh, I SO need the running around screaming smilee right now! I'm right there in the car with you, ladies, and don't look now, but I think it may be going over the cliff...

DH and I both sing in a local choir--usually only one of us sings a concert, so the other one is home with the kids, but this time, for grins and giggles, we both decided to sing. Up until this week, it hasn't been too bad--the kids come with us to rehearsal, and there is a babysitter on site, who they enjoy. Well, now we are into concert week, with a late rehearsal last Sunday, a dress rehearsal Tuesday night, another one tomorrow night, and concerts Sat. and Sun. This has now turned into a complete disaster, with different babysitters each time, the kids up late almost every night, so therefore they are late waking up in the morning, making me late to work almost every day this week...

Then, speaking of work, it is still nuts and getting worse. Today I spent an hour sending out a message to a group of employees, only to find out that it contained an incorrect date in it. I immediately began getting innundated with messages from people saying "You know 6/6 is a Sunday, right?" Yah, thanks for pointing that out, since OUT OF SIX PEOPLE WHO REVIEWED THIS MESSAGE, NOBODY LOOKED AT A D*MN CALENDAR! So I had to resend the message. Let's hear it for working smarter and better, folks!

Meanwhile, in other news, we have no food in the house, because I haven't had time to go shopping, I'm trying to get ready to go on vacation next week (a camping trip! Great! More work! Why couldn't I have picked a nice, all-amenities spa for a week?), the house is beyond the beyond in terms of messiness, the baby has two year molars coming in AND a yeast infection, my older daughter is having a terrible time with allergies (we are on our second anti-histimine), DH was diagnosed with sleep apnea...BUT, I know, it could be worse!

How about a little "Energizer Mommy" smilee? "She just goes on, and on, and on..."

Hang in there, ladies! You all sound like you are doing an amazing job with everything you do, and my hat is off to all of you!

FWIW, Nate, there are worse places than CT (this coming from the person who lives in NJ, so take that with a grain of salt...).

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So, ladies, how's your work stress? Well, I am off to a good start in June

I think my crush week is the week of the 18th. I hope I survive a deposition, a conference presentation and a publication deadline!
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I'm new to this thread but have enjoyed wallowing in everyone else's stress.

I do pretty well with stress. I have several different responsibilities. In addition to work I enjoy, at a controlled schedule, I am the manager for 5 (!) family owned corporations. Including a nonprofit organization for which I've run 2 meetings per year for the past 10 years. I am also sort of on call for my professional organization, to deal with PR related issues. Three weeks ago with one days notice I rearranged my whole schedule to attend a legislative meeting and discuss the strong and weak points of a bill - the interesting thing about the meeting was that I became the mediator for factions with 30 years of conflict behind them. It was fun. When I get off MDC I have to call a guy about an international meeting he wants me to head up in January. And never forgetting why I am self employed, I try to squeeze all this into about 12 hours a week, the amount of time my 81 year old Mom can babysit Dd without getting exhausted by their great fun together.

No one here has mentioned what really gets me about it all: The Computer

I budget my time, delegate reasonably well, have learned how to select great employees and effectively manage them, have a very efficient setup, but no matter how well I set things up, my computer has Other Plans.

Our computer network is my responsibility. This is the network that is supposed to make it possible for me to work right by Dd while she is sleeping (unless I'm sleeping). But most of the time it's function is supoptimal. And when it acts up/breaks down, I have to spend all kinds of time tinkering with it.

: I have 'experts' in and everything works while they come in, and crashes or otherwise messes up again once they leave...or I call the software companeies for technical support and they tell me they've never seen this before and it's not their product causing the trouble...word keeps reformatting my fonts every time I press the space bar...after I make my first big email group, it turns out comcast limits email group sizes to 20, and there's no way to copy and paste the information to divide up my original group. My husband decided to be helpful and install spysweeper on one computer (the popups bothered him, somehow I don't get them), and now it won't recognize any commands from the desktop. And oh yes, tech support says they didn't do it.

With all these troubles I am continually getting behind on all my managerial work. It seems like we have a big breakdown every month, and I get the bare minimum done with my other work but never get really on top of things, much less ahead.

I think our main computer is dying but I'm glad. I've decided to get microsoft out of my life and go for a Mac system.

Thanks so much for listening to a stranger here. I don't get here much but appreciate the thread, and the chance to do some smilie art. Wish me luck with the new system.

Sohj: whatever happened to the 66th street line they were promising back when I was in HS?
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Bumping this up to see what others' stress levels (work and life) are right now. Mine, not so good, but of course, I have no time to post about it! : More to come, I'm sure.

Working mamas of the world, what say you?

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Right now, my stress is coming from cleaning the house for a family visit. I love my mom to pieces, and my brother is like my best friend, but i want my home spotless, kwim?

But...i have been working more for a friend whose ill, and i have a huge project due Tuesday for school. so.....what do i do? come here to MDC and chill (and i just blew a wad on the MAC website!).

And although i am not on the business end of the working world (i am an ER nurse), most of the time i have manage my stress quite well. However, quite a few people have died or come close to it, in the ER in the last week. This is terribly upsetting, including a 15 yr old who came in complaining of vomiting and, and well, she died! I had her on max everything, and she was blue and talking and still she died. I just cant wrap my head around this shit, and i find myself sleepless, turning tossing thinking about her. Sometimes i hate my job! All this education and experience, for what?

I don't have many personnel issues, or projects like Sohj (which would freak me out, the NY subway!), but this is my stress. and i hate it. You know, as i am typing this, i realize that the only place i vent at is here. thanks for reading/listening.
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sweetbaby: s to you. I can't imagine doing what you do.

My stress level at work is pretty minimal right now, but maybe that's b/c I spend most of my time here. :LOL

Home stress is higher. We're battling ants b/c it's impossible to keep the floors clean w/ a 15 mo around, and so there's plenty for them to eat. DD continues to refuse to nap w/o me unless she's in the stroller or car, but then you can't depend on a very long nap. Esp. since they're ripping up our street, so dh can get her down for what'll seem like a good nap but then the giant jack-hammers start & she's up in 1/2 hour. And he's no longer making noise about her weaning, but I know it's still on his mind. And she won't sleep in the crib AT ALL anymore.

All this probably belongs in fam bed forum, except that DH is S/WAH. I like my job, but sometimes I think we'd all be much happier if I were the one at home. If only DH could get a grant that'd pay at least 20-30K/yr, I'd be able to go to at least part time...

Also, he gets about 1/2 done in a day that I would if I were home. I can't figure it out. Part of it is that he doesn't have the same priorities I do (he uses any nap time to catch up on email & try to get some of his own work done)--but we'll run the d/w at night & then I'll come home & the clean dishes will STILL be in there. And there will be 3 dirty dipes on her floor, b/c he hasn't made it into the bathroom to put them in the pail yet. .
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Sweetbaby: My heart goes out to you for what you do. I am so sorry for the loss of your patient. My stress is nothing compared to that.

Nate: I'm totally with you on the home stressors. Our sleep arrangements these days are completely out of control these days, with everyone rotating beds at some point in the night. Awhile back DH was making noises about wanting me to wean dd#2, also, but he has chilled out on that a little at least.

Big thing right now is trying to get all my work projects in some kind of order next week, as we leave for a week's vacation with the in-laws a week from Saturday (the vacation in itself will be a bit stressful, methinks...). Everything always hits at once!

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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I'm posting here 'cause I'm wondering if I should be stressed. I can't find a couple of things on my desk, something seems to be not working with the HUGE structural-information-on-all-the-buildings database and the database administrator is on vacation until next wednesday, and someone I need to have a meeting with is out today and hasn't answered any of my e-mails for weeks nor replied to a handwritten note I left in his mail slot yesterday morning. :

I think I ought to be freaking out but I'm not. Maybe I'm just oblivious.

Also, the guy on the other side of my cubical has a new baby in the family (first/only) and he and his wife seem to be incredibly mainstream from the conversations I can't help but overhear....mainstream to the point of terror for me. I start reliving my pixie's birth and feel cold sweats and a sick knot in my stomach. So, I've got my earphones on and am listening to some Gordon Lightfoot singing about sex and jealousy and ships to block it out.

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Thank you. I really appreciate the support and encouragement. I feel funny sometimes posting posts like that, because i dont want anyone to think i am "fishing" for sympathy, kwim? Its just that some days are harder than others, but i never want anyone to think my work stress is greater than anyone elses!

still, its hard to wrap your head around a childs death. Sometimes the staff goes out to the ambulance bay and pukes in the giant garbage can right outside the automatic doors. I never thought that would happen to me, but i am not ashamed to admit that *I have*.
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Sohj, cold sweats and knots? :LOL i know i shouldnt laugh, but your post made me giggle.

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sweetbaby3: I posted without reading the recent posts. After seeing your post above I went back and looked. (I'm afraid I'm in a really slefish state of mind today....must come from putting "blinders" on against the guy next to me.)

I am so sorry.

It is a hard job that you do.

Was there any autopsy performed? Do you know what happened yet?
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Yes, they did do an autopsy. We get the some info right away, within 24-48 hours....such as a bacterial infection we could have been exposed to where we would need to take precautionary antibiotics (and yes i have had to take cipro twice in the last year because of exposure issues). In this girls case, i did not have to take antibiotics, yes she was septic but no from anything i could potentially becaome critically ill from.

Now the other more in depth stuff will come in the next few weeks. My hunch is some sort of virus attacked her heart, decreasing its pumping ability. we gave her fluids which almost immediately backed up into her lungs, and the blood that was circulating wasnt well oxygenated...she was dusky down to her toes and was cool to the touch ( i must admit she scared the shit out of me). Her cardiac out put was minimal even with an epi drip (adrenalin). She had had the stomach flu, my guess the virus causing it attacked her heart. we should be finding out the cause of death any day now.

I apreciate your concern. It means so much
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Wow, my god. All I can say is that I'm glad there are nurses like you out there. Hearing about what you do reminds me why I do what I do (librarian in an academic med. center). But I'm still so sheltered from the really hard stuff.

Feel free to come here & vent anytime...we're all here for each other.
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