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Can I do a candida cleanse while pregnant?

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Hi, all, I thought I'd eliminated the yeast beast a year ago. (had long-term prednisone use, due to lupus)...but its back. I know this feeling all too well, and its not the pregnancy

I'm in the seventh month. It seems like I should be able to safely do the diet, and take acidophilus in the a.m. and kyolic garlic at night, without endangering the baby.

Do you know anything about it? I feel like if I start treating now, I might have it under control by the time the baby's born. I'm worried that we'll have one bad case of thrush if I don't.

Thanks for any info! I love my OB, but he's clueless about nutrition.
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I'm curious... what did your previous candida cleanse consist of? Our naturopath simply had us taking a probiotic but we weren't definitely candida colonized, just suspected we might be.

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I forgot if I read it in the ALACE handbook, Special Delivery or Pregnant feelings, but I've hear that applying home made or organic, no sugar added yogurt around and inside the vagina can help with y.i. and is 100% safe during pregnancy.

I would guess that acidophillus is okay, but not sure--check Wise Woman's Herbal something or other....if you're still having the problem, and no one else has books or knowledge, I'll check my books at home and post in a few days.

best Wishes, Kelly
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i second the use of the yogurt! eat it, sit in it, put it on a pad and wear it (not straight from the fridge, brrr!). also eliminate sugar and drink tons of water. i have only had 2 yeast infections, one while pg, and that is what i did. i have never used the yeast drugs. don't know about kyoloc garilc, but acidophilus shouldn't hurt you during pregnancy. i developed quite a taste for plain yogurt during my pregnancy though i don't like it now... good luck!
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I was yeasty during my 1st trimester and my midwife recommended inserting homemade acidophilous suppositories and /or homemade boric acid suppositories. I used the empty fill 'em yourself gelcaps from Whole Foods. I just did the acidophilous. I was sticky, but did the trick. I eat yogurt everyday (organic, no sugar) and I haven't had a problem since then. I can't imagine that acidophilous or garlic would harm the baby in any way, but I'm not clear on what your candida cleanse consists of.
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thanks for the input! I forgot about the yogurt. I'm not a fan but I can choke down Stoneybrook Farms organic (I think that's the name of it).

What I did before, was, I went online and had a look at about a dozen different candida diets, then I combined them, took out the stuff I'm sensitive to (gluten, wheat, dairy)...added food combining which seems to help me lupus kidneys, and there was my diet.

breakfast: 3 raw fruits
mid a.m.: raw nuts and seeds
lunch: beans and rice/or sweet potato/or buckwheat, salad
snack: raw veggies or eggs
supper: meat and cooked veggies

no vinegar, no mushrooms, no sugars, no chemicals, no carbonation. a gallon of water a day.

that diet, plus primadophilus, citrus seed extract, and garlic, wiped out the yeast in about a month. but I didn't realize that pregnancy is a condition really ripe for yeast, and I have been eating candy like I've only just discovered it . So that's gotta quit!

Kelly, my shelf of books has not been helpful. I would really appreciate it if you would look it up !

I think I'll run to town...I guess the first step is to get serious about the yogurt.
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From the diet you listed, I would cut out (or way down on) the fruit, rice, and sweet potatoes. I urge you to culture your own dairy product -- the store bought yogurt doesn't really have much beneficial bacteria in it. I would recommend culturing your own yogurt or kefir (preferably both) with organic milk. Search this form for each of those and you will find a wealth of information.,

It's definitely easier to deal with this when baby is inside, and better for baby. Best of luck to you.
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Thanks! I'm glad you think that the baby will be fine if I deal with this now.

Once I take care of this, I won't let it creep back in my life again! I just wish somebody had told me about the risks of long-term antibiotics and steroids. Although at the time, there weren't any options...I still would have liked to know.
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I'm curious about why you would need to cut out vinegar? Vinegar rinses for the nipples are part of Dr. Newman's Candida protocol and they seem to help.
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