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So has anyone gained weight yet?

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Good morning,

Just curious, although not the most PC thing to ask about. I feel like this pg is so different from last time. I am only about 6 weeks along, and I have gained 2-3 pounds. Can't decide if its water of pg weight gain. In which case, I can't believe that I am gaining weight already. I didn't gain weight with my DD until later, I know! At this rate, I am going to be huge!

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I'm almost 6 weeks and have lost, but my m/s is bad so that is why I haven't gained. I wouldn't worry too much every pregnancy is different and now maybe you won't gain for awhile. I'm just looking forward to the 2nd trimester so I can be over the m/s and being dog tired!!!.
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I don't know about weight, but at 4 weeks, I swear I am starting to show. There's a little *pop* that I used to be able to suck in. My mom noticed, but dh thinks it's all in my head. FWIW, he thought the nausea and needing to pee was "in my head" until he saw that second pink line.
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have to say i hid the scale. i was trying to get a baseline so in case i decide to weight myself at some point along the way i would know where i started BUT i swear, i think, that i have gained a pound or two already. last time, i did not gain an ounce until second tri. i was obsessed and everyone kept telling me i should be gaining more etc when i told them how much. well, according to my BMI and the fact that i was carrying lots of nutrients for my babe already the 15? pounds or so i gained was just perfect and melted away afterwards. the most important thing though is not the weight, i know it's not PC BUT i felt healthy, worked-out my entire pregnancy, ate healthy and had a great birth!! this time i am worried b/c i dont get to work out as much but my baby keeps me busy. i swear though at 6 weeks i am showing!!! it is freakin me out b/c i am not sure what is just me and what is the baby. but if my uterus is popping out and i can feel it then it is going to push out my whole upper belly too. i am trying to not obsess and feel as beautiful as i did last time so, that is why i hid the scale my midwife is very supportive and does not care about weight. she gently pushes exercise but did not weigh me once. thank goodness. she helped me feel beautiful just the way i was. maybe for the first time!!!!
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Yeah--4 lbs. I swear it's water.

I'm feeling so bloated--already went up a pants size. This pregnancy is very different from the last one--I lost 9 lbs b/c of m/s, but this time the m/s doesn't include vomiting. Just a hungry/nauseous feeling all the time. DH thinks I'm having a boy this time since it's so different.....
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