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speech delay, allergies, eczema? questions...

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Hi All~

I read on another thread about vaxes causing speech delay, allergies, and/or eczema. Between a friend and I we are battling all of those with our three year olds, and I'd like to read up on that, so would love any links/info you may have.

I also have a baby who will be going in on the 28th for a well-baby and I am trying to read everything I can to be informed and prepared for that visit. They are going to want to give her 4 shots that day. Unfortunately this is the first child I thought to be concerned about vaccines with, and after reading what I have, I at least want to be selective about it and space what I will allow her to get.
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Hi Mallori,

Welcome to the board.

The most important part I want to discuss is that you do not have to start to vaccinate any child at any age. No matter what you decide - delay for now and research vaccines. In Japan they do not start to vaccinate till age 2 and they are the best country for saving infants. They are # 1 - while the US is # 47 in infant mortality rate. All European countries are above that and they do not push vaccines the way they do here.

If you already have a child that is negatively affected by vaccines, chances are good that your second child will have the same results. Do not let them pressure you into vaccinating until you have researched it. No matter what you decide, selective or not at all, it's up to you, but please be informed first.

When a child is born he does not have the nerves covered with myelin sheath yet. That is a process that takes up to 5 years. When the nerves are "raw" they are more likely to be damaged by heavy metal poisoning.

Vaccines contain Mercury (even though most has been removed, it is an intrinsic part of the vaccine and can not be removed completely) and Aluminum. Both are heavy metals.
Beside that it contains Formaldehyde and Antifreeze.

The speech delay in your child is definitely do to demyelination or damage to the myelin sheath. That's called Neurological Damage.
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I appreciate all the information available on this forum, I definitely have no lack of reading to do! And I have decided to delay vaccinations until I can read more about them. I really don't see the harm in doing that much. I have to say though, that this is a decision that weighs heavily on my mind, I was taught that this was just something that everyone needs. That mindset is hard to break.

Thanks for the links!
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And how! Believe me I was there, too. I could not believe when I finally said: I now believe vaccination is more harmful than the childhood diseases. It took me a while. And then I had to convince my dh. Now the more I hear about vaccines, the more I can see the lies and deception in the whole concept.

Conflict of Interest and Vaccine Development

Committee eyes 'incestuous' ties between drug-makers, FDA, CDC


Some committee members owned stock in companies producing similar vaccines; others had received honoraria and grants from companies and institutions that stood to gain should the vaccine be approved; and several worked from institutions that had financial ties to companies with interests in the decision.




Representative Burton concluded that if the conflicts of interest seen on the rotavirus issue are any example of those that exist for other vaccine decisions, "...then the entire process has been polluted and the public trust has been violated".
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**sick feeling in my stomach and kicking myself for not being a more prepared parent the first time around**
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Please don't beat yourself up!! Almost everyone here on this forum has been there!
All you can do is delay while you research with this baby.
My 1st dd was fully vaxed and has autism. My 2nd dd has received NO shots and won't receive any.

When you know better, you do better.
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And if your baby is showing any signs of food allergy or eczema it would be better for her not to be vaxed or at the very least delayed. I didn't know about this until after my dd had reactions. She has eczema and food allergies but the docs kept brushing me off and saying no she didn't. Kids with allergies already don't handle vax as well. I feel bad for vaxing her and my ds but I at least learned before I put my youngest through all that.
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