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Have you noticed that the number of people viewing this forum has gotten higher and higher the closer to 4:00 it gets???
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ROFL! No but that's funny! 10 minutes and counting (I can hear Nathan waking too)!
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What if it's a prank? You know, pulling our collective leg? maybe someone wants to poke fun at all of us crazies....
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I'm starting to get kind of nervous. I really want to check out TGIF (been refreshing all day), but I'm scared of the Hyenas. I have no hyena skills . . . I'll be sad if I waited all day and can't get anything. Part of me is almost hoping the site is a huge disappointment, because all the rest of the hyena sites just frustrate me. I tried to get in on the last Kiwi Pie stocking and was pretty much e-trampled.
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Originally Posted by HoneymoonBaby
. I have no hyena skills . . . I'll be sad if I waited all day and can't get anything.
dont worry - we'll prob crash it anyways (knock wood of course - but do you *really* think it will help) :LOL
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I really have to give them credit. No one even knows what it is, yet everyone is stalking them ... too funny!!!
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It's 4.. nothing yet..
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My clock says 4:01 !!
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Could it be a practical joke??
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ahhhh DH always sets the clocks ahead I hate that i am sitting here refreshing like what the heck is going on it is 4pm est..Well I think I still have about 5 min to go
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3:58 here...
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I have no hyena experience either. Olus my internet access is always slow at this time due to high traffic!
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im getting butterflies
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my db was just saying it was probably a joke!!
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I'm starting to believe nothing will happen! lol
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dum da de dum...
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Arrrrgh the suspense!
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maybe its like tues@noon and 6 mins slow...
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I'm really nervous. I'm all sweaty and trembly. Kind of funny seeing as how I don't even know what it is they're selling. :LOL
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what gives?
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