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its working for me. cute stuff so far.
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i'm in!!!!!
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who's there? If anyone is actually in....
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YAY!!!! I DON'T WANT ANYTHING!!! But it is cute stuff!
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I got in too. If i had more paypal, I would definately go after the ducky diaper. So cute!

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The gecko is soo cool! Too big but soo cool!
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I just see the front page....? Am I misssing something?
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Nada, zip, zilch. Nothing will load for me after the main page...

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That dress set is awesome!
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i have it going but it's loading so slow
it's like last weeks frenzy of tuesday @noon

i don't think i'm cut out to be a hyena
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Anybody get anything yet?
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cute stuff nothing i need to pay those prices for though. go rich hyenas, go!
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Yeah love the gecko set but too small for my son. And the dress set too but too rich for my blood
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Nothing I couldn't resist. Not that I can buy today anyway!!!!
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Nessa's Nappies are cute! Someone buy the sailboat one! It's just way too big or I'd snag it!
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Originally Posted by HoneymoonBaby
Everything is too big or too girly!
Yup, same here -- looked like a lot of larges.
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Well that was interesting...
What's up with everything being Larges?
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Most of it is too big for us....
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I love the old mac donald set, too cute! But we're broke after that one AIO from FM.
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I can only see the front page, hellllllp!
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