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Originally Posted by danzarooni
cute stuff nothing i need to pay those prices for though. go rich hyenas, go!
That's what I was thinkin!
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Cute, but nothing I need.
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LOL - nothing I need either. Go at it!
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It's a nice site, I like it.
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Is there a trick to getting in?
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Cute stuff! But nothing I *must* have given that Flufflymail cleaned me out today.

Anybody buy anything yet?

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Cute soaker shorts up! http://www.tgifluff.com/snoogiesnaps.html

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Originally Posted by Lucysmama
Is there a trick to getting in?
Nope. Just hit refresh. There should be an intro page with samples -- you can click on the sample pics and it takes you to the WAHM who made them. There's also a frame on the right with the WAHM names.
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Originally Posted by Lucysmama
Is there a trick to getting in?
Not that I know of. Push refresh and then scroll down
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Well, I got a Snoogiesnaps diaper. I was eyeing the lime green soaker, but held back because I have soooo much wool already. Had to get something, I had been waiting for this forever.
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I am trying to buy that cute sailboat, but it keeps putting the butterfly in my cart. No idea what I am buying. Think DH will mind DS wearing a pink butterfly?
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Okay, I lied. :LOL I got the Ice Cream fitted from Snoogie Snaps. I hope I did anyway, it's still not saying it's sold. I paid and everything though. We'll see.
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Bummer that everything is so big. I missed the FM stock today so I was really ready to do some buying but nothing will fit!
Hey- atleast we didn't crash the site! :LOL
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Can anybody get those GORGEOUS shorts!!! I had "bought" them, but they were then I realized they were the wrong size and had to cancel
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That yellow dress set is toooooo cute and may fit my 2 year old....but I just can't spend that kind of money today.
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Okay, now it's saying sold. However, when I bought it the soaker shorts were sold, and now their not. ???
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I got the Old MacDonald set from Sweetiebums!! WOW!! That is amazing! I cannot believe no one nabbed that!!

What a wonderful day......sigh......a Fluffymail stocking & a new place to shop! :LOL!
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It shows the sailboat as sold...so maybe you got it?

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I payed for that too Reesesmomma. Uh oh....:LOL
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When I refresh, nothing happens....there is no scroll to scroll down...just the logo. Bummer.

Maybe it's a sign. :LOL
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