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I passed my 2nd one hour GD test today!!!

I got 137 so I just made it but nevertheless I made it!!!

so have no fear others getting ready to test soon...you can pass it too!
Thanks to all who helped lead me the way to educating myself and getting a better result! And to all who sent hugs and well wishes!

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YAY! Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my 28 weeks appointment today and found out I have to take the stupid test anyway.
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What a relief for you!!!!!!! So glad that this stress is outta the way!!
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Whoohoo!!! You must be so excited!!!

I had my test this week, but won't find out for a couple of weeks the result (my next prenatal appt.) and I'm really dreading it!!
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Congrats I have two more weeks before I test. I am dreading getting the blood drawn. Just not my thing.

Again Congrats!

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what's a GD test?

just wondering, what is a GD test and how do you pass it?
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gestational diabetes test=GD

link(even if you are not a plus size mother this will benefit you-it did me):

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