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Please welcome my girls!!

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Ok, so I haven't been here in ages & the girls are 9w already. But as twin mamas I know y'all can forgive me b/c you know how crazy it is!!

Nieves Olivia & Paloma Isadora were born 2/24 at 34weeks. I had planned to switch my care to a midwife @ 3, but at my 33 week appointment ultrasound, it was showing that the girls' sizes were continuing to kinda skyrocket apart from one another, and each NST that I had had slight problems. On a Friday before my 34w date, they advised to induce first thing that Monday, but I refused, panicking, and spent the weekend researching.

The girls had been diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome at 16weeks. We were incredibly lucky to be able to get it under control through extreme protein consumption - we were almost eligible for laser surgery and had been recommended for amnio reduction early on, but had switched doctors to someone a little more progressive who was happy with how I decided to go and was agreeable with our wanting to wait to take action until absolutely necessary. We were very lucky and had several months of balanced fluids and consistent growth. Around 30 weeks, they started to get a little disproportionate, and by the 34w when they wanted to induce, almost a 2 pound discrepancy (41%) was showing.

Like I said, I did some research that weekend and was refreshed with how horrible TTTS can be when it returns at the end of pregnancy. I agreed to induction on Wednesday, 2.25, but ended up having the babies on 2.24 after yet another questionable NST. I had been in touch with the midwife I was to transfer to, and she was so wonderful - not necessarily giving me direct advice, but really guiding me in listening to my body (which was primed at 3cm & 90%, ready to go) and really listening to the babies to see if they were trying to tell us it was time to come out.

They induced with pitocin at 2PM, and I agreed to have my water broken at 4:30. The doctor said he didnt' expect birth until about 2 or 3AM, with the earliest being 11 or midnight. By 7:30 the pain was unbearable - and I maintain that the time on pitocin when it was REALLY bad (maybe 1.5 hours?) was easily worse than my entire natural labor and birth of my son, which lasted about 7. I asked for an epidural, & by the time it got there, was administered incorrectly, only took on one side, etc. etc. etc., I was complete and ready to push. It was 9:10PM.

Being twins, with TTTS, at a teaching hospital, they had to rush to get 20+ folks into the OR for delivery. It was crazy.

The epidural kicked in as we pulled in to the OR, and I was completely numb. I wasn't able to get to the stage where I could feel the pushing, and it felt like I was faking it. Everyone was telling me what a great job I was doing, though, and I just kept thinking "suckers! I'm not really pushing!" But at 9:25 and 9:29, my little girls were born.

Nieves was 4lbs. 12 oz, and Paloma was 3lbs. 6oz. Both girls were incredibly healthy, and didn't need any help at all to breathe or anything. Everyone was amazed at how healthy they were.

It wasn't the birth that I wanted, obviously. But it also wasn't the nightmare I expected it to be. The hospital staff was incredibly nice and everyone was as accomodating as they could be. They made me feel listened to, and my nurse during labor was an incredible support and advocate. The only thing I'd change is I'd not get the epidural if I knew how little time I had had left before delivery.

Nieves came home 3 days later and Paloma came home after 17 days in the NICU to grow and learn how to suck. She was supplemented with a higher calorie formula when I couldn't pump enough for her, and I'm thrilled to report that finally both little preemie girls are nursing like champs and just weighed in a 9 weeks at 7lbs. (Paloma) and 9lbs. 4oz.(Nieves.)

Back to the grind!

Photos here: http://homepage.mac.com/carlos911/PhotoAlbum28.html

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So beautiful! Congrats on your two precious babies!

-Dana, mom to Avery & Natalie 10/14/02
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what great pictures! they look so cute bundled up next to one another
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Your babies are precious. Congrats on them! Enjoy!

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*waves to Kathy*

Hey, this is VeggieMama on LJ, so I've already seen pics and the story and everything, but I want to give you a Mothering congratulations as well! Those are some cuties you have there!
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Congratulations - I was wondering how you were doing actually. Glad everything went o.k. I had my babies at a teaching hospital also emergency C-section though but something like 24 people in the OR - just nuts!
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Oh my goodness,

They are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! I was looking at their pictures and was tearing up because it brought back memories Congrats on your beautiful girls and you did such an amazing job! We send lots of twins hugs your way
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Congratulations! Your girls are so beautiful - you did such a wonderful job growing and birthing them Way to go, mama!
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Congratulations! Your girls are beautiful!
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Big congrats to you. My girls are almost 5 weeks and it's crazy. You and I are probably going through the same insanity right now. We should be twin buddies! Good luck!
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Wow, your girls are simply beautiful. I love all the hair!! Congrats to you mamma!!
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Congratulations on the arrival of your BEAUTIFUL baby girls! You've picked gorgeous names also. Seeing their pictures brings back so many memories for me. It's so hard to believe that my little ones are already 17-months-old!! Don't blink...it goes by too fast!!
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Thank you! I did a post and run, and never came back to say thank you. It's crazy around here. You all know what it's like!

We're all doing well, and just to clarify - CherylE, though they did do the delivery in the OR, it was a vaginal delivery for both babies. I was very fortunate that they both stayed head down, but also that I had a fantastic doctor there who said that he had no problem at all with doing baby B as a breech birth if she happened to flip in between. It was not necessary, & they were born like 4 minutes apart!

We are all doing really well. The girls sleep like champs. It is such a change from my son! And they are finally both nursing really, really well. Last month, they weighed 7lbs and 9.5lbs! Double their birthweights already!

I've been lurking lately & not posting, but I hope everyone's well!

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Wow - glad to hear things are going so well for you. So great you got to have a vaginal birth! My girls were both breech but the C-section was due to Maribeth (twin B) having NO diasolitc blood pressure and having major heart rate drops.
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Congratulations Kathy!

Welcome Nieves Olivia & Paloma Isadora!

Great job, Mama

Email me if you need anything by mail

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