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Twins on same nap schedule?

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Just wondering if anyone else has their babies on the same nap schedule. It's driving me batty here right now because one will go to sleep about a half an hour before the other and if I put them down both at the same time, the other will scream until I get him again. I'd just like to be able to have an hour to get dinner started/clean/veg out for a sec before they wake up and on this schedule, I don't seem to get any downtime. I especially would love it in the afternoon when my almost 2 year old goes down for her nap so I could do things without her underfoot too.

Any advice? BTW, my boys are 4 months old.
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My twins nap at the same time. When they were around 6 months old I started waking them both at the same time in the morning and then 1-2 hrs later I would lay them both down for their morning nap.I was careful not to let them get over-tired in the morning. It was gradual, but I just kept this same routine till I had the am nap time down, then I started doing this with the afternoon nap. They are 16 months now and most of the time they nap at the same time. There are still those days when nothing goes well, but not that often. When they were little I always woke the second baby up as soon as I had the first one fed in the morning and I kept their wake up time about the same. I had to be more structered with my twins than I was with my singleton to keep sane.
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I had a really hard time getting my babies onto any sort of a schedule (they never seemed to nap longer than 30 or 45 minutes) in the beginning. When they were about 7 months old, I started working really hard at it, and I think they were ready. So, you may just have to wait a couple more months. Aside from just being older and more regulated, at seven months my babies could support themselves enough so that I could lie down and nurse them both at the same time. This is HUGELY helpful. It is still how I get my guys to take a nap when we're home. I lie in between them and they both nurse to sleep and then I get up and they stay there sleeping (in our family bed).

Another idea would be to take the babies for a walk in a twin stroller (assuming they like strollers--mine didn't until 6 months), and have them both sleep in there. I still do this somedays when I can't get a nap to happen otherwise, or when I just want a really easy to-nap period.

Now that my babies are friends, it can be really hard to get them to take a nap at the same time because just when one is almost asleep, the other will sit up and start giggling. And then it's all over. So, when I'm not home alone with them, I put them down for a nap one after the other.

I also now really try to enjoy the times when one babe is sleeping and the other is awake. My guys have such different personalities when their brother isn't around! It's amazing!

I hope some of this is helpful. It will definitely get easier before too long.

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My twins sleep in the same room at night, but at nap time one sleeps in another room in a playpen. THis helps so they don't wake each other at nap time.
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well my trouble with getting my 3 yr old and twin 14 month olds to sleep has always been that they still take 2 naps a day and the oldest just takes one if that. lately i get out of the house nice and early and play at some moms club activity, library or park till they are all hungry for lunch and the babies now that they are older are going down later and the two naps a day is turning into one. but on the days when they sleep in the morning i try and get my oldest to take a little down time by watching a show or even playing at a friends house. so i can relax, clean ect....

i always have a hard time waking one up just because her sister is awake. i have one twin that wake up too early a lot of the time and i couldnt bear to wake up her sister because i know she needs the sleep after all she slept through her sister crying for me to come get her. i have learned to enjoy when they are on different schedules because i can play with them individually which they need so much.

usually if one is tired i will take both and put them down hoping that even if the other one isnt quite tired yet she will just go to bed anyway. its worth a try.
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My twins tend to nap about the same time but not always for the same length of time, if that makes sense.

In the beginning they didn't - they were constantly on opposite schedules but the past few weeks they've shifted to more similar schedules. I don't wake them up at night but 95% of the time they wake up at the same time or soon after each other anyway.

They are almost 4 months. Personally when they were on opposite schedules, I tried to just think of it as time I could spend with them individually. I'm home by myself with them most of the time so getting one on one time is often difficult, but I could do that if one was sleeping. My house was a mess and I ate at crazy hours but they are only infants for a little while so I just decided that was more important.

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