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suagar and tempers

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Hello all I am a mother of 2 boys one is 1 yr old and the other is 30 mo. old. I have a question for all of our wonderful mothers. Does anyone know about the effects of sugar on children and behavior. My 30 mo old son latley has been acting as if the entire world has come to an end. I have noticed that when he even gets the tiniest bit of sugar ( from 100% juice, fruit or even cereal, or anything that even seems to have sugars in it) he acts terrible. He screams at me and everything that does not look right, he is a devil. Just evil to be at times. I do not know if this can be an allergy or what? When he does not have sugar he is an angel, the temper is controllable, and you can diffuse anything faster by tenfolds. Help I do not know what to do except of course to try not to give him sugars, which in our household is kind of immopsibel but I will try. Is there any kind of testing that I can have done? Please help me... Thanks
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I'm going to move this to the health and healing board. Hopefully the Mama's there will have some ideas!!

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It sounds like you've already got it figured out- no sugars, especially refined sugars. You may have to make that major household change. I don't think there is any other magic cure. From your description, the initial trauma of the diet change will be well worth the resulting behavior changes. It will also improve the health of your entire family, if you can join in a bit.

You might still be able to incorporate fruits if you cut out the refined sugars and then space the fruits out evenly over the day, so he's not getting big sugar highs and then the inevitable lows. Look at the carbohydrate counts of different fruits so that you can better calculate what an even distribution is. Bananas are high carb. Strawberries are lower. That will affect quantities. Don't do juice at all. You only get the fruit sugars, without the fiber to slow down the sugar absorption.

Do searches on hypoglycemia to learn about the sugar highs and lows. Also, the book "Is this my child" by Doris Rapp, MD deals with children's allergies and touches on sugar as an irritant as well.
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