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Heck ya! food processors ROCK!!! We shred out bulk ordered cheese for freezing, and chopped a zillion pecans our farm relatives sent from Mississippi to freeze. And, how the hell else can you make hummus??

Just have to take this chance to brag that I went to a yardsale yesterday on the 4th run by 8yo's in a parking lot. I bought a pair of Burton kid's snowboard boots for 50c (she only wanted 25c!), and two sets of Patagonia capilene kid's long underware for FREE with the purchase of a $1 video!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that just plain rocks.
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I limp along, making hummus in the blender. Poor me! I also hand knead pizza crusts, hand grate bulk cheese and thin-slice the carrots. See? I need a food processor! I swear! Now, the only question is, what do i "need" more, my 325 watt Kitchenaid stand mixer, or a food processor? I can get a Cuisinart 14 cup processor with my air miles, but I have been saving my miles for this mixer for 2 years now... Or, for the same number of miles, I could fly to Toronto...
I found absolutely nothing at the garage sales. Good scores!
Of course, I was so depressed I went to the yarn store and spent the $20 I earned by selling off some spare velvet to the guy upstairs.... The yarn was on sale, so I bought 3 pairs of socks worth.
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No yard sales for us, every penny goes to feeding the family at the moment.

Fingers crossed that dh hears about the job he wants soon.

But I scored a few rather nice things with freecycle and just poking around Livejournal. Over last 2 weeks - 2 aquariums (20 gallon w/ stand and 10 gallon - both with full fresh water setups), a huge well built toy box with safety hinges, a painted playboard, a tot sized wooden tool bench that grandpa is going to get a kick out of and a complete fisher price game table. The only thing dh thinks is missing from the game table is the extra hockey puck. All the mats, balls, nets etc. are all there.

All we spent was the gas to drive and pick it all up. I love free stuff.
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I went the cheap food processor way, I bought a blender with a mini food processor attachment for around $35-40 on sale. I needed a blender and a food processor and this was the cheapest way to get both. It's an oster and works ok .
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Tupperware also has a small handheld type of food processor called a quick chef. That is what I own and it works really well for things like making salsa. It is $45... though I earned mine as a consultant, though. (hence the reason I actually have one... otherwise I'd probably still be saving! : ) I'd love to get a real food processor eventually... and a good blender that mixes things evenly... and a good mixer *sigh*
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I've burned out the motor on more blenders than I'd like to admit. I have the little hand-held mixer that suits our needs. I do LOOOOve my food processor though! Admitedly, I haven't used it as much as I'd like to, but oh well.
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yayaya! what a RAD yardsaling day! We (amazingly) got up bright & early and hit the road! I got:
tons of FREE stuff: 20 lbs. of hard red winter wheat, sidewalk chalk, toys
inf. raft for boys for the pond for $5
tripod, clothes, hemp purse, kids books - $2
DS got a scooter/skateboard - $3
good videos for a buck each!
and my big score... two big boxes with wool roving, wool yarn, wool cards, wooden combs & wooden shuttles for $10!! Unfortunatly, I don't work with wool, but I took it to farm market and asked around if anyone wanted it, and lots of mamas were so excited, so I just passed it all on. We took it to the booth of the sheep raiser who was spinning, and she valued it all at over $200!

umm... I think that's it Anyone else?
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Originally Posted by mom2tig99Nroo03
we are desperately looking for a bike trailer, so we can get some excercise, start saving money on gas, and just get out of the house a little more often.
Hi there everyone Coming In on the thread a little late

Just noticed this post and wanted to say my friend that I childcare swap with and I just split the cost of a double burley (we both have single chariots) that we found in our local used goods paper called the Bargain Finder.

We each paid 75$ for it, although I traded herbal products and honey for my end.

I found a yougurt maker at a garage sale a couple weeks ago for .50 and a porfolio for my dried herb collection for 2$.

Well, I hope I can join in on all the frugal tips, thanks!
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Hi, I am new here, just saw the thread today after yard sailing.

I am not the most frugal person. Mostly I just find ways to be frugal so that I can splurge when I need to. I mostly love the thrill of finding amazing stuff that people no longer want. I love that I can find exactly what I am looking for when I need it.

ANyways, today I scored a 1$ round wicker laundry hamper, I collect those. I got 3 used womens Ts for my recycled clothing business for 2.50, 10 little glass spice containers with the corky lids for 3.00, and DH found some books of Buddhism. DD was the only one to find something in the free box and she brought that home. I also got a set of alphabet rubber stamps, a collectors one, for 9.00. So of course it wasn't the most thrifty morning but we got what we needed.
People around here don't sell super cheap. Taos,NM.
Now in Boulder, Co, where my in-laws live, there were sales on every street and they had good prices. People there are so rich that it seems they just want the stuff out of their lives. Even the salvation army is amzing there. If I lived there, I would be an ebay re-seller for sure, no problem.

OK, I love this thread, hope I make it back here every now and then.
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Hey guys!
I went to Lowes today (home improvement store) to pick up some stuff to repair our deck. While we were there I checked on the clearance stuff in the nursery. I love, love, love to do that! We picked up 6 eggplant plants with flowers on them for 50c, an african violet in a cool little pot for 25c, a white mum for 50c, and some assorted houseplants (asparagus fern, polkadot plant, and some others) in need of minimum TLC for $2. Grand total of $3.25 for 14 plants! The eggplants are in the garden already in the spot left from the spinach.. this was really a great thing for me as I love eggplant, and since we only had a tiny veggie garden this year we skipped them . The last time I was there they had spring bulbs (to plant in the spring that is, bloom in the summer/fall) for 10 cents a pack! We got $1.60's worth.... or about 125 bulbs I managed to get them in the ground within a week of the "plant by" date too. I plan to go back again at the almost end of fall planting to see if I can get some cheap spring and summer flowers Our new house's gardens should look nice in a year or two!!
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Wow, good scores guys!
I finally broke down and paid full price for my food processor, at HellMart no less. I really didn't have a choice, everone else was at least $20 more for the same or equivalent model. I got 2 grocery bags of basil, a bunch of parsley and about 30 lbs of apricots this week for free, and I didn't think I could make that much pesto and jam without one.
At the garage sales, I got a pair of shorts, some pants, and 12 pairs of socks for DS for 25 cents and...
My green arborite and chrome 50's kitchen table for $20! Yay me! It is really small, has drop leafs and is just all around very retro chic. it is the exact table I wanted for my kitchen. The oak one (another garage sale score) was way too large for my 40's or 50's kitchen.
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I made 80 cents at my yard sale this morning... rather disappointed... *sigh*
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okay, tell me why I need a food proccessor! Am I missing something? is it super easy to use? Will i wonder why I never had one if I get one?

I make jam every year, and applesauce usually. One year we got about 60 pounds of apples free.... i suppose anything would have made that task easier! me, DH and my gramma peeled every apple with peelers.

YUm apricot jam! That's like heaven! If my flowers come up I will try to remember to post a picture next season
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I have had a food processor for 12 hours now.. here are my observations, and what I have done.
It slices a carrot in about 6 seconds. I can grate 9 cups of carrots in about a minute for carrot slaw. Whee!
I made pesto, and it took me less than 20 minutes, start to finish.
I made bread! it took care of that annoying and tiring part where you have to incorporate a ton of flour by hand.
Instead of finely chopping 10lbs of apricots tomorrow (about 80) I am going to wash them, pit them and send them through the food processor before i boil the heck out of them for jelly.
I can see it making apple sauce easier, as the apples would cook faster if they were sliced thin, but really what you need is something like this: http://www.leevalley.com/garden/page...urrency=2&SID=
Yes, my mom has one, I steal it all the time and I love it.
To the PP, sorry about your crappy return at the garage sale. My mom says that the mark of q true tightwad is when you can't even make money at a garage sale.
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Thanks for the feedback on the proccesor!
how'd your jelly turn out?
I actually have a peeler now When we got all the free apples we did not ahve one, and I was like "No way am i doing THAT again" :LOL I found it under a pile of games in the Salvation Army for $5 It's a pampered Chef one!
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Advice on Juicers

Sorry if this has already been asked,but can anyone recommend a good juicer for me? Thanks
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My jelly turned out great! I found a lower sugar recipe, so that it doesn't hurt my teeth.
I love that peeler, especially now that i live in the land of apples. I might have to get one for myself because I can get juice apples for 10c/lb.
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do share the low sugar recipe. Less $$ for sugar & less cavities & Calories sounds great!!!
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Would you believe I didn't save it?
found it on www.cooks.com, just do a search for "low sugar jam"
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If you cannot find it, I have some I can post. Also, if you use pectin you can just follow the recipie in the low sugar pectin box It comes out a little softer, but it is still very good. My mom is diabetic and I make a batch for her every year usually. I have had very good success with lowing the sugar in regular recipies too (I know, it says not to mess with the amounts).
I make low sugar or no sugar apple sauce all the time, it would be too expensive to put up a years woth with all that sugar! Plus it is way too sweet. I love experementing with fruit blends and would love to hear any that worked good for you guys! So far our favorite has got to be apple/plum sauce or apple/peach.

My flowers are coming up!! YAY! I am so excited, i was sure that for that price they would all be duds :LOL

ETA ~ T, I have a freind who lives over on vancouver island. Are you near there?
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