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Dready- NO. but if you find something, Please, let me know!

I went to the thrift store yesterday -Twas 50% off clothing day

I bought a COOL pair of black linen capris with embroidery at the hem line. Very 'India' looking. (I think they do say from india) Only $1.50!

a pair of COMFY cute blue shorts. .75!

a pretty White eyelit nursing dress $2.00!

2 other mamma dresses (just casual, nothin fancy, but CUTE! for $1.75 each!

A HUGE childrens' ask questions dictionary .50

Acouple hardback Dean Koontz Novels (LOVE HIM!!) 3 for $1.00!

and a maternity dress (hopefully I'll be PG soon! & can wear it! :LOL) $1.75!

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My MIL is *trying* to be frugal. I say that, b/c she considers frugal to be ANYTHING below the tag price. She tried bragging to me that she just went to a thrift store and bought 5 things and "only" paid $26. I was like "WHAT??" I didn't think that was a deal at all! I think I've only spent more than 20 bucks at a thrift probably 2 times! :LOL She refuses to go to the (what I consider) good thrifts in Memphis b/c they're in a sketchy part of town silly.

edited to say Good scores on the mama clothes!!
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I didn'to any yard sales yesterday b/c we did DS's birthday party. In extremely frugal fashion we had it at a playground in town. Served fruit & veggies with peanut dip and hummus. Also had chips & salsa, goldfish crackers (from Sam's Club), scratch white cake with homemade choc. frosting, cut into a sword shape. Served with thrift store napkins and yardsaled candles.

Did anyone else get to go yardsaling???
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I havent done any yardsales but as soon as i finish learning to drive im going to go out and look for some! it sounds like so much fun. What i did do yesterday was go to santa cruz to the goodwill bargain barn(which i would recommend to anyone in whichever area ur at to look up...)i found:
a basketball hoop(playskool for da little kiddo)and a basketball
lol my kid likes to try n play basketball with the big hoop we have outside so ofcourse she cant reach it!so this was puuurfect
a fisher price bouncer infant to toddler rocker(the box was all messed up but inside everything had the tags still and was still wrapped in the plastic with the tag still attached!)
my youngest is already on her 2nd bouncer.she wore out the first one and well when we got this one yesterday,we just put the other bouncer in storage.so this will be her third!lol.she loves to sit with us like a big person
tons and tons of clothes...banana republic,gap,and some other brands
i found a few jackets for my mom and some school clothes for me yipeee!
and my dad gor a huge samsonite suitcase with keys and a wall clock
a barney a barney book,some crafts tuff etc

all in all it was a good daytotal 20.00
they open again today at 11am so were going again!alot of sellers go there that sell at the flea market,so they grab all the real good stuff but im sure ill find some more things!
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Good scores ant Goodwill!
i hardly got a thing. Some clothes, and a muffin tin for giant muffins. I spent $5.
Dreay*mama, I am still looking for amish goods, now, if it was just as simple you wanting a quilt that would be different
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aahh... I want a muffin tin for the giant ones! I want the amish-type electric-free appliances, kwim? anyone?... anyone?...
must go now and post some stuff on ebay so I can make some $$!

poor little hummingbirds, I keep hearing..."thunk .... thunk" on our window and see the little buggers bouncing off!
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Do you mean a catalog like Lehmans http://www.lehmans.com?
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Nifty! I had never seen Lehman's before!
The Amish facinate me, mostly because we don't have any around here. Mennonites and Hutterites, yes, but no Amish.
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oh yes! Lehmans! I've heard of that a long time ago and had forgotten about it. I'm gonna get their catalogue... thanks indigo
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the bargain barn isnt a goodwill retail store.they sell the clothes there by the poundand everything is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheap.its a part of goodwill,but its not a store where everything has price tags and is hanged up.no its a warehouse that looks like a dump,but when u look through the stuff u find a bunch of great thingsi was a little scared at first,people running everywhere-the real bargain hunters lol
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That's neat. We have nothing like that here. The Sally Ann is over prices, but the mennonites are pretty reliable, as far as ok prices. Furniture at thrift stores is pretty rude. No, i will not pay $800 for a dining set, no matter how nice it is. And that is why I shop at garage sales.
I don't drive, so i stick to sales in my immediate area. I didn't see any major benefit to branching out to other parts of town.
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I am SO thankful we have so many resources in my area! Yesterday I went to a free clothing swap. I brought clothes that we didn't need/couldn't use - stuff I got freecycling that we couldn't use/didn't need and clothes my kids have outgrown. I then got to take whatever I needed (and can go every month to get clothing as needed and donate as needed). I got two new fall dresses for my dd, two like-new pairs of jeans and 6 shirts, 3 pairs of tights, two leotards and ballet slippers for dd, 2 pairs of shorts for me, a blouse for me, a couple things for my boys and a couple diaper covers. Yippee!
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hey mamas!

I'm so stoked, I just started a Freecycling group here in Durango. I hope it takes off! So far, I'm the only member

I just wanted to mention another fun thing for frugal mamas. If your kids eat ice cream, you can go to the Baskin-Robbins website and get on their Birthday club (or something like that!). They email a coupon for a free icecream cone to your kids on their b-days every year. My son just used his today and LOVED it! They also send you emails when there will be an upcoming free scoop night!
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uh-oh, we're getting buried!

Anyone still out there?
It's yard-salin day, mamas! (geez I'm jealous of those towns that do yardsales more than once a week!)

I got:
*Fast Food Nation book, Raffi tape, bag of duplo legos = $1.75
*3 kids books to sell on ebay, Burt's Bees soap = $.85
*Grocery bag filled with kids clothes = $1.00
*Rubbermaid juice pitcher (supposed to have stirring spoon attached to the lid, the bottom of the spoon broke off), floating candle, round candle, rubber spatula, wooden spoon = FREE box!
*slipcover for loveseat = $5.00
*DS bought 2 cheapo dinosaur toys & a bouncy ball for $.55

Not many great scores, but still I'm happy to finally be going out yardsaling again!

What did everyone else get??
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Went yesterday (it was my B-day!)

I got a couple Gymboree things and a pair of patchwork jeans and a couple cute l/s tops for the
girls for winter... and an AWESOME new book for *ME* all for 3.00

Also a cast iron casserole (pot) w/ lid NEW IN BOX- for 7.00
(5.00 if you concider the fact that the GH of the woman that sold it to us, He gave each of my DDs
a Buck when we left! :LOL

few other lil odd & end things for a couple bucks. Nothing Spectacular....
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My ds bought himself a bike yesterday (a two-wheeler) for $1. I'm impressed!
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We got a free bike- the neighbors put it out. The seat stem was bent. Dh traded it with the seat from our other bike (also free) and both bikes work great now. (One is for ds in two years).

He also got the left pedal off one of their junker bikes to fix the left pedal on ds's bike.
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OK, there's frugal, and then there's crazy ... I think I've gone off the deep end on this one! :LOL

I was at Salvation Army Thrift Store yesterday. They had a piano w/ a tag on it that said $79.99. I got to the register to pay for my stuff and saw a sign saying "50% off all furniture". I asked if the piano was considered furniture. It was. I bought. $40 for a piano!!!

Here's the thing...we have 48 hours to get it out of the store, so dh rented a truck for tomorrow morning. We have to figure out how the two of us (with three kids in tow!) are going to get a VERY heavy piano onto the truck, then how we're going to get it off the truck and AT LEAST into our garage (we live on an extremely steep piece of property w/ and incredibly steep driveway (going up) and a long flight of stairs to the first floor!). No one is available to help us tomorrow, so this should be interesting! Oh, and the truck rental is about $30, so the total cost of $70 for the piano is still extremely reasonable.

My mom asked about getting a professional piano mover to move it...I laughed, knowing it was going to be expensive. Then I called around just for the heck of it. The minimum price for them moving it from my garage to my living room (not even moving it from the store to my house!) is $250! I think not.

What was I thinking...a $70 piano is awesome, but we may have to play it in our garage! :
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You can rent a piano dolly and get some burly neighbors to help with maybe you making the investment of a couple six-packs of beer

what a rad score to get a piano for so cheap!
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Wow mamas you have gotten some great deals! My dh is yard sale phobic, I have only gotten him to stop at one ever and we got a bureau for $20 and a brand new rocking airplane for $3 that we still have almost 5 years later!

I almost divorced him over this one..we drove past a yard sale that had one of those really nice wooden kitchens for sale. The kind that are like $150 + brand new and he wouldn't stop!! : He said we have too many toys already, but then he goes and buys them new plastic crap at hellmart urgh.

Anyway he is with me on bargin food shopping and clothing just not yard sales. He has weird issues with used stuff but yet if we have a yard sale he expects people to want to buy our used stuff .

We never ever pay full price for clothing. I buy on clearance or used, I went to old navy the other day and bought just basics, tshirts and shorts for my dd because I hate the rest of their clothing but anyway I got 1 skort, 5 shirts, 2 pairs of boxers for her to sleep in, 2 pairs of capris all for $40 I tallied up the original prices of everything and it would have been $250!! So I got the rest of the stuff she needed for this summer for $40 and it was all brand new so I will be able to pass it on down to her sister so not bad at all .
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