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Cautiously joining

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I can't believe I am posting this but I got a positive on a test this morning. I sorta knew I was anyways. I had an early m/c last month so I got pregnant again quickly. WOW! I'm nervous but excited. I for some reason have a better feeling about this one. Last month for some reason, I just had a hunch something was up. Not sure when I'd be due probably around the 17th.
Hoping for lots of sticky this time around!
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Congrats to you!
I really hope for you that you carry to full term this time!
I'm waiting to know myself.

Take care,
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My sister got pregant the month following her M/C and the pregnany is going great.

Looks like you and I are due at the same time!
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Congratulations! I'm due the 17th!! I', also feeling cautious because I had a m/c a few years ago.
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