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June Mamas May 9 - May 15

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If somebody else has already started a thread for this week, I can't find it...


"So they cultured the urine and it came back negative? Or they didn't test at all?"

They dipsticked the urine and saw nothing, so they sent it off to be cultured. That was FRiday afternoon. By 4:00 in the freaking morning on Sunday, the dipstick was positive. Normally, I know damned good and well when I have a UTI and bully the doctor into writing a prescription even if the dipstick is negative, but with the baby to consider, I was willing to wait. Bad plan.

In other news, the midwife on duty checked me and I am 1 cm dilated, 60% effaced and at -2 station. Yay for EPO!
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I don't see another thread either...

You know what I don't understand? Lately, everyone has been bumping into my belly and not giving me the room I need to walk past them, like in the grocery store.

Can't they SEE how big I am?!

Does anyone know of a way to make sure the head engages? I don't think it has yet and I'm worried about the prolapse factor. With #1 it didn't engage until 38 weeks, and then I went into labor the next day. But my midwife said that the pubic bone pain I've been having might be from the baby's head being caught on it, so now I'm all worried that it won't engage.

I know people say that in subsequent pg's, often it won't engage until labor begins, but I know other people who are on their 2nd or later pg and they say they engaged at 28 weeks! : So I don't know...
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Greaseball- I'm experiencing the same thing. It's like HELLO I ave a big belly here! I had this lady almost plow me over today in the grocery store.
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I also am so sick of people not moving for me to pass!! I am HUGE, I guess they are just blind! With Emma I dropped at 33 weeks, I will be 34 weeks tomorrow and nothing is happening. I know that doing deep squats often will help baby to engage. But, my midwife told me that if #2 baby doesn't engage early, she doesn't worry about it.

Smithie - so what are you going to do for your UTI? That can be scary when you're pregnant...let me know what they decide. How many weeks are you now?

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. We went to the cemetery and had a good cry. Then, I went to my brother and sil's and chatted with them and my 6 nephews and niece. That was nice. Then dh made a great dinner and we had lemon pie for dessert. All in all, not a terrible day. Not as bad as I thought it would be, sigh of relief.

Here's to another great week of being pregnant!!!! Our babies are almost here!!!
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Kim, they put me on a seven-day course of Macrobid. They are culturing the sample to make sure they've put me on the right drug.

The Tylenol they gave me at the hospital has worn off, and my bottle at home was expired. So I'm very hot and ouchy, but I'm gonna be ok. I took a homeopathic fever/ache reducer, and it might have helped a little bit.

I think I may have leaked some fluid onto the bed - it's impossible to tell if it is just a large-scale normal secretion resulting from my increased fluid intake, or something else. Bleagh. The hospital mw said I was intact this morning, but I've had a lot of fever and sitting on the toilet since then...

QoC, I'm sorry you did the rollercoaster thing today.
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(Queenie) Prodomal labor sucks cause it messes with your mind but it is a good thing, gets stuff going and can make for a much easier/faster labor. Heck, you're already halfway there

Smithie, sorry it really is a UTI, OWIE!! Keep drinking a lot, it can help with the pain and "rinses" you out I hope you feel better soon!!

I think pelvic rocks are the best for getting the head engaged, but everything I've read lately says that most 2nd (or more) babes don't engage until the very end. At my MW appt on Wed she said it seems the head might be inside the rim now and I haven't had quite the same pubic pain this week so it's possible. As much as I really am anxious to have this pregnancy over with and have my baby, I'm not in a huge rush to get things going, so I haven't been doing the rocks much. He's been ROA for a couple of weeks and hasn't been shifting much at all so I think this might end up being how he's gonna stay. It's not too bad of a position, though he sticks his tush out at the same spot all the time and I'm a bit sore right there.

Well my nesting is going along nicely I've got all my AIO dipes done, finished the dipe bag, changing pad, pail liners, and wipes. Just a few more dipes to sew, but they are the bigger size, so can wait until later, and I have to finish the wetbags and mattress covers. Next weekend, once DH's bonus check is deposited, we go on a mad shopping spree for all the stuff we've been waiting on; the new dresser, blind for the living room, shoes and clothes for DH and DS. I'm also taking the cats to the vet and the car in for service. With such a long list of things left to get done, perhaps I won't focus so much on being uncomfortable preggie lady, lol!

OOh, bedtime for DS, better go scrape my guys off the couch. Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!
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Smithie - and everyone else - thanks for the support. This was sooo not how I envisioned my first Mother's Day.

Its nice having m-i-l here, except all day every day I hear about how wonderful/sweet/smart/strong DH is - not that I disagree! But its a little intimidating to hear how perfect your mate is every waking hour. I will never live up to him in her and f-i-l's eyes - the best I can hope for is their approval on popping out a little clone of him (and I'm not doing a good job of that thus far, based on today).

My parents decided to drive out to visit (I told them not to yet, but they don't have to listen to me apparently), so they'll be getting in late tonight. I've cleaned house, so now I think I'll just do desk-work till they get here. It will be nice to have someone here who says nice things about _me_. Gosh, I sound like a spoiled brat - but its been a rough couple of weeks.
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QOC, good job on going home instead of being induced!

I didn't really get or do anything for mother's day. I didn't realize it until later in the day. My mom canceled her plan to come here, which is fine since the last thing I want to do is entertain guests. But I just kind of laid around the house all day.

The first mother's day I had, when dd was 5 months, dh got me a huge card that was about 3 feet tall. The next mother's day, just a normal-sized card...and this one, nothing! Reminds me of when I worked in this office and for the first secretary's day, I got a miniature rose plant and a truffle, and the second one I got a "green plant" and a pencil. Then they laid me off.
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Grease, that cracked me up. QoC, you sound very down...I hope having your parents there helps. Hugs. Smithie, good luck with the UTI...I hate those.

I had a very nice mother's day. I posted about it on last week's thread...somehow I never remember we're supposed to start a new one.

I had a moment in a grocery store this weekend too. Except for this time the person DID notice how big I was. The cashier asked me if I was expecting twins. And when I said "no". He said "triplets?". I wanted to knock him out. I mean, who the h*ll says that to a pregnant lady?

Well, I've got a full day...home visit happens today and while the house is fairly clean, I need to do some pick up and run the vacuum. I'm waiting to do the vacuumng until a little later after I banish the fur-ball makers to the yard for the day. They are both languishing on the carpet, enjoying the peace before DD gets up. Poor things.
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((hugs)) Greaseball, I know how you feel! Last year DH didn't even SAY happy mother's day and I was so sad/pissed. This year he was smart and got me the 3 foot card.

I've always heard that it is common for the 2nd baby not to "drop" until during labor or right before.

I agree about people bumping into me, it just makes me *cringe.* Must be hormonal, I remember being this way with DS, I usually love crowds and stuff but these days I want everyone to stay as far away from me and my huge belly as possible.

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with my last 4 pregnancies, I have dropped right around 36-37 weeks which was nice in some ways but stunk in others! LOL....

Ouch on the UTI...but so glad you are getting treatment!

We did new belly shots last night....gotta love those stretch marks huh? I swear--this is my 8th pregnancy, 6th to make it full term and I stretch in different ways and get new marks every single time!! but heah, I finally talked dh into doing it bare belly--he thinks I am skinnier now than before I even got pregnant! but that is my size 18 body there in the photo if you are not too scared to check it out:

I just can't believe how close it is all getting! this pregnancy has really flown by and I am trying to enjoy it as it will be my last one....but I am in so much pain from my SI joints popping out that I want it over too!
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Well, later yesterday evening dh came home with flowers and a giant balloon, so it looks like he got it right after all. He also brought home some sparkling peach beverage, which unfortunately was gross, but at least he tried.

The balloon is HUGE! It's taller and wider than dd is. She loves playing with it.
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Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I've been feeling pretty good except for the usual aches and pains. I had a nice Mother's Day. We visited my parents for the weekend. Saturday was mine and dh's anniversary, so we went out to eat while my parents entertained dd. It was nice. For Mother's Day I got a pair of Naot sandals that I have wanted for a year. Yay!

Smithie, sorry about your UTI. I used to get them frequently but I haven't had one for years, thankfully. I did have kidney stones with dd. Of course that sucked too. Hopefully that antibiotic will kick in quick and by the time you read this you'll be feeling much better. I hate taking antibiotics, but if I have a UTI I start them ASAP! I'm sure you know this, but you should also take a good probiotic. You don't want to also get a yeast infection too! It also may help to ward off thrush if the baby is born soon. Take care!

Jessica, your belly shot is beautiful. Nothing to be ashamed of there. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones to not get stretch marks. I credit it to having a little extra there to start with, so there's plenty of room for stretching!
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(pops probiotic capsule in mouth)

Thanks for the reminder!
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Anyone else feeling crampy?

For the last week I've been getting pretty crampy in the afternoon. Usually I just drink a big glass of water and lie down and I feel better. Today I'm at work and I'm drinking lots of water but I really can't lie down. I'll probably try to duck out of here a little early so I can rest before dinner.

I had an awesome Mother's Day. DH bought me a beautiful soapstone sculpture of a mother and child and was extra nice and pampering to me all day. My mom gave me a cute pair of nursing PJs. (MIL gave me a nursing nightgown for my b-day last week.) Both are really cute, but I'm not seeing a big need for nursing jammies (it's not like I'll need to be discreet around my DH :LOL ). But I guess the will be nice for the hospital and for when people visit and I don't feel like getting dressed!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

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I get the cramps too. Just on one side, though.

Does anyone else have these weird visual sensations? I see these sparkling sliver lights. I know, it could be worse! It usually happens when I suddenly stand up, but sometimes it seems to happen without reason. They don't come with any unpleasantness like nausea or dizziness. The midwife said it might be due to my low blood pressure, but the bp has only been low for a few weeks and these sparklies have been here for awhile. They are all over my field of vision, not just in the periphery.

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Hello everyone .

My mother's day was really really long... I taught Sunday school in the morning and then stalled on getting back into the car because I was feeling funny again. I've been having regular contractions for the past few days. They're not painful but they are distracting and sometimes they interfere with what I"m trying to do. I guess they're braxton hicks; I'm still early enough that if I went to the hospital with them they'd probably give me terbutaline. I don't want to do that, so I'm staying home. :nana: I don't think my cervix is changing.. although of course I can't reach it. :LOL And the contractions aren't real strong, like I said they don't hurt. They are fairly regular, and they increase with activity, but I was having regular contractions way earlier than this with Eli so I'm not worried.

NewBean hasn't come close to engaging; she's still turning somersaults. I'm a little worried that she'll have a true knot in her cord, the way she rolls. It's much much worse when I'm lying down (I guess without the gravity to fight it's easier for her to turn).

I had a lovely day last Saturday, though. Mike, Eli, MIL, FIL, SIL and I went to a state park and had a great time. Eli let go of his wagon and fell face-first onto some concrete, and he has a horrible looking bruise on his nose & a less horrible looking one on his forehead, but other than that we had a great time.

I got some alfalfa, and it really does seem to help with my exhaustion... plus, I'm no longer backed up! Thanks for that suggestion! (Seedling, maybe?)

About UTI's-- I find that mind go away if I drink a scary amount of cranberry juice. I also find that, while cranberry juice is generally completely unpalatable to me, it tastes really delicious if I do have a urinary tract infection. I guess my body knows what it needs! :LOL
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Originally Posted by dharmama
Both are really cute, but I'm not seeing a big need for nursing jammies (it's not like I'll need to be discreet around my DH :LOL ). But I guess the will be nice for the hospital and for when people visit and I don't feel like getting dressed!
Erin- I thought the same thing when my mom bought me some when I was pregnant w/ my first but I have grown to LOVE them and I don't think I could do w/ out. For me nursing clothes aren't about being discreet but I hate having a cold belly esp. at night and nursing PJ's keep my belly nice and cozy!
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I'm feeling crampy too. I don't know if it's my uterus or the fact that I'm so stopped up (sorry, TMI!!). But, I'm pretty crampy myself. Ah the joys of late pregnancy huh??
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I found that nursing pajamas were an absolute necessity for the first few months after Eli was born, but after that... well, just a waste of time. Eli was a twiddler, so I had to keep him from touching my other breast (still a huge struggle!) while he nursed. At night, in the early days, I had to sit up to nurse him (only the football hold works when your boobs are bigger than your baby! :LOL) and the nursing jammies made it much easier. He was about 4 months old before I could nurse him lying down (or in the cradle hold) and by then, he was reaching for the other breast. Well, nursing pajamas leave that other breast accessable, so I stopped wearing them around that time. (More for the morning and bedtime nursing than the middle of the night ones; he didn't/doesn't twiddle in his sleep. :LOL)
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