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Well, I'm feeling MUCH better today. Its nice having my parents here (I'm one of the few lucky people who are actually really good friends with their parents).

The weekly appt with my midwife went great - she was super supportive and understanding about how frustrating the false labor was. She checked me and said that I was "a good 5 cm" dialated and 80% effaced, and that the baby had dropped quite a bit because I was measuring smaller than last week. She offered to strip my membranes and I accepted. A few weeks ago I wouldn't have believed that I would agree to that, but I'm ready for this baby! According to my LMP I'm now 37 weeks, family is here, and I've been running around in PTL for over 2 weeks now. It's time! This baby seems to be a a good size (she guessed if I went full term it would be 8 pounds, so its about 6.5 now hopefully) so I'm not worried about the baby not being ready... She was concerned about this slow progression of labor, too, and said it would worry her for me to be running around much more dialated than 5cm. But, she still is very supportive of me laboring at home as much as possible.

AND, it would be wonderful to have the baby tomorrow because its my Grandmother's 75th birthday! She has 7 kids, 17 grandkids, and this will be great-grandchild #12 - and not a single one ever born on her birthday! I'm really close to her and I would LOVE to cement my spot as the favorite grandchild by giving her a birthday baby!

Anyone have any suggestions for getting this going tonight? DH and I are planning on taking a little walk after dinner and then BDing...
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i don't have a problem with ppl not making room for my belly, I have a problem w/ppl not making room for my toddler! like, I am pg and holding the hand of a 2 yo, I think the 2 adults could walk one behind the other instead of giving me dirty looks. I don't think they have to worry about their significant other running off in a crowd/store.

My Mother's Day was really nice, maybe I'll post it tomorrow. Tain is being absolutely TWO today and not letting me do anything. I am really frustrated.
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QoC, the things I've always heard for getting labor going are lots of sex to soften the cervix (one friend said her midwife said three times in one day was the trick though that might be hard with all the family in town and also, I'm not sure about this after your membranes have been stripped...anyone else know?), nipple stimulation, lots of walking, stairs, bumpy roads, etc. However, if you are already 5 cm dialated, you are already almost there! With my first I was in labor for 14 hours, 11 of which were at home. When I got to the hospital I was 5 cm dialated. So in three hours I had the baby. So..get familiar with transition stage signs so you know when to get over to the hospital. I mean, having the baby at home wouldn't be the end of the world but if that's not what you are planning it might be a bit scary. I can't imagine once your labor starts that it would take too much longer to fully dialate. Of course, it would be really frustrating to go to the hospital and get stalled. Just listen to your body.

Julie, I find myself getting really annoyed with lots of stuff that childless folks do out in public. It's like they don't consider kids people...I think I shared about that evil librarian a few weeks back who was indifferent to my dd (which then provoked a full flung tantrum and LOTS of evil looks from bystanders). I remember understanding exactly how DD felt and wishing that *I* could get away with laying down in the floor and kicking my flip flops off half way across the lobby while screaming bloody murder. I mean, so often it seems that folks forget that children ARE people with their own identities and a whole complicated set of emotions.

Well, my home-visit went well yesterday. My midwife is so laid back that I always feel kind of hyper around her. It's hard for me to get past the regular routine that you typically follow with a care-provider. It's like I have this little agenda that I need to tick off in my head of stuff to cover. Fortunately, I already know that I get very internal when I labor so the laid back approach of my midwife will work just great and my hyper/agenda toting self will receede. Anyway, I was glad that the appt was here because DH actually got to be here for it (this is only the second appt he has been able to attend). He was reassured again about how comfortable he felt with her. Anyway, I'm 36 weeks today. One more week and then I'm free and clear at any point. I really can't imagine going to my due date. For some reason I just feel like I'm going to have this baby a week or two early. I have to quit telling myself this so I won't be too disappointed if I go late. It would be ideal if I could wait for just a week before b/c then DH would be off work for a month. If I go before that, it will interfere with final exams.

Anyway, I'd better get to work. I've got a retirement luncheon to attend today so DH is just working half a day so I can go. After that I have what may be my last appt with my back up doctor.

Happy Tuesday all!

(Oh, and Rynna, glad that the alfafa is helping! My system has been amazingly clear this whole preg and I credit it to that supplement.)
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Good morning. Eli informed me that today will be diaper free... thus far, he's peed on the potty once and sat down on it for a few minutes and farted but no poop. :LOL : We'll see how things go. He looks very tall today, and I can't decide if it's because he's growing or he's naked & his legs are closer together... I think it's a little bit of both. Woohoo! I was starting to wonder if NewBean was going to be bigger than Eli before she was 4 months old, but it seems like Eli's having a growth spurt right now. Maybe it's all the colostrum. :LOL I was actually leaking in the shower the other day. Nice!

Is it strange that I'm still totally impressed by my body's ability to feed my children? I still think it's just so cool that my body can continue to grow a baby after they're born, you know? I've been nursing for 18 months now, you'd think I'd have stopped getting excited about having milk.. :LOL

Next weekend, I am cutting off *all* of my hair, and the following weekend I'm having a yard sale. At the end of the yard sale, I plan to put everything that's left into a few boxes and auction them off on eBay if I can. "Huge lot of women's clothing, sizes 10-12, $1.00" :LOL It's really at the "get it the hell out of my house" stage. I can't wear some of my favorite t-shirts anymore, because they're just inappropriate. "Tell your boyfriend thanks" takes on entirely different nuances after you have children. : or "Just be happy i'm not your kid", which my own mother thinks is hilarious.. it's just wrong on a parent. :LOL I'll be keeping "keep staring! I might do a trick" and "don't let your mind wander-- it's too small to be out by itself" and probably "you suck and that's sad" which always makes me giggle when I wear it. :LOL

Last night, I tried to tape something and discovered that Eli has completely killed the VCR. I sincerly doubt that it would be worthwhile to repair it; I only paid about $50 for it, and that was... 8 years ago? :LOL I'm sure it'd cost more than it's worth to fix it, but it's just so irritating!! We were planning on buying two big bookshelves with the tax return, but now we're thinking we should buy an entertainment center to protect the dvd player (which is thus far undamaged as far as we can tell) and the new VCR (which I don't even want to buy until we can put it out of reach). : Hopefully, we'll be able to get something with shelves for books/tapes. :LOL

My belly is huge and achey. NewBean is still turning somersaults all the time.. my mother laughs and says "You did that! And you used to swing from my ribs, it drove me nuts!" :LOL I still think that she's got a really long cord and that's why she can do such things. I'm looking forward to finding out, but since I'm only 34 weeks I'm willing to put off getting really excited about the birth.

Speaking of putting it off... QoC, my mother was 6 cm dialated with my brother for nearly two months before he was born. Her doctor was convinced that she'd drop him on the sidewalk one afternoon. :LOL She ended up scheduling an induction on her due date, but the nurse waved the pitocin needle at her and suddenly she was pushing. :LOL
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fever won't subside

Freakin' A.

After 48 hours on Macrobid for this stupid UTI, my fever has not gone down. If I try to stop my Tylenol regimen, I get body aches and not-insignificna pain in my sacrum and hips and the fever goes right up to where it started - 2 degrees above my normal temperature. My heart races, the baby's heart races... aaargh.

I had to call my doc's office THREE TIMES yesterday to get somebody to read my urine culture and tell me if I'm on the right drug (my doc himself went on vacation right after telling me I didn't have a UTI). five minutes before closing I finally got an answer - they told me the culture "grew multiple organisms" and that I should stay on the Macrobid. I have no way of knowing if a doc actually examined the test results or just yelled out "tell that bitch to keep taking macrobid!' as he waltzed out the door.

They open in nine minutes, and I'm going to call them and beg for an appointment, maybe with their ARNP. If I've dilated more, I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't have my fabulous hippie birth center birth if I go into labor with a fever - it'll be the hospital and IV antibiotics and continuous fetal monitoring etc etc ad fucking nauseum.

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I had this problem too with #1. Every time I got an infection, they would say "Oh yeah, Macrobid is the right drug" and I'd take it and the infection would still be there. I told them, and they kept telling me "the culture" said it was the right drug, and we all know how test results never lie...:

Finally they agreed to try something different...but after a few weeks on it, I looked it up and saw it was the same drug! They had just given it to me under another name! Macrodanton. They did it again with Nitrofurantoin or something like that...same drug, new name. It's like it was against their religion to give me a decent drug.

When I ended up in the hospital at 16 weeks, they gave me a shot of Rosefin. It was an IM and really quick; didn't have to stay overnight. I continued getting infections until 30 weeks, when I was put on a Sulfa drug, and they never came back after that. They said Sulfa can't be taken except in the last trimester, so maybe that's something that would work for you.

Keep harrassing them...and learn all the different names for Macrobid!
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Smithie I'm sending you healing vibes!! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Ya know what I think is funny?? People either tell me I'm HUGE and look like I'm going to pop(gee thanks!) or else they tell me that I can't possibly be 6 weeks away from my guess date because I'm carrying so small. : How can I be both???? The other thing that cracks me up is that on Saturday I was told that I had dropped w/in the last week and that my baby was low and then someone else told me I was carrying high. Oy!
People are strange!
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Originally Posted by Greaseball
Keep harrassing them...and learn all the different names for Macrobid!
HEre's a list from Dr. Hale w/ the different names of Marrobid:
Nitrofurantoin, Furadantin, Macrodantin, Furan.
There might be some new ones but I don't have my new copy of Meds & Mother's milk yet.
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I had a UTI that didn't respond to antibiotics, too. Turned out to be viral. Like I said, I drank a ridiculous amount of cranberry juice and felt better. Of course, I didn't have a fever... my blood pressure did go up (it does that when I'm in pain) but other than that, I didn't seem sick. I just couldn't urinate even though I felt like I had to all the time.
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Well, I am sick as a dog, no question about it.

I have an appt with their DO at 10:15 - the receptionist assures me that even though she is a DO, "she practices just like a regular physician." WTF does THAT mean?

Thanks for the list of drugs-that-are-really-Macrobid.
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I remember Nitrofuron was another one...why so many?!

As soon as I got the positive HPT back with this one, I started taking cranberry capsules each day.

I wonder if the infections with #1 were caused by GBS? I was GBS+ with dd, with a very high colonization. With this one, I have had no infections and was GBS negative.
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Reposted from the thread I mistakenly started on this a few days ago:

Well, I saw their DO (osteopath), and it turns out that my urine culture from them was a complete wash - just some gram positive rods that were probably my own natural flora. Luckily, the practice is attached to the hospital I went to, so they are harassing them to get a copy of THAT urine culture. Meanwhile, I'm to keep taking Tylenol.

I see my mw tomorrow, hopefully she'll have some good ideas and maybe know a doctor who's not such an asshat and understands that I must kick this infection in order to birth with my care providers.

Thanks for all the good vibes. I got to enjoy a couple of contractions with back pain while lying on the tiny exam table, but that subsided when I rolled onto my side. They were just the normal Braxton-Hicks that I've had for ages, but it gave me a tiny glimpse of what it must be like to labor flat on your back in a hospital bed. I'd be screaming for my epidural in about 3 seconds.
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I met my back-up OB yesterday, the one from my HMO group. She was really cool, laid back, got a bit concerned that I wasn't doing the GBS culture and taking the 2% chance, but otherwise was totally cool. If I weren't so opposed to birthing in the hospital, I think I'd like having her be my OB. We (Ben & I) also went over to the hospital (next door) to preregister. It was so weird being up at L&D, I haven't been there since we had Ben almost 4 years ago. We even passed by my postpartum room, which was nice enough but I remembered again why I will not be doing that again.

DH got me some arnica for my pelvis last night. I think it's helping, but I'm also not doing much today so it's hard to tell. I'm trying to take it easy and rest a lot and stay off my puffy feet, but it is so hard to do! Dh has been cleared to work at pre-school for me, so I don't have to be on my feet for that anymore, but there's all these little things here that I keep finding to do, sewing projects, cleaning, etc. Plus I've scheduled a bunch of appts in the next couple of weeks for the Vet, the car, the DMV (my license expires next month and if I don't renew now I know I will forget!!); all those things that shouldn't wait until July or August. The good thing is that the more stuff I schedule and make plans for, the less I feel like I must have this baby now, so maybe I can make it to June without losing my mind, lol!

just realized Dan & Ben will be home soon, so I'd better finish up here. Hope you're all having a good week! Belly rubs to all!!
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Today is not a good day for me.

I spent the morning doing well with dh and kids and having fun. Then I got on the computer just now to find out a friend online(from another board) had just lost her baby to SIDS.

Physically I am fine...I spent most of the day yesterday in bed thanks to my SI joint being out of place again.

I may just end up hugging my kids and turning the computer off today....I will also skip my LLL meeting tonight as I am too emotional.

Hope everyone else has a better day....
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Rubelin - what is arnica? What are you using it for? Just curious!

Jessica - I am so sorry for your friend's loss. My daughter died of SIDS in August, it is the hardest thing in the world. If you need to talk, need ideas on how to help her, or need resources for her, please please please let me know.
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Well, the culture from the sample in the ER showed a run-of-the-mill UTI causer that responds to Macrobid. It's been over tweleve hours since my last dose of Tylenol, and I have only the very slighest fever - nothing like as bad as last night. So I ams ticking with it, and the DO was at least responsible enough to have me schedule a follow-up in two days. I'm glad somebody has finally decided to "own" my case and make sure I recover.

I'm going to try my utmost not to dose on Tylenol again, so that my mw can assess me in my true state at our appt tomorrow.

ON ANOTHER TOPIC ENTIRELY: hey Julie, do you have any of that fabric left over from my crib set? Due to the corner posts of the crib we got being really fat, we need to lengthen the little velcro straps that hold the bumpers in place. Other than that, it looks great, and I'll post pics for everybody to see as soon as I can show off your bumpers to their best advantage!
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so does anyone know how effective pumping to stimulate labor is? in "having a baby naturally" it says that it is just as quick as giving the mom ocitocin- but this statement confused me, because i thought ocitocin was produced naturally by your body and pictocin was what someone "gave" you.... anyhow..ive been doing the EPO and pumping and tonight im going to try sex again.... :::trying to get excited about the prospect:::: :LOL
i want this baby OUT OUT i say! i had some noticable BH, maybe early surges earlier, but not for about 30 min...oh well
dialate dialate
i iwsh i could get on more often, i hate having to read 3 pages everytime i get to a computer..i want my computer back.
smithie- sorry about the UTI, those suck
jessica- that is a very hard situation to be in, be as supportive as you can.....
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Originally Posted by liz-hippymom
so does anyone know how effective pumping to stimulate labor is?...
I had a friend on another board that I had told to do the pumping since regular nipple stimulation was not working. her water broke a few minutes after she started it.

coincidence? who knows.

thanks for the support for my friend. I have been having a very tough day, but have helped to coordinate some memorial funds etc for her and that has helped me to grieve.
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For whoever asked, Arnica is a plant extract that helps heal bruises and relieves aches and pains. I've been using an arnica oil on my lower back and it seems to really help.

For those of you using EPO, what brand are you using and are you taking oral supplements? I've heard of some folks putting it on their cervix but oral sounds easier to me. I'm not going to start trying any of the labor starters yet...I really should wait until June 1st. But my how long away that sounds! Anyway, I HAVE to wait until next Tuesday b/c I'll be 37 weeks at that point. Any earlier and I'd have to go to the hospital.

Today is just a regular day, thank goodness. No meetings, appts, etc. My neighbor (who is due on Friday) is coming over with her kids to play. I'm glad to not have to go anywhere today. Had my GBS screen yesterday and should get the results this afternoon. Also had my platlett levels checked again (I get a blood disorder when I'm preggo when the platlett levels drop but last time they never got dangerously low). I should find out about that test in a couple days. I'm a little concerned about the platlett levels but beyond that, I'm just waiting to have this baby. I don't have to go back to my backup doctor for the duration. She just told me to give her a call and let her know the baby was here.

Jessica, I'm so sad for your friend.

Smithie, glad the fever seems to be going away. Hope all your other symptoms go away too!
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Temp was 98.5 this morning, which is still a little high for me, but definitely on the right track. At least I could stay out of the hospital if I went into labor now, since I'm conforming to the mythical "normal."

I feel like I've been run over by a truck, though, and my BH hurt and they are unremitting - but I sense that my mw will tell me they're not being productive. It's more just that EVERYTHING on my body hurts. I feel like a worn-out shell that's about to be discarded. Which is appropriate, I guess.
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