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Good morning everyone!

Eli's feeling much better today; the rash is mostly gone. My sister looked at him yesterday and said "Yeah, it does look like roseola." She also told me that my niece only had the fever for 8 hours, so I feel better about the fact that Eli's only lasted for 20. :LOL She had it when she was 6 months old, so it was a huge run to the ER thing and run a bunch of tests deal. The next day she'd broken out in a rash, went for her follow-up and the doctor said "Oh, she's got roseola." and then all the stuff for viruses (rest, fluids, etc.) :LOL I'm kind of glad that Eli's ped is an hour and a half away, and that we have to pay to go, because I think about these things more, kwim? I'm not as certain that I'd think everything through so carefully if I could just walk him a few blocks every time he got sick. :LOL Well, I probably would at that. :LOL

When I told my brother's girlfriend that Eli had a fever and a rash, she flipped out and asked why he wasn't vaccinated. I was like "If it's rubella, he hasn't had the vaccine because he's already had the measles; the only reason there is a rubella vaccine is because it's dangerous to pregnant women in their first trimesters. If it's roseola, there's no vaccine for it because it doesn't do anything." : From her reaction, you'd have thought I said he had the plague. :LOL It was hard not to laugh. In fact, I may have laughed but because we were on IM she didn't hear it. :LOL She's totally paranoid about baby viruses, and that's sad because not only is she pregnant but she wants to be a doctor and is actually not terribly far from completing her undergraduate studies. :LOL She told me she was afraid of disease and I said "Maybe you should really consider a different career path, then." :LOL I'm working on her. :LOL

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I've gained four pounds, and I think it's water I'm retaining because I don't eat or drink enough. In fact, I passed out at the office yesterday. It was horrible and I felt sick and miserable and was told to force myself to drink. I don't need to eat if I don't want to, but I have to force fluids down. That's soooo difficult for me! My stomach feels full all the time. I know I have to do it, because otherwise I'll end up in the hospital on an IV, but it's a real pain in the ass. They tried to make me eat a nutri-grain muffin thingy, and I got about half of it down before I felt sick again. I forced myself to drink some sprite before I drove to get Mike from work, so I wouldn't pass out on the road. *sigh* Blech.
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Thanks for understanding, Kim. I was really worried after I posted last night, but I still needed to say something, you know?

Smithie- 5.5 inches. Got it. LOL I'll go get more velcro (it is white, right?) in the next couple days...Good thing I haven't tossed your address yet!
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Hello, everyone!

I'm still hanging in here... no huge changes since my last midwife appt, so as far as I know I'm still 5cm and 80% effaced. Since she stripped my membranes Monday afternoon I've had bleeding on and off all week and surges that vary from mild to quite intense, but they never seem to stay in a regular pattern for more than a few hours at most. Bleah!

My parents and M-I-L are in town, and we've been having a nice vacation week. I hope everyone else is doing well!
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Hm. When I hit "reply to thread" I can see the message I typed as well as the ones afterwards, but when I open the thread I can't see anything past the quintuple post. At any rate: A whole new list! I mailed all the bracelets on that list yesterday. I tried to get on last night, but the computer and my Mike were cranky so it didn't happen. :LOL At any rate, there it is! Please get back to me ASAP if your name isn't on the list, I want to make sure I have everything straight but I feel like my brain is leaking out of my ears.

I also feel vaguely sick.. I guess it's time to eat something. I am having such a hard time with this business of eating and drinking when I'm not hungry/thirsty. It's totally antithetical to my thoughts on food! (only a few more weeks, only a few more weeks, only a few more weeks, only a few more weeks, only a few more weeks, only a few more weeks.....)
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Ok. Want to know something weird. My subscribed threads in my user CP says that Rynna replied this morning but the last post I can see is Smithie's.
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Erin, I can only see posts after Smithie's when I hit the reply to thread button.. which is why I'm going over to questions and suggestions right now. This is getting strange.
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Warning, Death Mention Ahead

About obits - Our newspaper does them free, but you don't get to write your own. You provide the info and they write it. My dad didn't want to go that way, so he wrote one for my brother. Just basic info - name, date of birth and death, place of birth, high school graduate, we'll miss him, names of other family members - and it cost $90 and got put in some general advertising section. And they spelled my name wrong.

Ok - end of death mention.

I had my 38-wk appt today (well, Saturday will be 38 weeks) and they are guessing in a week I could be all done! Not wanting to get my hopes up, but we'll see. They said the head is really low and more fixed than it was last week. I brought my iron up, it had been really low around 36 weeks. All seems to be well!

I bet QOC goes before me...but maybe I will be second??
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UGH I'm tired! THe girls and I went on a tour of a fire house this mornin w/ out Mommy & Me group. I try to go to at least one or two a year so they can see what a firefighter looks like w/ all the stuff on and I tell them over and over again while the guy is standing there that if there is ever a fire fighter in our house RUN to him/her because they her there to HELP you. My oldest gets it, I think but poor Maddie was completly freaked out by the guy in all his stuff. I just pray they never have to come to our house! THen after the tour we met dh for lunch at the mall and the girls and I went shopping. We have a birthday party to go to this weekend and a new baby to meet plus my oldest have almost no summer clothes that fit her. She's growing like a weed!!!

Hope everyone is having a great day! The girls and I are heading out to the sprinkler!
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Well gee, I guess I screwed up our thread really well, huh?

I can see all the subesequent posts now, but I had the same issue earlier where I could only see my quintuple post even though I know that Rynna had posted after me. Strange. I hope it's been resolved.

Julie - yep, it's white. just let me know what you spend on velcro and shipping.

In other news, I was just embroiled in a dogfight. My 2 y.o. and 4 y.o. cousins wanted to go to the little park down the street, so I leashed up the dogs and off we went. The neighbor's dog decided to come down the street. He is a nice guy and hangs out in his own yard unleashed, but when he came into our yard and sniffed my terrier, all hell broke loose. I don't know why - maybe because the boys were there.

Anyhow, I'm having my (hopefully) last ultrasound today! Wish me luck!
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Hi everyone! I find myself checking our thread more frequently to find out if any babies have been born yet! I've been having BH contractions very frequently for the last couple of days. Everytime I get up or bend over. Also when I pick dd up or do any type of physical activity. I've also been STARVING. I had lost my appetite all together, but two days ago it came back. I'm not really craving anything, I'm just hungry ALL THE TIME. I'm beginning to wonder if my body is trying to prepare for some work! I'm not quite 35 weeks yet, so I'd like to get a couple more weeks in. I've been so tired it's just ridiculous. I have trouble getting motivated to do anything. Especially in the afternoon. In the morning I feel really good and then when dh gets home I get a spurt of energy. Dd is really wearing me out. I've been trying to cuddle and play with her lots because she'll miss a little of that when the baby comes. I've been a little worried about her getting mad at me when the new baby is here.

Rynna, I wish I could share some of my appetite and thirst with you! I'm sorry you passed out at the dr. I'm quite an experienced fainter myself and I know how bad it sucks. Your blood sugar probably gets a little low since you can't eat or drink much.
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Okay, I've spent all day doing fun kid stuff and am completely wiped PLUS I have to work now. So a quick post. Kim, yes, I get DH to rub my back with the arnica oil. Very nice. And EPO is Evening Primrose Oil. Just got some this afternoon from Whole Foods.

Well, got my d*^n test results back. Platelet count is at 102K. It's 170K when I'm not preggo. I'm not surprised really b/c this is the exact same thing that happened last pregnancy but it's frustrating b/c I've been taking alfafa for 8 mths now and trying to eat right. So I guess I truly do get thromobocytopenia (or however the heck you spell that) when I'm preggo. I'm going to increase my nettle tea consumption and pray. I have to get tested once a week now until I deliver. Cause if it goes too low it could be dangerous. AND, I'm GBS positive. Fortunately my midwife can adminster antibiotics and we've already discussed that I don't want them unless I show symptoms in labor (fever, waters broken for really long time, etc). So nothing catastrophic but jeez oh pete ain't it wonderful?

Alright, now it's time to get to work.
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Julie-I am sorry if I upset you by mentioning my friends loss. I was just trying to post what I was going through this week, and did not think it would be so upsetting for anyone else.

Please accept my apologies.

Other than that, I am feeling better today. I have been painting some little shelves to hang on the wall to hold books and such...my tummy is really changing. I did a belly shot on Monday and it already looks way different today! I think I am dropping a little.

Baby is still posterior, and nothing is helping. I know that with an anterior placenta, I have a chance of her staying that way, but I figured because it was fundal...that it would be out of the way and she could move.

Any suggestions???
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Jessica ~ Do you see a chiropractor? If you have someone trained in the Webster Technique that's supposed to help w/ optimal fetal positioning. Most people mainly think of it for turning breech babies, but it helps with rotating posterior babies too.

I don't know what's going on with my appetite. I'm hungry all the time but NOTHING appeals to me. Very frustrating. Oooooo....except lemonade...I'm craving that big time.
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Originally Posted by Greaseball
I don't see another thread either...

Does anyone know of a way to make sure the head engages? I don't think it has yet and I'm worried about the prolapse factor. With #1 it didn't engage until 38 weeks, and then I went into labor the next day. But my midwife said that the pubic bone pain I've been having might be from the baby's head being caught on it, so now I'm all worried that it won't engage.

I know people say that in subsequent pg's, often it won't engage until labor begins, but I know other people who are on their 2nd or later pg and they say they engaged at 28 weeks! : So I don't know...
I think prolapse is pretty rare, but my chiro showed me pictures of different pelvises and it is no wonder some kids have a hard time getting down there! After only 3 adjustments to my sacrum, my baby locked in so deep my MW could feel the sutures in her little head. (I was so jealous!) She hasn't moved at all. I go in once a week to keep my sacrum aligned. But then, i have had trouble with it before, so maybe it is just me. It was like he just opened me up and she dropped right in!
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Originally Posted by dharmama
Jessica ~ Do you see a chiropractor? If you have someone trained in the Webster Technique that's supposed to help w/ optimal fetal positioning. Most people mainly think of it for turning breech babies, but it helps with rotating posterior babies too.
You know, in my doula training we talked a lot about this too...but it was only talked about for transverse and breech babies, I never heard it worked for posterior babies too! thank you.....I will have to check that out.
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Originally Posted by Greaseball
Does anyone else have these weird visual sensations? I see these sparkling sliver lights. I know, it could be worse!
I am a bit late in responding here -- but YES YES YES!!! My friend says that she got these a lot while pregnant and was anemic, so I am trying to get more iron in my diet.

Are your's still around?

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Mine come and go...I've been getting more iron too.
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Last night, I asked Mike if he'd help me start using EPO at week 37 and he said "No." Just like that!! He's terrified of having another NICU baby, and I didn't realize how much so until last night. He said he'd consider changing his mind... at 41 weeks!!

I'm not ready for NewBean to come yet, but I'm totally ready to not be pregnant anymore. I hate not being able to finish things! Blah, blah, icky blah!
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LAst night I was having surges every 10 to 15 minutes. It was weird every 10 - 15 minutes my stomach would become rock hard and I would feel so much pressure. They went away during the night but I have to say they kinda freaked me out a little. I'm only 34 weeks 4 days and I really need this baby to cook until 39 weeks. All this didn't start until 38 weeks w/ my second.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Sandi, I had the same thing going on last night! They weren't painful or anything, but I'm sure they were coming every 10-15 minutes. I was a little freaked because I'm also just 34 1/2 weeks. They stopped almost as soon as I laid down in bed. I think it happened because I didn't get enough rest yesterday and I tried to do much. I'm going to ask my mw about it today at my appt. I never felt anything like this with dd. In fact, I didn't feel a single contraction until I was in transition!
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