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Originally Posted by Joannect
We're waiting for

3 Kiwi Pie covers
I think that's all.

didnt you JUST get rid of 3 kiwi pies?
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I am waiting on celestial babues to restock!
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Geez, once I made a list, I realized that we have a LOT coming this week!

FCB Envelope
BaaBaaBottoms custom soaker
BeccaBottoms - 3 pockets
Crystal's Cloth - 2 custom dipes
Moss Feet Shoes
Knit In Your Pants soaker from ebay

From the TP:
FB - 2 med
Cloud 9 - 2 smalls
WAHM soaker

And we're number 192 fro El Bee, so hopefully that's coming up soon!
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The ONLY thing I'm waiting on (with incredible anticipation) is the LC that Mandy graciously agreed to part with. Now if it would only arrive TODAY by some miracle of postal magic...

Oh, and a train set for Calvin I bought on ebay. His B-day is on Saturday.

Happy Birthday, Anwyn!!!!!
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Just a couple more things from my spending spree a few weeks ago.

SP wool with 2 snap ins
Reuseabum's wool jersey & wool liner
4 LHC Aio's'

Think I'm missing something else though.

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Originally Posted by mthomas

didnt you JUST get rid of 3 kiwi pies?
I did! I ordered 6 at her last stocking and had to sell 2 of those (darn husbands!) the third I sold was a small that Josh out grew. One of the 3 I'm waiting on is the yummy rice cover and the other 2 were smalls that Maria was kind enough to exchange to mediums.
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I'm waiting for:

Yarn from LTK
Yarn from Fabriconnection
2 FCB diapers from 2 stockings ago.
a Cloud 9 Softie
FMBG - 2 diapers and a serged AIO

From the TP:

A FCB envelope
Kiwipie Cashmere Cover

I've got a few customs in the works:

A custom pair of soaker shorts from Holy Sheep Yarns
A custom order from Tykie diapers
An order from Kiwipie
A custom order from Berry Patch

And that's all! :LOL

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I'm waiting on 4 Med Snappi Fitteds. Am hoping these get me back into the CD groove once again. Been on hiatus for a bit!
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Let's see, I'm waiting on:

1 cushie tushie soaker shorts
1 LTK longies
1 custom sugarbums diaper

The mailman has been very stingy lately and I"m starting to worry about where these are.
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I am waiting for so much - I am just DYING here!

Bummis wet bag from Smarti Pants
Happy Tushies wet bag from TP
Wonderoos from TP
2 SOSs from TP
Custom soaker from Holy Sheep!
Fitted dipe and fleece cover from 7th Heaven Babies

I *think* that is it -- I better check my recipts to make sure!
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I am waiting for
13 Mother-Ease One Size with liners
1 Airflow cover
12 Fuzzi Bunz with Joey Bunz
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So much stuff! (and yet somehow I'm still shopping...) I'm going to have to hide it all from dh...

New orders....
A cover from Loveybums
A cover from the Bunny Patch

From the TP:
Patchwork Pixie w/wipe set
2 Sugarplums fitteds
A Sugarpea fitted
Bunny Patch AIO
Rainbow wool soaker shorts

From Ebay
Preemie wool soaker
Some NB hemp fitteds
5 Bumkins prints AIOs
12 CPFs
A medium FB
1 Sandy & ME cover
1 Kissaluv
2 bumpy wraps
3 bummis wraps
2 prowraps
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Let's see..
My minishower!!
3 fuzzibunz
3 joeybunz
12 prefolds
2 bummis pull-ons
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Knickernappies Disposanots in pul/fleece combo
Our first wool Soaker from EBAY
A Beccabottoms cover and a Beccabottoms LiteWP Ultratrim pocket

A FCB WP Envelope
and some stuff from the trading post:
that's about it
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2 picklepants shorts, which we will not be needing since DD potty trained. But I think they will still make cute shorts to wear under sundresses
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My first soaker shorts!!! There is one pair being shipped tomorrow and another one waiting to be knit. I am so excited! They are from Little Blue Frog
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I am waiting to get pregnant :LOL :LOL :LOL
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Oohh and I forgot I have 6 PFs coming from TyeDyeDreams!
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Originally Posted by LuvMy2Kidz
I am waiting to get pregnant :LOL :LOL :LOL
: Me too if I can ever get dh to come around
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Well I ordered these before the big money bust

in my house. I think I will keep em too.

RB orange wool soaker
2 pairs of wool pickle pants (bracken and bronze)
Large Pickle bag with cotton country colors
2 XL embroidered Fuzzibunz
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