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What is the ONE diapering product you have been meaning to try? - Page 2

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i had her order the fabric and I loooooove it. the fabric that is, havent got the diaper bag/wet bag yet. You could do that.
Thanks for the tip!! Woo hoo.
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I would have to say a FLAG. I hear so much about those but never seem to get one. Plus I don't have any idea what size we need.
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If I have to pick just one I'll say a FCB or LC fitted. I can't seem to get my hands on one, and I have rotten timing for the stockings.

Others I keep looking at:

Tootsweet diaper and wool cover
Loveybums fitted
Very Baby fitted
Sellin Threads fitted

Ok, to be honest, I don't have much so there is lots and lots and lots I'd like to try!!
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Hmmm, well if money were no issue I would like to try a FuzEasy or FuzBomb.

I've got my eyes on a Daisy Doodles Bikini Bottoms AIO.

An entire Firefly rainbow....... I have one FF and I love it so much. But I just can't justify the expense right now. Maybe by the time this little one is ready for size large we'll be rich. :LOL

I'd love to try a FCB diaper, but I'm a lousy hyena so I know I'll never get one.
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For over a year I have been wanting to try an SOS, but I never get to the site or even the TP in time. I also would love to try an Enbee. I satisified my Fuz and Firefly cravings via E-bay and the TP.
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Well there are a ton of things that I have ordered and that are on their way to me that I am dying to try:

Holy Sheep! soaker
7th Heaven Babies fitted & cover
Beccabottoms pocket (just got and love)

Things I am dying to order:

Very Baby AIO
Tootsweet fitted

Sorry -- cant pick just one!
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Hmmm...I have been drooling over:
Sugar Peas fleece covers
Puffin Pants Fitteds
Hempfolds from Knickernappies
Anything Beccabottoms
and a nice, roomy diaper bag- I still don't have a nice one
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There's so much I want to try! Ok, one thing....a Fuzbomb or Fuzeasy. I'm not sure what the difference is.
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OP ~ i would love to try the Stacinator covers! they look so soft and they're so cute! but expensive, wow. a bit out of our budget.
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I'd like to try out:


Both look soooo nice!
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I would love a minishower, but I could see my ds using it to flood our bathroom.
I would also like a kiwi pie cover
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For the new baby:
Tootsweet fitteds

For my Lucy:
FCB size 2 fitteds or AIOs
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A kiwipie. Or any wool cover for that matter...one that I don't have to make myself
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I think I'd have to say an Elbee.

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I want to try:

a minishower

I want to own and gaze upon:

a Knit In Your Pants soaker -- I just want to see that embroidery up close
a Kool Sheep Soaker -- same reason

I want to try:
one of Amy's AngelWraps.

Probably more...
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I want to get my hands on more FMBG and RB FLAGS.
I also can't wait to test out the diapers I am making Still not as fun as buying but I need to get my buying under control so I am hoping that I fall in love with my own diapers
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Elbee, a coloured super-soft Kiwi Pie, Mosaic Moon

All of these are too hard to get.
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I've wanted to try a Kiwi Pie cashmere cover forever. I seem to always miss the stockings, or the one time I caught one I talked myself out of it. (Why'd I do that?!)

Also, I've wanted a Kool Sheep Soaker forever too, but I'm not great at stalking and they are gone so fast.

Other than that, I think I am happy with my tried and true favorites. Once I have the baby and can finally buy gender specific stuff, I'll get Bizzy B Hive AIOs(if I can get them), more Mudpie fitteds, more wool soakers in larger sizes, and I'll try to snag a Kiwi Pie cover and Kool Sheep soaker finally! (Gives me a mission for later. lol).
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This is hard because I have to admit that I try at least one of everything and if I like it, I get more.
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