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Also cautiously joining

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Well...... I just awoke to a BFP this morning........ right after a miscarriage! It took 5 months to get pregnant the first time so I didn't expect this. But.... I had so many doubts during last month's pregnancy about it being viable. I kept getting very ambiguous test results. This test was CLEARLY positive. And, I feel it deep inside - that this is right!! I had some SERIOUS implantation cramping - this baby was digging, digging, digging!! I'll probably be a bit paranoid for a while but I'm here!!!!!!!!!! EDD - 1/18/05
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Welcome bunches (and baby bunches)
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Congrats again!!
Hey we both are due around the same day. I think I'm due anywhere from the 17th-20th.
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And I'll be thinking positive thoughts right along with you...for all of us, if you don't mind. I think pregnancy is the most exhilerating and frustrating, scary, happy time.

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The same thing happened to me last month. Very faint line, but still a positive and then I started the same day. Dr. said it was most likely a chemical pregnancy. Made me feel better to know that the embryo never implanted and started growing. Anyway, here's to an uneventful 9, no 7.5 months.

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Congrats to you and your baby boo!!!!!!!
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I am so nervous about having another m/c I did another test this morning just to make sure. I didn't feel like throwing up yesterday, so I was afraid something was wrong. Never mind the m/c was my first ever pg, and I carried dd all the way since then. I think once it happens to you, that fear becomes more real, and you realize it could happen to you again. Today though, there is no doubt in my mind that I am pg. I must look green! Poor dd. Luckily she was quite content to putter around by herself while I lay on the sofa for about 45 mins after lunch. She kept coming to check in on me, and she rubbed my belly :-)

So far, I've been trying to keep track of those with similar due dates:
and now bunches.
is that everyone? I'm due Jan 17 btw
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I've only been pregnant once and never had a m/c...but I'm still paranoid. Every woman in my family has had one at some point. I try not to dwell on it but...its still there. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

Anyway - for me, I didn't get very sick at all first pregnancy. Don't feel sick yet in this one either. I'm hoping for some queasy feelings to help put my mind at rest. Meanwhile...I bought yet another pregnancy test. (Its like an obsession with me...when will it end!?)

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I'm due Jan. 14. I hope you all don't mind if I join you
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Bunches I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!!! Cool that you really "feel" it this time, I think that means a lot. Here's to an uneventful and happy pregnancy (non-alcoholic, of course!)
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