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Any good marketing ideas?

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Gee lost all my words!

How do you market your business on a limited budget?

I foresee trouble brewing on the home front, and need to get extra money coming in so that the lean times won't be quite so bad. So I'm saving as much as I can, where I can. I need to promote my business, but don't have much funds to do so. I had a signature line, here, but right now can't afford to renew it. This month was so tight, there was no grocery budget.

How can i get more sales from my site? If I can earn enough to feed my kids every month, it would be enough.

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Well Touch of Sunshine,

A lot of it depends on what you make/sell. What do you do? If you make your own products, then there are many new WAHM conglomerates opening up. These are groups of WAHMamas who are creating a unified storefront to sell their wares. This means that customers can go to one website and buy lots of different cool products. You end up saving a ton on marketing because the group buys the ad space and then splits the cost between all of the businesses.

Also, list your website at topkitty.com cause it is free as long as you post their link on your homepage.

Anyway, you can PM me with more details on what you do and I can help you brainstorm ideas!

Good luck,
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I second what dreadmama said about linking on topkitty. Try to get your URL linked as many places as possible. The more you are linked the better your google rating will be, hence better page placement.

Also, if you saw results from the sig line in the past, definately don't give up on it( I understand lack of funds!).

If you haven't done eBay, give it a try. Sell some items every week and on your about me page link to your site(this is o.k. on the about me page but not in item descriptions).

Always have your card handy with you so if you run across anybody that might be interested in your product or just you(not in that way!!) you can give it to them. Is there anyplace that you can leave or post your card i.e a coffee shop, laundrymat etc?

Also, offering discounts or incentives i.e free shipping or something, is a good way to get people to pay attention to you.

Really it is just keeping your name in peoples minds so after the umpteinth(sp?!) time they say "Hey, maybe I should check this place out!"

Good Luck!
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I've gone through ebays rules about linking to your site in your auctions, and you can link to your site if you site provides additional information about your item. Just wanted to let you know cause I freaked about it when I first found that all out and then researched

There are lots of free search engine submittals out there and alot of them are fast at getting your site listed (right now anyway). Also, put your link in any directory you can.
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there are lots that allow 'spamming' and maybe thats not the best way but there are lots of members so your site will get lots of hits and its free!
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If you have a mailing list try a news letter. Have educational articles about your products and stories about your family. I went to a business and marketing "boot camp" and learned that it works very well for sales. You can also include a feature item on sale in it.

If you don't have a mailing list and need one here is something that I am going to try that was reccomended by a previous marketing teacher: Make a form letter that you will send to close family and friends. Set a goal number of people that you will contact. If you contact 20 people and they only give you 2 names you have 40 new contacts! Tell them that you really need some help getting a mailing list of people that would be interested in your product together or whatever wording you think will work for you. Send them via snail mail and email. Include a self addressed stamped envelope and ask everyone to reply by a certain date, and follow up with them on the phone, be ready to take names. Try to think of some kind of promotion to offer these new people on your mailing list, maybe you can have a big one day sale, or offer a special item at a great price for one day only. Or maybe you can have a open house by invite only and tell them if they bring a guest they will both get 10% off or something.

I love coming up with new ideas for my business! I am even starting a local group of people who are either interested in starting a buisness or have started one and need support and ideas.

Anyway, good luck to you! Get those creative juices flowing, woo hoo!!
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yahoo groups, site submission, any communities you belong to, banner exchanges, button exchanges, traffic hit sites, give your cards to anyone who'll take one, banners when you can afford them, sig lines everywhere, ... and trades! i've found that trade gets your product out there and word of mouth can really mean alot.
list auctions - the auction listings get picked up by search engines too
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Find businesses that complement yours and ask to exchange links. For example, if you sell cloth diapers, link with someone that sells slings or baby shoes or baby clothes.

A word of caution though: Don't link to just anyone. You can have hundreds of links on your site, but if they are not all related, it is called a link farm and you will get penalized by some of the search engines.
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