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I understand that this may happen for a lot of women, but I have a cousin who needs prayers. She's a very strong woman but has a colicy newborn and a 1-year-old, her dh works extremely long hours and she's having trouble coping. Thank you.
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prayer requests

I'm new here but I really need some prayer today. I am a Charasmatic Christian who has been in a dark place for far too long. I'm battling what was initially PPD but after 1.5 yrs it's probably more than that. I feel very alone and too much of a failure to ask the people in my new community for support. I've always been the fixer, giver, supporter, organizer, caretaker, leader, etc. I just can't seem to help, fix, support or lead myself out of this.

Please pray as the Lord leads.

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I would love if anyone can remember to pray(in any context) for my brother who is very sick witk cancer. The docs do not know where the cancer is stemming from but his liver is greatly dis-eased.
He is a wonderful dad of 3 kids, a mentor to his jr-high students, and the high school football coach in his small town..
many thanks
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Please see this thread: a new mother desperately needs help.

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This is not a healing prayer, just a good vibes prayer request! We have a meeting tomorrow with our biggest client and we have heard the new is not in our favor, so I just wanted to send some good prayer vibes our businesses way Thanks!

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Please prayer for and keep in your thoughts one of our members, Solange (aka APmama). Please send her many, many good thoughts and much love.
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An 18 month old with cancer

My friend's 18 month old daughter has leukemia. Last week we thought she was in remission, this week they found cancer cells in her brain. This baby and her mommy have fought so very hard to beat this disease. This news is very devastating and disheartening at this point because her chances of survival are dwindling (according to the docs). Her mother prays every day at 1 pm EST, please join us in doing the same.

The baby's name is Amina and her mother's name is Ann. If you have anyone else that you may be able to get to pray for her (maybe a mention at your church's service, synaguoge, or mosque) I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
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I'm so sorry...I'll put her name on the list at synagogue.
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Please pray for my friend Claire. She is struggling with mental health problems and an eating disorder, and has made suicide attempts. She has two lovely girls who she can't look after right now - they are with their dad.

Please pray for God to bless Claire and give her strength and bravery. And to give peace to her little girls. and for me and her other friends to be given wisdom as to the right ways to support her.

Thank you.
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Please pray for my dad, he has been diagnosed with Graves' Opthalmopathy. Allopathic medicine wishes to "heal" with things like steriods, radiation and very invasive surgery (ie. enlarging his eye sockets etc). We are looking to heal in more natural ways, and of course would not turn down miraculous healing.
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A friend of mine has had a very complicated pregnancy... yesterday had surgery for hemmroids and tonight will be induced. She is a doula and very much would like to avoid a c/s... please send her trouble-free, smooth delivery thoughts and prayers. :

PS- and also good nursing vibes. She hopes to breastfeed longer this time around and will need extra help with all the pg complications.
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chicken pox

I have shingles and want my kids to get chicken pox from them.

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Please pray for my daughter, Joanna, she is in Iraq. She's in one of Sadaam's old palaces in Ramadi. She's a Marine so they put her in the most dangerous place.


Debra Baker
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THanks, mamas. My kids have CP. 2 outta 4 have spots.

DB, . I'll be praying daily for her.
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Please pray for my baby. I am seven weeks pregnant and the heartbeat is a little slow. Please share your prayers for its heart to grow stronger and for my body to provide adequate shelter and nourishment for this baby to safely grow. If you feel moved to PM me to let me know of your prayer, I would be so grateful, but even if you don't, a moment of hopefulness for this tiny one would mean a great deal right now.
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and prayers Debra and Rachel
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(I'm a Christian)

Please keep my dad in your prayers--- he was diagnosed with skin cancer end of last week and they are still waiting on the results of the blood tests to find out if it has spread anywhere else. My dad doesn't take good care of himself by any means (alcoholic, smokes, etc) so his immune system isn't exactly up to par to battle things like this and I don't see him changing his ways. I'm not sure that he's a Christian-- he says he believes in God, but shows no outward sign of it at all and hasn't as long as I can remember. Please just keep his physical and spiritual situation in your prayers that maybe the two can work together for God's good!
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Hi mamas! I recieved this email from a good friend today. I have asked before for prayers for her daughter Amanda (http://www.amandas-story.com/archive/asp) as she is fighting Nephrotic Syndrome. Now we ask for prayers for Kelly:

The main reason that I am writing to all of you is to ask for your immediate prayers for a dear friend we have come to know. His name is Kelly Moraves and he is 17 years old. Last year they found cancer in his leg and had to amputate half of that. He is now experiencing terrible pain. They have found another alrge tumor in his leg. At some point they will amputate the rest of it as well. For now they have started intense Chemotherapy. He is very sick, in lots of constant pain from the new tumor, scared he is going to die, and very angry with God. His mother is a Christian and struggles with her son's emotional and physical pain. Please pray for Kelly and his family. Pray for healing, relief from pain, and a peace and trust in God. It hits very close to home for me, and I feel their suffering. I thank you for your love and prayers that you will be sending to this boy and his family. He and Amanda have become very close. Please put them on as many prayer chains as you can. God hears all of our prayers, and they are answered in one way or another. Pray for peace in all this turmoil.

We met Kelly & his mom when we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House during Colby's illness last year. They along with Trcey & Amanda were a source of comfort & strength for us. Please keep them in your prayers & ask anyone you can think of to pray for them. Thank you!

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