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Please pray for my Grandmother. She's a very active woman for 71, and not a complainer at all, but suddenly she's having severe pain in her hips/groin area that the doctors can't yet find a reason for. The fact that she's actually slowed down and become almost immobile, tells me it's alot worse than she's letting on. Please pray for her.

Please pray for an old friend of mine. He was recently diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, thought they got it all with surgery and radiation, but it's come back.
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Please pray for Naomi Williams and her family

Naomi is the mother of an adorable 2 1/2 year old boy name Jake and as of this writing she is not expected to make it through this afternoon.

Naomi is the sister of my cousin's boyfriend. A few months ago she bent over to put a plug in an electrical socket and heard a “pop,” which led to an MRI to confirm a compound fracture in her spine, which led to surgery being scheduled, which led to pre-op testing that found cancer. A lot of cancer. Stage 4 metastatic melanoma that had already spread to her lungs, bones, pelvis and now her liver.

She was doing better just a couple of weeks ago but has taken a sudden downturn and right now family is rushing to try to get to the hospital before she passes. Please pray for a miracle if possible, for her departure to be gentle if that is what is to take place and please pray for her husband and son that they will find comfort in the future.
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Please pray for my nice, Kharma. She has Leukemia, has been in the hospital with a 104 fever for the last for or 5 days and the doctors don't expect her to make it, there's nothing they can do for her, it's in God's hands now. She's only six years old!

Please pray for my Gramma. She'll be finding out soon is she has breast cancer. After watching my Grandfather go through everything with his meds and surgeries and still dying of cancer last October, she says if she does have breast cancer, she's just gonna let it take her, not fight it.
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Please pray for My best friend's daughter- she has Swine Flu. And please pray her that neither her other daughter, my best friend, nor her Hubby catch it.
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URGENT prayer for a preg mama with lung cancer

I don't post on MDC very often, I'm busy with another online group but I'm coming here to BEG you to pray for a sweet mama who is pregnant with her 11th child and dying of lung cancer.

She has posted here infrequently as MMomofMany and her name is Mary. I met her through this post http://www.mothering.com/discussions...light=nebraska when her newborn was taken for her refusal to have state testing.

She was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer 6 weeks ago and has progressed to where her heart is surrounded by fluid, she's been on and off a respirator and the cancer is in her spine and liver. The doctors' only hope is that they can keep her alive for at least 7 weeks to deliver her baby. Her family is still praying and believing that God can work miracles.

The online group I spend most of my time with is devastated and we are praying for her. Would you please join us?

Here's a link to the most recent posted update I have found. http://gettingdownwithjesus.blogspot...-get-down.html

A friend of mine has been keeping contact with a person at the mission that Mary & her husband started. I will update as I can.

Thank you and please spread the word.

Jen D.
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Mary's baby died early this morning. They took Mary off the respirator afterwards and she passed away a while later. This leaves a family reeling in pain and hurt. Please pray for them.

This was from this morning http://harvestnow.blogspot.com/2009/...ya-update.html

And here is the obituary information (her name is on the right hand side, Mary Anaya) http://www.bramanmortuary.com/

Thank you for your prayers.

Jen D.
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I am a recovering alcoholic and addict, 25 days clean. I just graduated from an intensive outpatient program tonight (3 hours a day 4 days a week) and am seriously worried about my ability to stay sober. I plan to attend AA meetings every day for awhile and to find a sponsor. I just am going to really miss the structure and accountability of my program. Please pray for my recovery.
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Please pray for me and my Hubby. We're broken. I was an idiot, but not as much of an idiot he thinks I was. He means the world to me, my best friend, my other half. I've lost everything now. Half of me is gone. We can fix things if we both try really, really hard. And there are children involved. Please pray for us, pray with all your heart.
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please pray for my mother to make it home to the lord. she committed suicide in may and a close friend of mine has had contact with her and says she is not well and regretful i just want peace for her. she deserves this much.
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I'm really needing prayer, please.

I'm going through a lot of family issues on both sides, totally unrelated to one another.

I'm just hitting the point where I'm totally overwhelmed by all of it, and more or less powerless to change any of it, and it's really hurting me.

I'm just feeling really alone and helpless right now.
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Please keep me and my Hubby in your prayers, especially this weekend- tomorrow is our first and hopefully not last appointment with the marriage counselor. We have a long road and my Hubby's not even sure if he wants to stay on the road- he may just leave if he doesn't see things worth saving. Please pray for us and please pray that God gives the marriage counselor wisdom to help us tomorrow and in any other sessions we go to.
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I was wondering what happened to this "sticky."


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Please pray for me and my sons father tomorrow. (Friday) We are going to an extremely important meeting together, and we just really need your prayers. Pray that we will be heard, understood and believed. Pray that this problem will be gone by tomorrow evening.

Thank you.
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Please pray for my mother-in-law, she's going through chemotherapy for breast cancer.

And for my son, he already lost one grandma this year.
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Please pray for my stepdaughter's other Grandfather. He has a brain tumor and is going in for tests tomorrow and Wed.
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Found this old thread and hope you guys will send out some prayers, well wishes or any other sort of warm fuzzys to help my family out.


We had a tornado in April and the insurance company will not settle with us. Our house was totaled but dosnt look bad until you notice the foundation is cracked and the roof is all messed up amoungst other things that just lead to a totaled house...so they are trying to say there is nothing wrong. Anyway...we are involved in a lawsuit and this is all getting very long and drawn out, this Mama is about ready to crack. We really really need to be able to move on with our lives. I am homeschooling two little girls as well. We are sending in our discovery questions very soon and I really really need them to settle. We are living in a camper in the dead of winter because not paying us out for additional living expenses like they are suppose to and I just cant see doing this any longer. Please Please Please pray for us and for them to give in and pay out.


Catholic Mama's (as well as anyone else who would like to join) will you please join me in saying a Novena to St Therese (shes special to me as I took her name at my confirmation)



"St. Therese, the Little Flower, please pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love. Ask God to grant me the favor I thee implore and tell him I will love him each day more and more."


The "rules" of this novena are to say it for 5 days

say the above prayer plus 5 Our Fathers 5 Hail Mary and 5 Glory Be's each day.

They must be said on 5 successive days before 11 am

On the 5th day offer 5 more sets of the our fathers, hail marys and glory be's


I know novenas are a lot of prayer but we really really do need to be done with this and I so believe in the power of prayer. If you cant do a novena with me please pray in any other way. This means the world to me thank you!!



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I am not Catholic so I don't say novenas, but I will be praying for you and your situation.  I pray that they settle soon and you are able to get your family into a more comfortable and practical setting.

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thank you meagan

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