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Sun Tea again

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Lena : How do you know when the tea is done ? This sounds really interesting, I'd love to try it.

What kind of tea works best ? (I prefer herbal teas, not big on regular orange pekoe tea though)
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Wow, I feel so special that you want to try my tea!!

I guess I just look at it, see the color, and know when it's dark enough. I've never had it get "overdone" even when I left it out for hours. You can really make this tea anywhere, even in the fridge, but since I think it's a great drink for when it's warm and sunny I usually only do it outside on a sunny day. The less sun the longer it takes.

I'm sure you could use any type of tea. You just might have to experiment with different types and different lengths of time. I am boring so I use the plain ol' Lipton tea bags, although I am using decaffinated right now since I'm pregers. My mom uses green tea.

Anyway, I hope that helps.
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I make iced tea with an iced tea maker because I can control the flavor I want/like. I buy all my tea from www.specialteas.com Our favorite isGreen Rooibos Sweet Lemon Iced Tea #759

Cant stand teas anymore that come in a bag, they all taste like dust IMO.
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I'll be trying this this weekend I think
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Let me know how it turns out, and what kind of tea you try. It might give me some new ideas I hope you don't try something that ends up tasting horrible and then you think I'm crazy :
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