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How high up is your uterus?

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How many weeks are you? and how high is your uterus? (pubic bone, belly button, up under your chin ) I can't remember where it's supposed to be. I'm a day or two short of 15 weeks and I swear it's within a fraction of an inch of my belly button. That just seems so high. I had it in my head that it was supposed to be at your belly button at 20 weeks. But I could be totally wrong. All by pregnancy, baby and baby name books are in storage on the other side of the country. You'd think by your 3rd you'd remember this stuff, instead it's all kind of a blur.

And how big are your bellies? I'm huge! I've had friends look smaller than this a 6 months. I've always carried big, but this is just silly. I guess the third time's the charm
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I'm as far along as you are and my uterus is just a half inch or so under my belly button. I only measured a week or so further along than I am. Not really sure what it means.
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How can you tell? People keep mentioning feeling their uterus and I can't feel anything in there. I'm 12 weeks.
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I think mine is about a inch or so under my belly button. Annabel- I would say the best way to tell is lie flat on your back in bed slowly go from your belly button straight down to you feel a sort of "firmness" it may be difficult to tell if you have maybe some extra layers there(as I do myself) lol but, you at 12 weeks should be able to just start feeling it about now, your uterus is just rising out of your pelvic cavity and into the abdominal region! Eventually, you will feel it!!!
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I can feel mine I believe at 12-13 weeks it is just over the pubic bone. Something like that.
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Thanks to 2 1/2 years breastfeeding I don't have any extra layers! My stomach does get firmer the lower down it gets but there's no definite line. I could only tell in my last pregnancy when I had braxton hicks contractions. Then it was obvious.
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I swear I didn't even know I had a uterus last time! Of course, that was when my stomach muscles were very tight. I still don't have any extra layers (or didn't tell I became pg). I think Mary is right, its just supposed to be above the pubic bone at 13 weeks. But mine is almost at my belly buttom and my mw said I am just measuring a bit ahead. Its a mystery.
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heh, i just posted to the birth and beyond forum about this! i'm at 13 weeks, and mine is halfway to my navel. it is supposed to be at your navel at 20 weeks, but then, everyone is "supposed" to be born exactly 40 weeks from conception, too, right? after reading how different everyone's experience is, i'm convinced that measuring ahead does not mean i am carrying twins or have some enormous, invisible-to-ultrasound fibroid. hooray for variety...

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I'm almost 14 weeks. Mine is a little above the pubic bone, not near my navel at all. My belly is definitely poking out more and more.

OF course, there is certainly some extra padding, so it may be a little further from my pubic bone to my navel then one some of you without the padding, lol.
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hooray for variety...
Excellent point. I feel better hearing that everyone is all over the place. I was starting to wonder when mine is all the way up at my belly button at 15 weeks. Then again, I also look like I swallowed about half a basketball and some of you (on other threads) are talking about just getting out of fitted clothing. I carried big with the other two but now I just keep thinking "25 weeks to go" - I'm going to look like I should join the circus soon :
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You might also try poking around for your uterus right after you orgasm. It's very hard and defined then....

Mine is almost to my belly button and I'm about 17 weeks. My midwife said it was high, but that it moved down a lot after she poked around a bit.

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I measure at 13 weeks last week..and the U/s at 12w 6d said, 13w3d..so...I have been able to feel mine, but this is my 4th kid and with Elijah I measured huge in the beginning a lot..the midwife's asst. figured out why..my pubic bone is high, so I actually measured at 13 wks last week, not as much as she thought once she figured it out I've got a lot of extra layers these days so I can't even tell I am pregnant, so seeing the baby the other day really helped
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