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My first beta numbers

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They were 86. I think for 12 dpo thats right on target but the nurse said she was "concerned" for some reason they don't think this is a new pregnancy? umm hello, yes it is. I charted I know I O'd, hpt got darker. My beta last check over a month ago was 22 no way this is leftover from that?
So she's gonna call tomorrow they want to get me in for an u/s asap. They think something is wrong. Why don't they listen to me? erg.... I mean can you even see anything this early on? I hope there's something that you can see this early to tell them it is a new pregnancy
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I think you are absolutely right!!! At 12dpo, an Hcg level of 86 is probably fine. You have the right to ask them to postpone the U/S and do serial Hcgs to see what is going on!!! You are right in trusting your gut. And, you had a m/c a month ago!!! There is no way that is left over - its too high.
I went in for my Hcg levels today. I'll keep you updated. No pregnancy symptoms yet. I'll be thinking of you, sweetpeasmom!!!! These first few weeks can sure be a rollercoaster!!!!!! I'm trusting in our babies this time!! They want to be here!!!!
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Hope your results are high!!
I did some searching and from what I found, hcg has to be around 1000 for a gestational sac to be seen. So even if I went in today, they wouldn't see anything. When the call today, I'll just try to tell them I'm sure it's a new pregnancy. My temps have been high around 98.6 for days now and they were down to 97.3 few weeks ago.

I'm having a few mild symptoms so far. Just have to get up earlier to pee than normal, feel a bit quesy but its not bad. Sore throat, extremely thirsty. I drank so much water yesterday.
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