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leaking-how do I know? UPDATE!!!

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I have no idea if my water broke or not but I got up this morning and had some cramps then leaked a little bit, enough to run down my legs (tmi ) People say amniotic fluid is odorless but I'm not certain if it was odorless or not there is no strong smell. THis is different from my first, at least I felt a POP and had a big gush so that was more obvious. I"m debating if I should call DH or not I don't want to waste a day off since he only has 4 days off total for the baby.

Thanks for any help, this is my first time posting here I think.

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When my water broke, it was similar to what you're describing, more of a continuous trickle when I stood up rather than a gush. I've heard that it usually means baby is low in the pelvis and acting as a stopper.

I was paranoid about it too, but if it's running down your leg, it's most likely your water.
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thanks it didn't do it again so that's why I'm paranoid now! I suppose the baby could be stopping it.
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One way to find out if your water broke is to check it out with a mirror. Some women are sqeamish to do this, but it beats going to the hospital too soon!
All you have to do is dry everything off, place a mirror just so, & watch where the fluid trickles out from. If it leaks from your Urethral opening then its just pee. If it leaks out of your vagina then its your water.
Good vibes & good luck!
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Not even 5 minutes later my water broke with a big pop so it was definitely amniotic fluid!

It was an unplanned homebirth

While I was waiting for my dh to come home and his mom to come and watch Lily...I had the baby in the bathtub less than a hour later. It all happened so fast and he was delivered by his grandmother who arrived just after his head came out. Lily woke up soon afterward and joined us in the bathroom. I only had to spend one night in the hospital and came home yesterday afternoon. He is fine and perfectly healthy and eating like a champ.

Lucas Andrew
May 12, 2004
8 lb 10.5 oz
19 inches
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Fantastic! Congratulations!
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LOL I guess it was your water after all! Congrats!
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That is great news! Good for you, and congrats!
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YEAH!!! Welcome Lucus. Good job Mama!
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Awesome!! Why did they make you go to the hospital? That seems kinda silly! You did AWESOME!

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Yay! FTR, amiotic fluid has a smell- it smells like amniotic fluid!! And newborn baby of course. I like the smell, it is designed to induce love hormones so you can attach to your baby. MMMMMmmmmm baby!
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