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3 month old drooling a lot...

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maybe not "a lot", perhaps I am overreacting, but well, as a mother of a little one I am concerned... I don't remember my dd drooling until she started teething... my ds doesn't drool ALL the time, but sometimes when I have him on my chest he will drool on my shoulder...

any thoughts?
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My DD started drooling profusely at 3 months, but didn't get any teeth until 7 months. I have talked with many other moms whose babes also began drooling a lot at that age. My DDs pediatrician said it's the age when "their glands really get going" - hmm, how scientific!

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ds started drooling at 3 mos. had his first tooth by 8 month. he's 19 months now and we just recently stopped going through 3 soaked bibs a day.
glad, there's others whose kids are droolers too.
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I read that although babies don't usually get teeth until 6 months or later, they start drooling from what I call pre-teething in their 4th month, some time after they are 3 months old. My ds will be 4 months on Thursday and he's been drooling profusely for several weeks and will gnaw on just about anything you put in his mouth.
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My DD (currently 5 months) drooled quite a bit from 3-4 months. And now she's easing away from that now. It can take a loooonnnggg time for teeth to come in sometimes.

Sounds normal to me.
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my four month old started drooling at about 3 months and then got his 2 bottom teeth!!! lol now the drool never stops
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My 3 month old (b. 2-2-04) is drooling bad!! Only my 1st child drooled this bad...none of the other 4. I mean, she is soaking the bibs or her outfits if I forget to put the bib on. But, I have alot of saliva too. I remember my orthodontist saying he never had seen a patient with as much saliva as I did. LOL!! Is that normal? I was 12. LOL!!
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My DD started drooling profusely at 2 1/2 months and the doctor told me also that it was just her active glands. She got her first tooth when she was 8 months old. Since she cutted for the 1rst time, I've noticed that she only starts a week before a new one appears, now she has 5 and 2 more on the way
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my son has *always* been a drooly guy... he started drooling a *ton* around 3 months, and cut his first tooth at 4 months.

every baby is different.
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All three of mine were major droolers. Lots of drool. Totally normal. Maybe your little guy is just like them.
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thanks everyone... I was starting to worry! Wow, I can't believe our babes are 3 months old... we are so close to them growing up, teething and starting solids... oh no, I just, please stay like you are !!!!!!!! Don't you just love them when they're little?
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I read in Dr. Sears that when the glands first get really active they don't really know how to swallow excess saliva, so they drool it all out.

No doubt this is a mechanism to help keep foreign guck out of little mouths!
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