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breastfeeding as birth control

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ds is 1 and i still haven't gotten af. the only birth control we use is co-sleeping with 2 kids . how do you know you are pregnant without af and still nursing?

not that i think i am - i'm just wondering.

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I dont know the answer, but I also would like to know the info.
My mother said she never got AF between me and my younger brother, we're 17 months apart.
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Moving this to Family Planning!
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I just test every month, just in case. Some months I test a lot... everytime I am overly tired, nauseous, or my nipples are sore.
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My ds is 15 months and no period. I just found out today that I am pregnant! I started getting sore nipples about 2 or so weeks ago and took a test which was negative then. Today when I noticed my nipples were even more sore, I remember reading this could be a sign of pregnancy...and lo and behold I am pregnant. A friend of mine I talked to today said the same thing happened to her...she had sore nipples for quite a while.
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Just wanted to say congratulations WorldShakerz
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Wow, congratulations Worldshakerz!

I don't usually come to this forum, but I did this morning because I've been wondering about this very issue. DD is 7 mos, and I've no signs of AF returning. That's fine with me, but we'd like to start trying for #2 in a few months (probably January). If AF is back by then, any idea how long it might take for my cycles to return to normal? We used fertility awareness before we got pg (I think I know TCOYF by heart!), and I'll want to chart again.
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Okay, I came here looking for the same answers as well. My dd is thirteen months and no AF. My breast have been sore and nursing lately has been more uncomfortable as is seems my nipples are sore too. Plus, I have felt pings and pangs from my uterus. Occasionally crampy and increased cm. So I keep thinking it's AF coming back, BUT I haven't started bleeding yet. This has all been going on a couple of days. We always use a condom so IF I was pregnant that would be a big surprise. I dunno know. I was hoping for some answers before forking over ten bucks for a pregnancy test.
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Well, I posted here earlier that I was pregant, but it was a false positive. I took like 2 more hpts that were negative after the postive, and got a negative blood test.
But I've been very hormonal still and I feel those pings and pangs too, they are so wierd to me. I think maybe my body is just trying to gear up for return of the monthly visitor. A friend of mine said she felt the hormonal feelings for about 2 months before af returned.
About two weeks ago I was having crampy feelings for 2-3 days, reminded me of a light menstrual cramp feeling. Maybe I was ovulating? Still no af....still moody as all get out....we shall see. Oh, and my nipples are still kind of sore. Some of it may be from my acrobatic nurser, but it is mostly hormonal, they are slightly sore even right now. I never thought I would be wishing for af to be here . But I really do, because I'm tired of feeling like the pms queen for the last 3 weeks or so!
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my sister was exclusively nursing her 4 month old, no af, no protection and she just started feelign really nauseous one day. went to the doc and voila - my second nephew was in the works. after he was born she decided to use protection other then bfing. lol
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There's a great book that discusses using breastfeeding as bc: Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing

It stresses that for bf-ing to be effective bc, you have to be breastfeeding exclusively - no bottles, food, water, or pacifiers for the baby - and you need to be feeding every few hours around the clock. I was planning on using this method, but my 7-week-old already sleeps up to 6 hours at a time some nights, so I got fitted for a diaphragm!
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