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weekly thread

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Do you guys want to do a weekly thread that is started every Sunday through Saturday to check in with each other??????? Let me know and I'll start it this Sunday if you would like!!!
How is everyone doing this week - symptom wise?? emotionally?? etc.....
I'm sure we'll be getting to know each other well over the next 9 months or so.
I'm exhausted today but I don't know if its from the viral illness I had yesterday (with a fever) or if its the beginnings of my pregnancy symptoms. Gosh....... I hope this one sticks. I am a little paranoid right now.

How many of us are there so far?? Maybe we could put our due dates in our title lines???
Sweetpeasmom - how are you feeling today????? When do you get your beta results????????????
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EDD Jan. 21

I think a weekly thread would be great. Symptom wise, I'm ok. Kinda tired and having sore nipples. My 16 mo old dd still nurses so the nipples are feelin' it.

I sure hope my baby sticks too. Though, I did just test positive today. So it's still really early. I kinda don't like talking about it too much, because I don't want to count my chicken before it hatches. KWIM? I just pray that someone new is in God's plan for my family.

However, my main goal of this pregnancy is to deliver a full term baby. My dd was born at 34 weeks due to premature rupture of membranes. It just happened, didn't have any contractions at all until 5 hours later.

So there's a morsel of my background. Hope to get to know everyone else soon.
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Hope you are feeling better today Mary.
Congrats Gen! lots of sticky vibes

Yes I did get my beta numbers- 267!! woohoo. They actually tripled in 2 days so I'm excited. I go again on Monday. Now if they double correctly, they should be over 1000 on Monday. I'm feeling a bit lightheaded now and then and a little quesy. Thats about it for the symptoms.
Oh ya forgot to add that I also have a sore throat. I've read thats also a common symptom of pregnancy.
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Count Me In

We found out Tues that we're expecting #3 around Jan 19th.... It's shocking for me to see it in print!!! ack!!!

My boobs are killing me, I have insomnia and am exhausted all day long-- don't know if it's related to being pregnant, or just lack of sleep, and I just generally feel spacey....

But, despite that, I've wanted another baby for a long time, so I'm thrilled!

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I have had constant nausea for a couple weeks now. I got it like 4 days after conception! No nipple soreness this time. Oh, and there's my little *poof* of a belly that I just can't suck in anymore! And I am very tired, I don't have the drive to do stuff like I used to.
I'm due Jan 17.
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Ok, yesterday I took two tests. I've been looking at them ever since. Is that wierd. My dh wants me to throw them away. I just can't yet. KWIM? Oh, and I've already taken a picture of them for the scrapbook.

I just like seeing those two lines. I remember from my last pregnancy, I kept them for about a week or so.
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I haven't had any symptoms as of yet. I'm tired as all get out, but I work nights and stay at home with dd2 all day, so that might be it!!!! Oh, a little symptom, seem to be peeing a bit more!
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I'm thirsty all the time and have to get up to make at least one trip to the bathroom at night. I hate that! I have to disentangle myself and delatch my ds#2...this was much easier with my first and second pregnancies.

On the other hand, I'm much more laid back and truly looking forward to the rest of this pregnancy and the birth!!!
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Great idea!

I don't really have any symptoms yet, but I just found out last night! My belly has been a bit upset and I've been making more visits to the bathroom. I have a tendency towards UTIs and kidney stones so I drink TONS of water and am always in the bathroom anyway! I typically wake once or twice a night to use the bathroom so nothing new there!

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I'm so glad to read about others not having symptoms because I don't really have any either. I still have a touch of the stomach bug I got so I have had a lot of diarrhea. Wow. I can't wait until Monday so I can have my Hcg levels done and hopefully, put my mind at ease. I sure did feel the implantation though for 2 days last Saturday and Sunday!!! I felt very obvious cramping on the right side of my uterus. I wasn't even sure if I ovulated after last month's m/c so I was thinking something was going on with my ovary!! Now, I'm sure it was implantation! It was something I never felt before. Then, it just went away after 2 days. : to Babytime, chocomoto, embens, Marysmama, PamandAbigail, Malama, and sweetpeasmom. This is my first baby!!!!!! Its exciting and scary at the same time. And, hi to mamamaya too!! Glad you are feeling well. You live in Hawaii????? That is so cool!!!!! We're up in AK - another beautiful place!!!!
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EDD Jan. 14 2005

Hi everyone!

I've been feeling ok. Little waves of nausea here and there, and really bad moodswings. The other day I started crying in the bank because I forgot my ID and they wouldn't process my paperwork for me. I've also been wanting to eat tons of fruit, oranges and papayas especially. Surprisingly my nipples are ok this time around. No soreness yet, although my little one is nursing ALL the time. I think he's trying to boost my milk supply, poor little guy.

It seems like many of us have little ones around 14mos old. Who all does? Just out of curiosity.

Malama -Aloha!!! Which island are you on? I'm on Oahu. Check out the Hawaii board, we're having some gatherings in June if you're around.

Bunches, glad you're feeling better. Sending you tons of sticky vibes. If it makes you feel any better, with my first one I never felt any symptoms at all.

And many congatulations and alohas to every one else. I'm so happy and excited to be here. Can't wait to "talk" with you all.
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Originally Posted by mamamaya

Malama -Aloha!!! Which island are you on? I'm on Oahu. Check out the Hawaii board, we're having some gatherings in June if you're around.
mamamaya, I'm on the Big Island, and I rarely come to Oahu... If i did, i would definitely come, though my kids are a little older (11 and 7).

Malama Pono,

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Well, my nipples are sore now. I used some lanolin on them last night, and it helped a bit, but dd nurses quite a bit. I also went to a Baby Fair yesterday put on by the Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia. I met one MW and got a card from another, plus my friend, who's a massage therapist and had a hb, has some contacts for me. Now I just have to decide if I'm willing to spend a big chunk of our house savings on this. Like dh said: "Do you want a homebirth or a home?" Welcome babytime and mamamaya!
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Hey Gen- I still have my tests if that makes ya feel better. I keep looking at the.

I have a 14 mth old, her name is Kaitlyn and I hope this one is just as sweet as her. I feel so lucky that she's been a great baby.
Not much more for symptoms for me, my sore throat is kinda going away. Have to get up once a night to pee now. Oh thats the part I hated most last time. Oh well it's worth it though!
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I'm new hwere. I just tested positive and figure I'm around 6 weeks so EDD Jan 1-7. My cycles have been irregular since our last loss in January so I wasn't keeping track.

Nice to meet y'all

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