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tell me I'm in labor........(support thread, please)

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:Puke .......or else I'm gonna start freaking out.........

about three days ago, I started feeling really nauseous.......it kind of comes in waves through the day and at it's worst, it's impossible to do anything. I feel like such utter *crap*.

I took black cohosh a few times yesterday and I think that made it worse......I was dying by last night.

I didn't take anymore but today I still have the waves of just crappy. Crappy. Crappy.

I'm *hoping* it's early labor or something because otherwise I'm freaking out that I've gotten some stomach bug.......just what I need.

And......would it be horrible if I just made myself throw up???? It gets so bad I feel like that would be my only recourse but I have been feeling like something about that would be wrong to voluntarily toss my cookies when I'm about to have a baby........I dunno.....I'm very foggy brained right now too.

Anyone else get barfy before labor? Anyone just let the cookies fly instead of trying to keep it all down? I'm definitely not eating very much right now because my stomach is so upset......

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Doesn't sound like labor to me. No contractions? Don't take any more cohosh, okay? No, it's not wrong to go make yourself barf if you think it will make you feel better. Go barf, then eat a snack and drink some water.
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A couple of days before I had my DD, I had very loose bowels, but no throwing up. Everyone is different, though. How far along are you? How far along was your mom, when she had her babies? because that is a pretty good indicator of when you will go into labour.
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I'm 39 weeks........I'm due in 6 days, technically.......

My mom and grandma AND greatgrandma all delivered their second at 38 weeks. Yay me for breaking tradition. *lol*

Ive been looking online and I can't find anything that says it would be horrible if I just made myself barf..........which sounds horrible but I feel like I'd feel SOOO much better right now................

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This may sound gross, but it may make you happy...
I barf my babies out. Almost literally.
I start feeling like I need to throw up a couple of days before labor. Then my water breaks, and I actually start throwing up.
Then, once I start, I keep throwing up every 20 minutes or so until I'm dilated to 10. Then, I barf in between contractions.
I push twice (one for head, two for shoulders) and I have a baby.

Maybe you'll be that "lucky"
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I remember throwing up about a week before dd was born (and calling the midwife because I must be in labor, right??).

I've been feeling pretty sick to my stomach lately at 31 weeks. The advice I was given was to eat every two hours. Apparently waiting too long was wreaking havoc with my blood sugar.

grnbn76, I hope your labors aren't too long...I can't imagine throwing up every 20 minutes for 14 hours, for instance. Lucky you...
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ohhh. . .ugh! sorry you feel so icky. I hope this is it for you! I had a really bad stomach bug a couple weeks before I had Karis, and kept wondering (for 2 days!) if I was in labor. Alas, I was not. Sorry no real advice, just a for you.
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There is bad stomach flu stuff going around. I had diarhea, but no puking.
(fast labor vibes)
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sending you some birthin' vibes too!

Hang in there!
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I really hope this is it for you, and that you start feeling better soon!
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Here's hoping you are! :
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I sure hope you are! LOts of hugs and nice, easy, labour vibes for you!

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One of my best friends threw up during her entire labor too. She never even had the first contraction (that she felt) until they broke her was. She was dialated to 4 when she got to the hospital. She went because she thought that she had a virus. She was in labor. She called me yesterday, she is again 37 weeks. She told me that she is having mild contractions, but that she started throwing up again and was headed to the hospital. I haven't heard from her since. Baby vibes to you!!!
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I barfed all through my labor, too. Since it was my first baby everyone assured me I would go late, so when I woke up at 5 am puking, three days before my due date, I thought I was really sick! I sat on the couch (near the bathroom) for 4 hours, puking every 30 minutes and having these weird little cramps, wondering if I had food poisoning...then the cramps got more and more regular...then I realized, those stomach cramps are awful low...this can't be labor, it doesn't hurt. We had planned a homebirth, and I had thought, how wonderful, I'll be able to eat and drink and keep up my energy- ha! Everything that went down, came back up. I did get several long stretches without actually throwing up, but only after I refused to try to drink any more fluids. Its been 2 years and I still can't look at a bottle of Gatorade.
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Well? What's going on?
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a whole lotta NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

: :ignore : ild

Some black cohosh........sicko.....so I quit that and went over to the breast pump.......I actually got some minor contractions from that or when I go walking and they always go away. *sigh* In a way, I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll probably carry this guy to 43 weeks like his sister.

My midwives said that a change in discharge would be an indicator and I *have* had SIGNIFICANTLY waterier discharge and lots of it, but nothing else, really. Bah.


Oh well.
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you are SO CLOSE, mama! yes! I know it's gonna happen soon. I hear you! You're doing great! You're body is perfect! Your baby is perfect! Good things come to those...well, I had better shut up before I get a kick!
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Originally Posted by pamamidwife
you are SO CLOSE, mama! yes! I know it's gonna happen soon. I hear you! You're doing great! You're body is perfect! Your baby is perfect! Good things come to those...well, I had better shut up before I get a kick!

I do appreciate the support and encouragement and have never needed it more........I don't even remember being this antsy with my daughter.....I just accepted she'd be late from the get go.

My DH said to me the other night "Well do you want it now and to have it be slow or to wait until it's time and have it go fast?" and even though it pissed me off that he said it..... he's probably right. And I just keep trying to tell myself that.

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Aww hun those last days really drag don't they?

Your baby will be here soon! Maybe you can find something to keep your mind off things for a few days? Cook, sew, paint, go get a good juicy novel? Keep us posted, ok?
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i had the bug over the weekend...i'm 38.5 weeks. i got so dehydrated that i started having contrax. also from the diarrhea, i spose
at first i thought, yeah, labor, let's get this thing going! but then i figured, if it really is a bug, it'll stay for a few days and i will not be able to care for my baby, let alone go through labor and push it out. so i laid down for a couple of days, the contrax went away and the bug really stayed for a couple of days. now i'm over it and have energy for labor! gotta get the contrax starting again, but hey, i'm a few days shy of 39 weeks and sex is fun, right?
take it easy, mama, just ask yourself how much energy would you have right now to go through labor?! take a nap...
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