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Need Ideas! Library themed Birthday Party

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My poor ds was heartbroken he can't have his party at the library. He has been bragging to friends and strangers alike about getting his library card on his bd
So far I have the banner with *************Library party
Business cards with the kids names on them with ***** library May XX 2004 ( haven't decided on 29 or 30th yet) and a pile of books from half price maybe for them to choose like a library
a library cake
and them I am stumped...
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That is an awesome idea! Wow! I'll have to think if I have any ideas but yours all sound great! Would the library not allow a bday party there?
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standard library

you can't have food drink or noise...
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Yes, what a great idea! How about you play the librarian..dress up and where glasses! You could decorate with kids books and any stuffed toys you might have. The web has lots of fun author sites for crafts and printables. One of our favorites is Jan Brett.com. You can print out bookmarks and coloring sheets.

Kids book treasure hunt...pick some of your ds's favorite books and hunt for clues based on that theme. Barebooks.com sells blank books very inexpensively that the kids can take home or decorate at the party.
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Originally Posted by CerridwenLorelei
you can't have food drink or noise...
Our library has a special room where you can have parties and such. I just wondered if your library had one of these rooms. I'm guessing no.
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Wow, what a great party theme! Your DS must be a great little kid!

Perhaps you could invite all the kids to dress up as their favorite book character?

So what age does your children need to be to get their library card? My DS got his first card when he started kindy, and I don't know it I'll be able to wait until my DD(4) enters Kindy to get her own cuz she already loves to check out a ton of books.

Does your library give tours? Perhaps after a tour and a special birthday storytime you could meet at a park or a fave restaurant for the cake and ice cream.

Have fun!
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Yep Ekblad nope no special room

cool idea on the tour Fly I will ask

Here they have to be 6 to get their library card.

Great little kid?? Most of the time. He has his moments like other kids LOL
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How about a book swap?
Book plates as gifts to bring home?
Have a story circle as a game - each kid adds on the next part of the story.
Have the kids make and bind their own books.
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Will they let you check out pupputs? That has always been a big draw of any library i have been to and ours now has theme packs with books, a video, a puppet and activity list. Very cool. dds birthday was sunday and the kids sat through two stories that went along with thier activities. I was suprised :LOL Don't overlook just readiing a few good stories and then doing an activitiy along with them.

Some library activities:
making books (this can be as simple as stapling some pages together and illustrating or as fancy as you want it to be)
making book marks. You could even laminate these with self laminating sheets or have someone run these to a print shop to quickly be laminated before the end of the party.
illustration scavanger hunt ( a stack of childrens books and a list of things to find in the pictures)
character bingo
book walk (like a cake walk but they win a book instead)
make big drawings of books and place them on the floor for musical books.
charades/pictionay with the titles/characters of books
There are a whole mes of board games based on childrens books.

thank you bags:
*ask your librarian for stickers (even if you have to pay for them they might have some good book themed ones you can'tfind anywhere else)
*registration forms for summer reading programs - our library usually has one and Barnes and Nobles has one where if you read 6 books you get to pick a free one.
*library card sign up form.
*book plates/book marks with thier names on it. either of these would be easy to do with a computer
*small books. maybe scholastic would have something for not a lot of money.
*character stickers. these shouldn't b hard to find.
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Librarian here (not public library, though). Most public libraries of a decent size have meeting rooms for community use, but they are not for private use. So, you could use the meeting to have a speaker come and address a civic group, but not for a birthday party. In general, the meetings usually need to be open to everyone. Even with these kinds of restrictions, the meeting rooms in all the public libraries in my area are booked way ahead, so I can see why it would not be a good idea to open them up to private parties.

Are you familiar with the PBS show, Between the Lions? It is an awesome show that is very entertaining, and it's set in a public library. Maybe you could get a few ideas from that.

How about you play the librarian..dress up and where glasses!
OK, I resent that!
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aww efmom

don't resent
I used to work in the college library and I wear glasses
and four out of our five main librarians and reference librarians..yep all wear glasses

Thanks to everyone that has responded I have gotten some great ideas!
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Perhaps - if this were possible you could spread out some blanket or small tables on a grassy area on the library grounds and then go in for a tour (do it yourself - they can't stop you from walking around quietly) after the fun and games. Or you could have each child bring an old book and then after picnicing go inside for a tour and book donation.

Or you could turn a small section of a room into a "library" or book fort. We just did a storybook party for our 2 year old. Each child brought their favorite book and we read it aloud. My mom has a digital camera and printer so we took a picture of each child when they arrived and then printed it out and cut it to size. I had pre-cut rectangles out of cardstock and gave them crayons, stickers, and their picture and they made bookmarks. The moms LOVED the craft/party favor. And teh kids enjoyed it too.

Good luck
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