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9 month old no longer safe in my bed, wwyd?

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Hi mamas!

My 9 month old dd is a real monkey. Unlike her big sister, who was a pretty good bedmate until she was 3 and ready to move on (also didn't like waking to her newborn sister's squirming and crying, LOL), Sophia is not very fun to sleep with. She's an "active" sleeper (i.e. she kicks, squirms, punches, pulls hair, flips and flops, and otherwise takes up more than her share of space!). She is definitely the kid we'll have to bolt the bookcases to the wall for!

Also she's learning to crawl, so if she wakes up or even half wakes up, she tries to crawl off the bed. So clearly she cannot be in the bed alone before I go to sleep (and I don't want to go to sleep at 8 pm, which is when she goes down for the night usually). We do have a bed rail thing up, but that's no good if she's awake because she'd try to climb right over it.

The main problem is space...we have the bed up on a frame because we live in a small 2 bedroom apt. and we need the storage space. Also dh has allergies and can't be so close to the floor. And there really isn't room in the room to sidecar her crib. I do have a pack n play I sometimes put her in for short periods, but she doesn't like it much. Eventually we want the girls to share a bedroom (this will be true also if we move into a bigger house), even a bed if possible and they want to (right now they adore being in a bed together in the early morning when we all doze together).

Any suggestions? Can you use a cosleeper for a 17 lb. 9 month old who crawls?

Ack! Help! Dh is sleeping on the couch because there's no room for all 3 of us but I really miss him and want to be all together. Any good ideas?

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sigh. we're in the same place as you are really. Our bed is on a frame cuz its a california king waterbed frame with a pillowtop mattress. the frame is drawers and we need that space. but roman at 9.5mos is a crawler, kicker, mover and groover and its getting to the point of not being safe.

with zoey she moved to a mattress on the floor of her room and has been sleeping in there all night till around 3-4am when she joins us. she is DYING to sleep with Roman in her room and also loves our morning time sleep/snuggling when she joins us in the big bed . she keeps asking me when he'll be old enough for them to have bunk beds.

we're moving soon and considering not putting up our bed in the new house and just buying a king regular mattress and a queen and putting them on the floor and taking up the whoel bedroom that way so we can all sleep together. that's probably what we'll end up doing.

i'll be following this thread for ideas on what to do before we move. it could be another month or two till i find a new house and get this one sold.

at what age can siblings cosleep? i mean, i'd still be up all night going in to nurse him...unless i move in there too . lol. Maybe i'll start him in there with her at bedtime and nurse him down in her bed (mattress on the floor) and let them cosleep for a few hours, then when he wakes i can bring him to bed with me and dh for the night? it still doesn't solve the kicking, rolling, arms flailing and hitting me in the nose at 3am stuff tho. so i'll keep reading this thread. lol
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I haven't been on these boards basically since dd was born because, well, I haven't had much time! But I'm at wits end right now with our sleep situation! DD is also 9 months and is also a mover. She goes to sleep around 8:30 and dh and I stay up later. But lately, she's been somehow silently slipping out of the covers and is halfway down the bed before I realize she's awake and moving. We have a queen bed (she and I share) and a twin bed (for dh) all pressed up next to eachother and against the wall. So there's only the foot of the bed and one side that is open for her to fall off of, but she beelines for the foot of the bed any time she wakes up. (which is waaaay too often!) I just don't know how to make this work. So... I too am curious about how people have kept their crawlers in bed. I'm THIS close to going out and buying a crib, but she won't even sleep in the co-sleeper, so I'm not sure a crib is the answer.
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