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So who's overdue?

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I'm sorry I've been totally MIA lately but we just bought and moved into a new house which kept me insanely busy and left me without internet access for a long time. Congratulations to all the new May mommas!

I'm 8 days overdue as of today and am totally fine being overdue. I JUST now got to the point where I'm ready for this baby and of course she won't come out :LOL My OB won't let me more than 2 weeks over so I have an induction scheduled for next Thursday morning if I haven't gone into labor on my own. My first labor was a long, hellacious pitocin induction so I obviously hope to avoid that this time. I'm at 3 cm. and 70% effaced and have been having strong contractions every night for the last week. Today I've had verly light bloody show off and on but no contractions. I'm not impatient to have this baby but I would like to either be IN labor or NOT in labor, not hovering in between for 2 weeks. I had my second U/S yesterday and she looks great but also extremely comfy

Who else is in the same boat? And since I've been gone the due date clubs have started but why is everything still on one thread? My poor pregnant brain can't handle that much at once :LOL
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I am four days overdue.

Babe turned posterior earlier this week and moves back and forth from ROA to ROP, spending most of the time transverse. I think that this makes it hard to descend further into my pelvis and get things cooking.

I feel really nauseus and crampy today, so maybe I am going through a little labor warmup. No pressure of any kind from the midwives. I am expecting that they will want to send me for an NST if I haven't had my baby a week from Monday, but I am ok with that and also don't think it will be that long.

My chiro helped get my pelvis aligned and my BH contrax picked up again after my adjustment. I am going to see him on Monday as well.

Good luck to my fellow overdue mamas.
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I am one day overdue, and already my MW's seem nervous. Check out the hypervililance thread I started, if you're interested. People gave me some really great advice.

Now, you may be just dyin' to have this kid out and _want_ to be induced, but I have to ask....when you say your OB won't "let" you go more than two weeks overdue, it's not really up to him/her, is it? I mean what are they gonna do, raid your house, take you against your will to the hospital, strap ya down and hook you up? Ultimately, you have the choice about whether you're induced or not, I think.

Now, take this with a grain of salt, because the idea of going against any "authority" figure is really hard for me. Also, I'm not as far past "due" as you, so it's easier for me to say this. And it really may not be worth it for you emotionally do go against your OB, and you may feel just fine about being induced at 42 weeks.

I just want to affirm that you are the momma, and the choice resides with you.

Blessings to you and your new little one, whenever babe comes, and whatever you decide.

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Fiddlefern of course you are right, they can't force me to have this baby. Although honestly the thought of going too much over 42 weeks frightens me a little and if anything went wrong I would never forgive myself. They've actually been very supportive of me going so far overdue, I don't even have a NST until this week right before 42 weeks. I think also that if I don't have her soon I might just change my mind and let her stay in there forever because there are so many things I'm nervous about with having 2 :LOL
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I'm totally with ya on the ambivalence about birth thing. I've been processing about that _alot_ lately. Fortunately that's one decision we don't have to make- our babies are comin', ready or not.

Otherwise, I might just keep him in for another month or so. Though I don't think dh would go for that- he's dying to meet our wee one.
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As of today (Sunday) I'm 9 days overdue. I'm not allowed more than 2 weeks, either, and I have a repeat C scheduled for the 21st if I don't go into real, continuous labor (so keep sending labor vibes!!).

I think we still have the megathread because we're all kind of spacey right now and it's easy. I'm going to post an update on how I'm doing, etc. there, too.

As far as the ob, 42 wks, and "letting" thing goes... I know that it's totally evil, but I'm 99% positive it has to do with their malpractice insurance (ie, that if the obs "let us go" past 42 wks, they wouldn't be covered). It sucks, but there it is.

I did some long, hard thinking about this one for my own situation, and I realized that while I realize other people might decide differently (and it's fine), I wouldn't feel comfortable trying to find a homebirth midwife this week for a post-42 wk HBAC. There it is. I'm also pretty darned clear with where I am about *me* and inducing... if I'm in labor and I need a little pit to keep me going, I'll take it to get my VBAC. But I'm just not willing to do a "cold" induction with pit. My intuition about my body is that it just wouldn't work.

FWIW, the baby wasn't moving much yesterday (I was doing a lot of yardwork, and I think I overdid it and wasn't careful enough about drinking enough water). So I went in for some monitoring last night (because I knew that otherwise, I wouldn't sleep). The baby was very sleepy, but the fetal monitor picked up a lot of little motions that I just couldn't feel. And of course this morning, the activity level is back to normal (normal for this baby = Kung Fu). I relate this story because it confirmed my feelings about the decisions I've had to make... I'm pretty crunchy about a lot of things, but I'm just not a homebirth kind of gal, and I found the monitoring very reassuring...

That said (about my worrying), every time I have another bout of early labor stuff, I get excited...
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41 weeks today, midwives (LMs) are wanting to schedule nst and amniotic fluid check thingie already...I'm just not comfortable with that. But can't seem to say so to them, so I might have hubby call them to decline testing this early.

I've known I was going to go "late" all along, I told them so, thought I picked a practice that wouldn't be freaking out about this...but they readily admit it's all about the malpractice insurance, with a bit of baby-worry thrown in there.


Labor vibes for us all!
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Well, I'm officially overdue now, so I suppose I can chime in on this one.

My due date was yesterday (5/18), so I'm not *that* overdue, but time is certinaly passing by slower now that the magic date has come and gone. I've been feeling for weeks like I'll be about a week late, but at this point, I am thinking anything can happen. It might be tomorrow, it might be 2 weeks from now. I so don't do well with ambiguous timelines.

I am feeling good, though! Not too tired, not uncomfortable... just waiting. Today showed a bit of progress, as I started feeling some pressure on my pelvis. Feels like baby is moving down a bit. At least it's something!

As of last week's OB appointment, my cervix was still closed, but starting to soften. I have another appointment tomorrow, where I'll get another interal (any changes???) and a non-stress test. I'm not exactly looking forward to the NST, but it does seem like a non-invasive procedure, and baby has been moving considerably less lately, so I'm okay with making sure all is well.

Other than that, not much going on. Waiting, waiting, waiting....

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Today is 40weeks and 1 day for me.

I tried black cohosh and it makes me sick so I quit. I've been having irregular mild contractions, am 3cm and 50%. Eh. I was about that with my dd for two weeks so it doesn't really seem like a big deal. For some reason my body isn't handling the end so well.........serious swelling and slightly elevated blood pressure, not to mention that I can't go two hours without a nap. *sigh* So hopefully soon...............
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41 weeks and 3 days here, am losing the mucus plug and having semi-regular contractions today. Finally! Sure, the plug doesn't mean ALL that much, but this late? Seems that losing it now means perhaps a bit more than if I'd lost it weeks ago.

Or so I'm hoping!
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Congrats on the progress, Molly! Hope things get going for you soon!

Me, I'm still waiting. I'm only 4 days past due at this point, but MAN are these days dragging! The anxiety is really getting to me. I even had a horrible nights sleep due to all the labor and baby dreams I was having. I kept waking up thinking, "Am I really in labor? Do I need to get up?", only to realize it was just a dream.

I had an OB appt this past Thursday, and I was happy to see I am finally a fingertip dialted. Not earth shattering progress, but at least its something. OB has started me on non-stress tests, the first of which was after my appt on Thursday and went perfectly well. She said assuming my NSTs continue to be normal (which she doesn't see any reason why they wouldn't be - I've had a pretty textbook healthy pg so far) she will leave me alone to go until 42 weeks before we induce. I am 100% confident (okay, maybe 95% ) that I will go into labor on my own before then, but that said, as much as I want to avoid an induction, I also know that I would be uncomfortable going past 42 weeks anyway, so I'm okay with that plan.

I've had some contractions here and there, but nothing regular. So DH and I are just keeping busy, trying to not watch the pot while we wait for it to boil.

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Hey ladies...I'm 40w5d now...and having a bit of a hard time with it, since Friday my OB was jumping at the bit for me to get the NST and ultrasound this week...and she wants me induced if I don't go into labor at 42w (June 2)...something I will avoid at all costs. I really REALLY don't want Pitocin.
She is also away all this week so the OB taking her patients had an appt with me Thursday. I like him a lot so I don't mind, but I rescheduled my appt for tomorrow so he can sweep my membranes (this time I will give permission for them to do it!) because yes, even though that is an intervention, it's better than Pitocin by far. I also get kind of nervous thinking of trying blue cohosh or castor oil, so they sit unopened on my kitchen table. I'm hoping the membrane thing works, and since I have been having different signs for weeks now, I figure it's time.
I know I can refuse induction at 42w, but it makes me nervous as well, because like someone else said, I would have a hard time if something went wrong because I refused. My instincts are telling me that it's okay to do the membrane stripping. I was upset when it was done without my knowledge at 38 weeks, but now, I feel ready. If it helps me avoid all the other crazy testing, so much the better...
I wish everyone a bunch of luck and love and labor vibes , if they want 'em!
Take care, I'll let you know how tomorrow goes...

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FYI, having just about THE longest labor in the history of labors. Ugh. Midwives are at lunch right now and we're supposed to get all in synch and working well togther while they are gone. But they won't let me get in the birth pool again until 8 cm.

I'm 6 cm now, at last, it's Tuesdayand I haven't slept any more than 5 minutes at a time since Sunday. Ugh.

This is HARD.
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Molly: sending you many many hugs, lots of support and all the labor vibes you need...

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{{{ Molly }}} Hope you have had your baby by now!!!! Haven't checked all the threads yet.

I am 41w1d right now, which is pretty normal for me. Just panicking about the mother-in-laws arriving 2 days from now, yikes!!! I want this baby out before then, hope she will cooperate :-)

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