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My water broke!!!

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No contractions yet. So I'm packing a bag and trying to get my head around this - while wearing a diaper nonetheless. Think I'll take a shower and make dinner, too. Man I wish we'd decided to do a home birth...

Oh well. Wish me luck!
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woo hoo! good luck! yay!
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Good luck! May you have a blessed birth!!
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yay! congrats to you! wishing you a happy easy labor.

FYI when my water broke this past july at 8:30pm, i had no contrax and thought i'd take a shower. lol. the contrax started within half an hour and i was at the hospital by 11pm and he was born at 1am
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Whohoo Kids'n'cows!!! I'm thinking of ya today and hoping that you're holding your baby before long! Sending you fantastic labour vibes!
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I'm sending lots of positive labor vibes your way, kids'n'cows.

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Wow, congratulations!!! I'm thinking of you and sending lots of (((ELV))) vibes your way!
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Go go go! You're VBAC'ing, right? I'm sending all sorts of positive thoughts your way. Can't wait to hear about another baby!
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Holy smokes!! WOW! I hope you're already enjoying your new baby right now!
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It went great - see the birth stories thread...
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