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midwifer~I'm just wondering where you got your username from... are you very pro-midwife, or are you a midwife? I always think that you are, every time I see your name. And just want to say that if you feel a cold sneaking up on you *stay away from sugar*. My NP told me that sugar lowers your immune system *considerably* for hours after you eat just a teaspoon of sugar. I know this to be true for myself anyways, because I rarely eat "hard-core" sugar, but I couldn't help myself the other day and I bought a thing of chocolate ice cream. Now I'm paying for it.... my throat is raw, and I'm getting sick. So try not to drink root beer if you can, and hopefully you won't get sick.
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New to this group, just found it!

I am planning a homebirth with a lay MW in early July, probably around the 1-4th, you know how they can come early or late so I dont worry about dates. I know my ovulation and implantation dates though.

My only thing is heartburn right now, hungry at night but no food for me! Weight gain has been goon, 12 pounds, which is still 8 pounds under where I started.

I have a 3 year old who is also excited about the baby "drinking milk, just like Konur." Gotta love 'em!

Not looking forward to it being over, its my last pg of this lifetime.

Well, HI!
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I have not had a sweet tooth at all in this pregnancy until very recently (all my illness has been very recently. I have also been into bread products which we usually do not eat a huge amount of as my husband has some allergic tendencies in that direction. So, I did not have a root beer, but I did munch some fresh, local toffee that was here, not worth a sinus infection, but really darn good!! Okay, trying to lay off the sweets from here on out. I think a lot of it is the season. I do not have any allergies that I am aware of, but this spring has been very stuffy etc. Lots of folks are saying the weather patterns around here this spring have been really hard on allergy sufferers. Tonight I am going to the YMCA and sitting in the steam room (not for very long.
Mamajazza, I am an aspiring midwife with (formal) education indefinately on hold. I have a bachelors in nursing and have worked in labor and delivery since becoming a nurse, but have not felt ready to return to school for my CNM. First it was wanting to travel (and be free from school!), then I had my daughter (at home with a direct entry midwife) and had a resurgence of interest in becoming a traditional midwife, I'm conflicted Right now, I can make decent money as a nurse, work part time, be very hands on in births(except the actual delivery, although I have caught a few and, most importantly, have quite a lot of time to be with my family. My time will come. Midwifer has been my email name since the early days of college.
Busy baby inside tonight
Hope everyone has a relaxing evening.
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Welcome Lori!!!(Konur's Mom)

Still hangin around. Sigh. I am seriously hating this medicine, but I forgot the dose again last night and got some wicked contractions, so I know that it is working. I am having some serious conversations with Moo about coming out once I am off the meds.

How does every body's partner deal with your pregnancy? Mine is wonderful and he does everything he can to help me be comfortable. I am trying to help him feel better since he is doing everything since I've been on bedrest and he responds " What I do is nothing like you are going through. You are creating a new life and protecting it. I am just doing extra dishes" What a sweetie...
I love this man! He's been like this the whole pregnancy....
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my SO is fantastic. a lot of times i wish he'd do more laundry / dishes / etc but he's really supportive overall.

and i love that he loves my pregnant body as much as i do.

i think he'd want me to stay pregnant for years if it weren't for the fact that we'd end up having tons of kids running around as a result. :LOL
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DH is very sweet as well though he's had his moments of impatience due to my snoring. He apologized though and I know that he was just really, really tired from lack of good sleep. Otherwise, he does tons around the house and said to me "I never thought a pregnant woman could be sexy and beautiful until now" Awwwww.

BTW, wondering --- do you all have you babies names picked out? Let's hear it!! (DH and I are still struggling with boy names but have a girl name picked out ..... Agatina (Agatha in italian).
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not really "picked out" but we recently decided that we both agree Indira Dalenn is a good name.

seeing as that is the ONLY one so far he and i have agreed on 100%, that's probably the one we'll stick with. :LOL
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DH - not a good pregnant partner. He loses all interest in sex and doesn't help much more than usual. He was like this when I was preggo with DD too.

Name - Quinn William

Just got back from a working vacation. I sewed and sewed and sewed some more....

Am experiencing more indigestion, like with every food. And I have grown out of most of my pants!! I just won a lot of size large maternity pants from ebay - 3 for $16. They are awesome! I love ebay...
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s Kristen.

i'm sorry to hear that about your partner.
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I'm sorry. Some men need a kick in the arse when the woman the love is pregnant.

Name: secret. We have both a girl and a boy name chosen, but we are not revieling either until the birth. Yes, we are 99% sure this is a girl, but just in case....
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Dh is usually wonderful, but he is very stressed lately. He has an interview for a job that he wants so much, so it is understandable. He is not acting bad, just not helping much or in the mood for massages and such. Hopefully all this job stuff will be resolved before baby comes and we can go back to being a stress free family again!

We have names: Thorin William and Freya (no middle yet)

I feel like my hands are swollen today, I should run into town and check my blood pressure. My allergies have been bad, so maybe it is just that. I never thought I would wish for summer to come (our temps stay at and well above 100) but I am wishing it for the sake of allergy season ending! I am getting so anxious to meet this new baby, I am so happy that June is almost here. We are in the homestretch! I am 32w5d.
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my DH is just great...I baked him some homemade bread yesterday and he just loved me!
He has taken over feeding the hens and picking the veggies, he does all the dishes (no dishwasher here) and will do the laundry, vacuuming and the mopping if I'm tired or behind. He *even* cooks!
And he is great for giving me plenty of quiet time to get my homework done in the evenings. OH..I just love him, he's my best friend..we've been married for 5 yrs and it still feels like we're newlyweds!

names..well..I'm still so lost with this. I have a ton of girls names that I love, but boys names are so hard for us. SO far, the only one we can agree on is Logan. The only downside is that DH wants to use his middle name for the baby's middle name (after dh's grandfather) and Logan Owen just doesn't sound right...too many long o's I think..lol So..we are stuck.

I think I'm 31 wks now! or 30.5 oh..I'm getting so excited!
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things are going as well as can be expected here in spite of all the frustrations that keep coming up. baby is healthy and active and i'm measuring a few days ahead but i don't care. now if i can just get my son's wound to heal! he has a scratch on the tip of his penis and it just won't finish healing!! of course that means that he doesn't want to pee and it is driving me crazy 'cause he will say he has to go and then refuse to go by the time we get to the potty. i am just too darn big and tired to be running to the potty every 2 min for these false alarms! *sigh* i think i might put some tea tree oil on it and see how that does.
my dh is sweet. busy, but sweet. he tries to do as much as he can to help out but he also doesn't care if i don't get things done. he keeps chastising me when i don't take a nap which is cute. (sometimes annoying, but cute). he would rather have a relaxed, well rested wife than a clean house anyday. unfortunately, i can only take so much mess before i HAVE to clean. oh well, i have to go do some painting while my son is actually napping.
peace, jenny
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i like Agatina. i can see that working well as like, Agatina Sadie, or Sadie Agatina. (i know you didn't mention the name Sadie, but... it popped into my head when i read that name. )...

i love the name Quinn.

i like Logan Owen ~ it sounds fine to me.

i ADORE Freya! but, have you considered if it will be a name that will work for her throughout her whole life?
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I guess I will reveal my pick for a name (I thought about it for awhile before answering, because, well, I'm paranoid) ..... Nemaya Zion ..... boy or girl... though I'm *sure* I'm having a boy, I could be suprised. I tried to find a name that no one has used, and I think I've found it. Now, I don't want to hear more of em'! Actually if the baby is a girl, I'll consider Niobe (love that name).... but nothing is written in stone yet, baby has yet to be seen.

sunfairy~Maybe you could put another middle name in there between the two O names? Something like Logan David owen, or logan micheal owen, or logan darrius owen... etc.
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I've been thinking about names, checked out some books at the library a while back, and I've been waiting to see what the baby wants to be named.

I talked with a lady who channeled a few months ago. She said that the baby is of a joyous nature and something starting with a "J" would be a good beginning sound.

Isabella's name was easy because I love the name so much. With this baby, the only ones coming to me (even before I talked with the ladywho channeled) are:
Dh doesn't like Jean-Pierre, but it's the one I like the best so far. Gosh, I don't have much time.

I'm hoping to get in touch with the name more & more. That's my intention anyway.
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Prenatal Visit

Had a prenatal visit yesterday with a midwife.
Baby's Heart beat: 120
Does anybody have one this low?
DD was at 140 beats for many weeks up until birth.

Fundal measurement: 28
I was at 31 weeks 6 days.
Anybody else have a measurement a little bit low?
With DD I pretty much meausured wherever I was in weeks.

Hemaglobin: 9.8
She wants this to be at least 10 in 4 weeks...
So I'm taking more of my liquid iron herbal supplement & I'm going to focus on iron-rich foods.
Any suggestions for bringing this up?

Weight (I'm 5' 9"):
Normal: 140ish
Oct. 2003: 148
During Dec. I was ill & got down to about 131
2.25.04: 143
3.24.04: 150
5.25.04: 155
Anybody else gaining what seems like little weight?
I feel like I'm doing well, especially since coming up from 131 at my lowest. That would be a 24-pound gain so far.
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Sibling to be at birth

DD just turned 4 1/2 and wants to be at the birth. I've planned for my Aunt, who had a great birth in 1986, to be here to care for dd.

Isabella has said from the beginning that she wants to be here. We've talked about it. She asks lots of questions. I'm very blunt with her.

If she's a distraction, I'll have my aunt take her outside or to her house. We'll see.

This may seem really gross to you, but I've been planning for Isabella to be there ever since 2001, when an elderly guy said that her little strawberry (hemangeoma sp?) on her lip would go away if we'd put afterbirth on it. We'll see if she'll let us touch it to her lip... Maybe she'll kiss the baby & that'll work. I've never heard of such from anybody else, but why would that gentleman have made that up? It's worth a shot. We'll see.
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i'm measuring right on -- 34 weeks, measuring 34 cm. i'm not sure what a low measurement would mean -- maybe small baby?

i've only gained about 10 lbs the entire pregnancy. no matter what i do i can't seem to gain more than that. i actually lost a little bit of weight (after 2 weeks of eating a TON of high-calorie and high-fat food on purpose)... i'm 5'4"... right now i'm about 135 lbs. still. i haven't gained any significant amount of weight in the past month or so.

my little sprite's heartbeat has been ~150 the entire pregnancy. sometimes the heartbeat can slow if the baby is laying against the cord; they'll usually move after a minute or two and their heart rate will go back up. did you ask her to check it again after a few minutes, or was it like that the whole time?

i'm not too worried about anemia, although being anemic is a risk factor for hemmoraghing... i figure as long as i make sure to keep abreast of what's going on with my body after birth, and keep myself healthy until then, everything should be ok. if you're worried about your iron level, you might try my super remedy for anemia ~ spinach salad with orange wedges. it works like a charm (at least it did after i had my son). lots of iron, and the vitamin C will help your body absorb it.

i should start doing that again actually. spinach is in season here so.... yum.
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michelleleigh~~ I never have "measured up" on the fundal height measurements, and my DD was a good size. Don't worry about it. I'm 5'10", so I know the baby doesn't stick out as much for us tall mammas. And I haven't gained much weight either, just like last time I was preggo, and again, my DD didn't suffer.:LOL I weigh about the same you do before (140) and right now (155).
I think I loose some weight from certain areas, and it goes into the baby. It's just how *my* body is, anyways. I'm not going to force feed myself, and I *never* say "hold the butter". It's just my metabolism, and I imagine you are similiar.
Another thing that caught my attention in your posts was that your DD has a hemangeoma on her lip..... so did I when I was a little one. It was surgicaly removed when I was 2, and before they removed it, I looked like I had a swollen lip all the time. And I drooled constantly because I couldn't close my mouth. Not only that, but I had another birthmark on the side of my face that looked like a bruise, all purple in the middle and yellowish on the outside. My poor mom got many people looking at her like she was abusing me. That was the farthest from the truth.
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