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Caroline: I'm so sorry you're spilling proteins already! It's so scary.

I have a link in my siggy to a great pre-e site if you need help with stuff!

I'm just sick of my PUPPS. I hate itching head to toe constantly!!!

But ultimately, this pg has been a breeze. So different than my daughter, where I was on bedrest for 3+ months!!!
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Originally Posted by mommycaroline
They suggested that I drink more juice. Juice???? I don't touch the stuff, personally. Too much sugar, not enough good stuff. They also said Gatorade would work, so maybe I'll find something similar with less sugar. I'm thinking the sugar would be a very bad idea for someone who's trying to avoid GD, you know??? Ugh!
Hi! This got me to thinking......I've been trying out an herbal sugar substitute called "stevia" b/c I'm trying to avoid sugars too. There's a ton of info about stevia out on the web now. You don't find it at grocery stores b/c USFDA won't approve it for consumption partly due to lobbying by the makers of aspartine and the sugar industry, but it's widely used in other countries throughout the world. Anyway, I think a person could make juice out of the less sweet fruits (berries, lemons, etc.) and sweeten it with stevia. I've been using it in my sun tea, on bland cereals, and when baking this year.

Of course, if any of you have heard that stevia is the evil of evils for pregnant people, please do let me know.

Caroline, why do they want you to drink juice, anyway? I'm curious. Why not just plain water? Seems like if you need more fruit, they'd recommend eating actual fruit so you'd get the whole nutritional package.
When I'm pregnant, most juice tears the heck out of my stomache.

Anyway, then. Big baby kicking day.....wonder what's going on in there? It's like there's a disco party in my womb.

HOpe you all have a good weekend.........

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from mia-land...i came down with some sort of stomach bug tuesday and by yesterday morning when the dr saw me i was dehydrated and spilling proteins/ketones in my urine and having some contrax's. he sent me over to the hospital where i spent most of the day getting fluids and zofran for the nausea/vomiting thru an iv and hooked up to EFM for monitoring...i'm sore and tired, but feeling a bit better now...i'll be offline for the remainder of the weekend though...
good news is, ian is doing great...heartrate looked great on the monitors and he's measuring a week and a half ahead now...at my 24.5 wk appt, he measured 23.5 wks - yesterday at 27wks, he measured 28.5, so he's had one heck of a growth spurt anyways, gotta lay back gdown, hugs to you all!
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Heather take care of yourself......glad to hear the little one is doing so well!
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Frog, that sounds awful. Hope you can get the rest you need. How many stomach bugs has this due-date club suffered from collectively? Too many!

I had a great week. My dd decided that she loved daycare again, so I was able to benefit from 25+hours of childcare. Also, I started swimming again, which makes me feel 100% better about my new roly-poly physique. I have been napping, reading and eating cherries and watermelon. I have been thinking positive thoughts about the upcoming baby. I even told dh that I might consider the possibility of having another child (although in the very distant future). I have to conclude that pregnancy-related sciatica is tolerable if you are able to eliminate most of your responsibilities.
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so as the heartburn eases a bit, the sciatica kicks in... maybe the baby moved down from my stomach and settled on my hip nerve! and of course the hot tub is still out of commission. fortunately i don't need to do a lot of walking right now, so i can take it slow. i feel like an old grammaw, inching along!

the fishy pool came yesterday... i'll blow it up and air it out tomorrow. i hope it's big enough!

kim, i hope you're feeling better and more reassured about your baby... i bet she was just taking it easy for a day, or moved where she was kicking things like pancreas for a while so you couldn't feel her so much. what a scare! lil stinker!

hope everyone is having a nice, gentle weekend. we need to enjoy these calm days before the babies start dropping in... just a few more weeks! yikes!

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Hi All,
I haven't been writing much because my life has been a bit crazy. We are moving for the 4th time in 4 years, but we don't know where. I just moved back with my parents and ds while my hubbie finishes his job in another state. He has been interviewing and hopefully we'll hear good news any day now. Ugh! Have any of you been on the emotional rooler coaster? Those hormones!

I fell the baby is still somersaulting and hasn't settled head down yet? When is that supposed to occur?

I hope everyone is having a good restful weekend.
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Heather: How scary! So glad you're ok!

Katje: That's kinda creepy to imagine someone (even an in utero baby) kicking my pancreas!! :LOL But I'm very relived she's okay and kicky now And ohhhhh, do I hear ya on the sciatica!!! Just a few weeks ago I was still logging 10 miles a week on the treadmill.... now I"m like a granny!!

MMMM, Dodo, fresh fruit sounds delish!

thebipper: I think baby can flop to head down at any point, even up to 40 weeks.... my babes have both been head down from fairly early on though, like 18 weeks or so... but that doesn't mean they don't flip around they just usually end up head down again
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today we meet with my doula....so we will see how that goes...

Kimberly glad to know your baby is on *the move* again . I saw your post in the pg forum....

Dodo glad to hear your spirits are high and you are feeling good.........

Katje...the babies start dropping in.....wow ...when I read that I was like..you know she is right ...time is really flying ...I know for us since the weather has been so great the days and weeks are really flying....

Ds's b-day is Tuesday and I have a busy week again this week so may be hit or miss here...
take care all.....
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Here is a link to my newest Belly Pics. http://community.webshots.com/album/133582456VnsAVD

I am having a pretty good weekend. I hope the rest of you are enjoying yours as well. I had my daycare kids and my sisters kids everyday last week so having today off is nice. I could have slept all day. But we went to church this morning and then my nephews big baseball game this afternoon. I love watching him play. They won big time too, 14 to 8. I was so proud. I look forward to going to games for my daughter when she gets older. She's 2 and already show's such enthusiasm for sports. She must get it from me cause her daddy never played anything in highschool and does not really show much excitement over any kind of sport. He does enjoy watching the Cowboys during football season but so do I.

I am getting much rounder and my belly button is so close to being gone. Just a sliver of a dip left. I am feeling pretty good at this point. I do find it hard to bend over. Nothing but slip on shoes for me! I have my GD test on Tuesday and a regular apt. I hope my walking will have paid off and I won't have gained too much since my last appointment. The only big uncomfortable thing I am feeling now is my ribs. I feel so much pressure in them and Gabriella is constantly kicking them. I haven't seen my chiropractor in atleast 5 weeks and I know I have atleast one or two ribs out of place. I really need to make her a priority on my list and start seeing her atleast once a week till the baby comes. I think she made a huge difference in my birth last time.

Well my hubby is home from work now, so I am going to go spend some cuddle time with him and my daughter. I will update after my apointment on Tuesday.
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Hi Ladies!!

We're back from vacation and I really MISSED YOU GUYS! We decided NOT to bring the laptop away so I was so excited to get on line tonight and TRY top catch up.

I think I'm too pooped to tell all the gorey details, but our vacation was very eventful. DS broke his arm (YES, BROKE HIS ARM) during our 2nd full day away. He fell off a bar stool chair in our rental house. He broke one of the bones in his forearm. It required a panicked trip to the local urgent care center, an orthopedist, and a FULL arm cast! My poor baby. Neither my husband or myself has EVER broken a bone and my little baby, at not even 2.6 yo has a broken arm. He will stay in a cast for about 2 more weeks and will not have any long term problems. It was quite an ordeal.

The day after the arm saga my DH came down with some AWFUL stomach bug and spent a day vomiting and pooping (I know, TMI) and two days in bed.

Needless to say, it was a very interestig vacation. We would definitely return to the Outerbanks area and we loved staying in Duck. Our house was perfect for us and literally across a cul-de-sac from the beach. Just lovely. So, we did have some wonderful moments, but we both feel we need a vacation from our vacation. I'm sure I'll write more about it when I have the time or energy! I don't think I've processed it all yet.

Anyway, I have been feeling SO many kicks and pokes. And actually some of them are a bit painful-like perhaps a fist or an extended kick. I'm also getting a lot of hiccups, too. With DS I got them ALL the time and they began to get a little annoying b/c it was right against my cervix.

30 weeks this week with another doc appointment tomorrow morning. Great timing after vacation-I must have had ice cream every day! I am definitely HUGE. BIG BIG BIG. I keep asking my DH if it's possible that even after all the U/Ss the docs could have posssibly missed another baby in there! (Hey, is it????). Ankles are a bit swollen this week, but it was HOT in NC and I am now officially a big mama.

JL-GREAT belly pics! And I think your belly looks a lot like mine. We seem to be carrying in the same way.

HI AP! I'm sorry you're still dealing with this dreaded ms. I know that the protein link is an important one. It helped me a bit during my 1st pregnancy when I had A LOT of dizziness. So far I've gained about 29 lbs with this pregnancy and this seems to be on par with the last time. Maybe a bit more. But I'll see when I step on that darn scale tomorrow morning! Hope your DS has a GREAT b-day this week (I may be off b/c I was away).

Christeeny-Get another doc that takes you seriously. It's not a silly concern, it's real. And your the mama. You know your child best.

Caroline-I, too, am surprised that they would suggest juice. I know that my doc just thinks that juice is such empty calories. This is why I don't like juice for DS, either! (OT-OF course, on vacation, he had juice every day). I know if your blood sugar is low, if you're having trouble with dizziness or some ms, then juice might be a good option. But just blanketly suggested it, I'm not so sure???

Ketilave-I hope you're gettting to enjoy some of this family time. It is sooo hard to have all those people under one roof. Find the silver lining in the chaos!

Bipper-Please take good care of yourself during your move. I think I've read that moving is up there with dealing with death in terms of stress level, so just take it easy. Sounds like you've been thru your share of stress with your moves in recent years.

Anyway, I know I didn't get to all the posts. I really missed hearing about everyone's ups and downs this week. I have got to get some shut eye. I didn't sleep well while on vacation.

Sleep well and more soon...

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Bearsmama!! Oh, your poor sweetie!!! s I guess those war wounds make you stronger though!! My mom dropped my sister down a flight of stairs (she tripped on a pile of legos) when my sister was a year old. Bethany ended up in a BODY CAST because her leg was broken so many times in so many places!! Talk about a nightmare!!

I hope he isn't too uncomfortable with the cast! Or itchy! I sympathize with all itchers right now
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Bears: So good to have you back. I have been anxious to hear how things went. I just recently went through a broken hand cause of a car accident. I completly sympathise with your son. Lots of hugs and prayers for both of you while you go through his healing.

kimberlibby: I just noticed your location in Arlington, TX. I bet you are no more than 15 min. from my house. There are so many people on this board that live all over and I wondered if anybody was in my area. Small World!

Feeling lots of movement this morning. I swear my first daughter never moved this much. It's Exciting and I love it! Have a wonderful Day ladies.
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Bears - sorry about DS- I have broken bones many times so I can sympathize. Plus, it's so warm. But they are pretty reslient at this age it's more us that have a hard time coping. I'm glad you got a chance to get away before the crowds hit. A friend of mine leaves this weekend for the Outer Banks. I love the area and used to take off there all the time when I was in College.

Ap - I hope you guys have a great birthday. Ours turn into entire week events because of grandparents and whether or not SD is here! My kids think every holiday lasts a week!!

I don't have sciatica but am having some muscle problems (left back around to front under ribs) that I cannot shake this time around. The only that works is staying off my feet and lying on my left side but how likely is that. I'm at the point I am considering taking something because I can barely walk - which of course means the kids have to be carried! How they know these things I will never know...
Plus, allergies have attacked and we are number 1 consumers of tissues around here!

I hope everyone has a good week! If it's this hot already I am not sure what we are supposed to do when the summer comes. The pool opened up this past weekend and it felt so good to get in there. Plus, like Katje, I got my pool for the house. The kids love playing in it - we only inflated two layers - and I can just sit there. I am so glad DD has taken to the water as well.
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Hi all!

sorry I haven't been posting much, the computer makes my eyes hurt they are so dry! An interesting pg symptom.

Bears: Glad you had a good time and so sorry to hear about your ds! Poor little guy! I hope he's handling it ok. (and you too) We are heading to the beach this friday, not sure if we'll stay on the mainland or go farther to the outerbanks. Either way, I'm looking forward to it!

ketilave: sorry to hear about your back pain. Have you tried massage?

jl:nice belly pics!

well, I'm feeling lots of movement too. I swear this baby is gonna be long b/c I'm always feeling an elbow or knees or feet poking out! Lots of pressure on my ribs, too. My only other excitement lately is that I cut my hair. Big for me b/c it was down to my butt and now its above my shoulders! It feels so good, though. All that hair was getting to be too much in my current state!

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Hello All!

I've been behind on posts lately. It is my vacation time between semesters and I have been back and forth between the parents/inlaws and home. I am glad to hear I'm right on target with the aches and pains and LOTS of kicks. I think this baby is more active than my last pregnancy.
JL-- those belly pics are great. You are growing!
Ketilave--everytime I read a post of yours, I wonder how you do it. 2 very little ones. It's amazing you're still sane. Hang in there.

All this talk about vacations...I want one! My MIL offered to watch Ben while we get away for a weekend. They just want time alone with him. It's so amazing how much they love him. I am actually craving going to the beach. I want to wear my tankini and get some sun! We will probably be going to Alabama or Florida or somewhere very close. I don't think I can handle a long car trip

Hey there is a dancing carrot now.

Bipper-- you really need to take it easy during this move. I just finished our 3rd move in 3 years. If we move one more time before at least 5 years I will be mad. I'm tired. This move was good timing though because it was the very begining of 2nd trimester. I really got my energy back and I wasn't showing much so I could bend over and stuff with minimal discomfort. However, moving NON pregnant is so much easier. Maybe being pregnant will get you out of doing alot of unpleasant stuff.

Thanks for the words of encouragementabout Ben's speech. He may or may not have a problem, but I really do think he and I are being blown off. That's not imaginary. We'll definently be getting his 2 year well baby visit by someone else.

Everyone take care and have a good day

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Welcome back Bears. So sorry to hear about your dh and ds though...What a bummer on a vacation.

I haven't been posting much as I haven't had anything "new" to tell you all. This weekend my dh set up our "crib" in our room. We actually set it us as a daybed and are going to push it up to the bed to use as a co-sleeper. I think it is going to work really well!

My dogs, yes BOTH of them, are in heat! . Wouldn't that just be wonderful if I had two litters of puppies AND a newborn baby! We are keeping a good eye on them that no boys come to "visit".

We are going away this weekend and next weekend for our last big trips before the baby. We have a state track and field meet about 5 hours away this weekend. (dh coaches) Next weekend we are flying to Wisconsin for a wedding. I am looking forward to getting away with dh and having some fun.

My brothers new baby boy is doing good. He is a week and a half old now. I will be 29 weeks tomorrow and have a mw appt. on Wednesday. I guess we will start the every two weeks appointments soon too. I can't believe it!!!

That's about all for me. TTYL!
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I have a moodswing confession to tell.
I was craving chocolate really bad. I expressed this to hubby hoping for a voluntary trip to the corner store. (even though everytime I say that this is the last time, I promise) Then I said as a subtle hint that pregnant women who eat more chocolate have happier babies. He was in disbelief and thought I was making it up. Then I had to find the link and show him, but I couldn't find it because the link was expired. So I searched for it and was getting VERY frustrated with myself for not being able to prove myself right. Then I just lost it. I cried and broke down because I couldn't find the link and anyway I just wanted chocolate. So I gathered myself and collected some spare change and headed to the store to buy my chocolate. When I came back I was cool and collected. Hubby was still shocked at my switch changes from craving chocolate to obsessing over a website to crying about my frustration to being happy again.
The chocolate really did help though. I feel better. And when I came home Josh had found the link for me. All was well with the world.
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Well, as I had figured, I failed the stinking one hour GD test. It made me feel so cruddy all day, and part of the next day too, that I've declined the three hour and I just am accepting this fictitious label of GD. I brought my glucometer with me on Friday, and according to my glucometer I passed with flying colors, but according to the blood serum test, I was over by a couple points. Grrrrr! I hate the fact that doctors even believe GD exists! But, that's a whole other rant. So, I also declined the diabetic counselling they want me to go to, and I'm keeping a food diary for two weeks as well as monitoring my glucose four times daily. Doesn't matter that I've already been doing that very thing voluntarily for the past three weeks, nooooooo, they want fresh reports, and then I meet with the doctor again.

I'm bitter, feel set up, and very angry that this hoop is presented for us to just jump through. I have a two year old who WILL NOT be separated from me, and believe me, I've tried. The one hour test was a freaking nightmare, there is no way we'd survive a three hour test, not to mention how rotten I felt afterwards, throwing up for the rest of the day, completely lethargic and hungover feeling. Yeah, that's got to be good for your body. <roll eyes>

No good news here. I'm just mad.

Bears, sorry your trip was so eventful! Hope you all recover quickly. What a scary thing it must have been to see your son in pain like that. And the cast, yowch! But, it's probably upsetting you way more than him. And, what a short time in a cast! Just goes to show how quickly they heal.

Well, I should try to get some more sleep. Anyone else having insomnia lately? I've just got too much on my mind, I guess. This test has really rocked my world. It's feeling like last time all over again, and I'm so devastated by that.
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oh, christeeny, i'm so glad i'm not the only one!

i asked dh to take home a visiting kid sunday night, and he put it off and put it off and finally i just yelled at the poor kid to get in the car, i would do it. dh scrambled for his keys but i beat him out the door.

i made nice to the kid on the way home... he's actually a cool little guy and he's pretty understanding. i was already mad that there wasn't a thing in the house to make for dinner, the place was a total wreck, my sciatica was worse (and the pool store was closed so i couldn't get the chemicals to refill the hot tub yet), i didn't have enough change to buy a stupid Sonic burger on the way home (the last-ditch food item when i'm hungry and can't think of anything else to eat), and to top it all off, i tore my favorite and oldest tie-dye dress on the door of the van when i got home.

so i stomped upstairs when i got home, got in the shower and just cried and cried. then i started throwing up because i hadn't eaten in so long, and i just dry heaved for what seemed like hours. it was definitely one of the lowest points so far.

dh had cleaned up the bedroom and lit some candles, and just laid me down on the bed once i quit upchucking, and massaged my feet and back until i finally calmed down.

why is it that kids, dogs and husbands are so rotten right up to the moment you want to get rid of 'em, and then they turn around and be so nice? nature's method of keeping the peace, i suppose.

on the other hand, last night i finished knitting my first soaker! and it turned out pretty nice, if i do say so myself. of course, it won't fit my baby until he's ready for kindergarten... seriously, it's supposed to be the infant size and i think it's probably more like a 2T... oh well!

today, by hook or by crook i get that tub working again. how hard can it be to locate a little bit of soda ash and bromine? sheesh!

my 10-y.o. ds pumped up my fishy pool yesterday and filled it with water. he happily splashed and played in it for an hour, until we got a freakin' huge thunderstorm... and our first tornado warning! so the fishy pool got drained and popped into the basement for now. no tornados near us, thankfully, but it was pretty exciting for a while there....

mommycaroline, i'm so sorry this has all come down on you. it sounds like you are doing all the right things, educating yourself and eating well. i've declined all those kinds of tests so i can't sympathize, but my heart goes out to you and i hope things settle down soon!

let's keep the goal in sight, ladies... all our beautiful healthy babies!

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