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Hi Rochelle! Welcome!
Hope everyone is doing fine today.
Went to my OBGYN yesterday for a 30 week check-up. The babe measures right-on-target, I haven't gained a pound over the last month (that struck me as very strange), and I took the glucola test. Had a most candid talk with the doc...........we'll be traveling 45 minutes from home to go to the hospital and I've been wondering how to know when it's time to get in the car and drive. I also have tons of questions about the hospital itself and DH appears increasingly nervous (he's joked several times about the benefits of having the baby in the car on the way there.....warning bells, warning bells) about the whole thing, so we've set up an appt. with the head nurse at the OB ward. I think this will help immensely. Since DD was born at home with a midwife, I'm just about as clueless as can be regarding hospitals. I sure like my OB, though, and feel a good sense of connection with her. For me, feeling comfortable with the person who's helping us deliver this baby is paramount, irregardless of the physical location of the birth.

Speaking of physical locations. Those of you who are planning water births! If only we could do that at this hospital! We had a tub set up in our living-room with DD and it was a wonder of wonders.

Been trying to sew a few fitted diapers. I finally figured it out, but am not sure they are worth the work. My sewing machine and I grudgingly trudge through every project. Trudge, trudge, trudge. I am not a "natural."

Bears, is your son's cast itching yet? Will he be able to swim with it on?

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When you talk to the head nurse, ask her if it would be possible to have a portable tub set up there. The water birth people out of portland oregon (sorry, can't remember the name) are working with hospitals all over the place to make that happen, and some hospitals have jacuzzis just for laboring moms (none of the ones HERE, of course...) You'll probably want to have the info on hand when you talk to your dr as well. That's not the sort of thing they like as a surprise. But, given that you have already experienced water birth once, you are a great candidate to educate your dr and hospital to the benefits.

Congrats on the fitted dipes. I have thought about it several times, but contours were all I could handle at home (piece of cake by the way, even when I lined them with fleece.) I bought all my fitteds as my, "I'm having a boy!" treat last time.

Mommy to Meg 5/00, Peter 6/02, #3 due 8/04
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the hugs ap-re: telling people about our homebirth. I haven't told any family yet, I have been waiting for a good opportunity in a conversation, and it hasn't come up. No one asks much about dr.'s and stuff at this stage I guess.

I had a massage yesterday, and although it is hard to say there is such a thing as a bad massage, I think it was. The woman talked the whole time, she didn't seem to really concentrate on what she was doing, and it didn't feel like bliss like it usually does. I haven't had a massage in about two years, so it was disappointing. The other thing, my dh paid for an hour, and I got there at 10:30, had to take off clothes, go to bathroom, wait for her to come in, get settled, and she massaged. She didn't do any of the typical rocking or chopping to signal it is done, just said I was done. When I put my clothes back on and came out is was only 11:20. I thought when it comes to a massage, an hour is an hour? I didn't know what to say, since it was out of her home, but I won't be going back. Massages are expensive, and not something we can afford to do often. My dh gives better massages than that. Anyway...

I have been so achy the last few days. My lower back and my lower belly. I think I am finally starting to feel the weight of the baby. I was pretty active with mowing the lawn, heavy gardening, moving rocks, etc to just a week ago. Now I feel like I can hardly do anything. My back I am used to kind of hurting, but I don't remember my belly feeling like this before. It almost feels like constant menstrual cramps, but not that bad.

thats all for now,
hugs to everyone! Take care of yourselves!
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Good evening Ladies! Our group has been a lot less chatty lately.

Foxy: Since you enjoyed your homebirth so much last time, why have you switched to an OB? Just curious.

I woke up this morning and started the day off horrible. My sweet little 2 yr. old DD walked in my room and began to pat my forhead and say wake up mommy. I think that is such a sweet thing to wake up too. When I tried to get out of bed I couldn't stand. I feel to me knees in such horrible pain. I am not sure if the baby was on a nerve or what but I could not walk. My DD gave me a concerned look and said 'do you have a boo boo mommy? I told her yes and proceeded to crawl to the living room. As usual she was ready for a cup of milk and some breakfast. I couldn't get it out of the fridge on my knees so I used the island to hoist myself up into a standing position. Every step I took was excrusiating radiating pain down my leg. I fixed her breakfast and went to my room and just cried. I tried every position that I knew of to get the pain to go away and nothing was helping. So I filled the tub with warm water and turned on the jets, it was my last hope. 20 min. later I was able to get out and although my back was sore I could atleast walk again. My best friend was suppose to come over and spend the day with me. We havn't seen each other in atleast a month. We talk everyday but seeing her is so buch better. She called about the time I was expecting her to pull in my driveway and said she couldn't come. I cried again. (I hate this whole emotional rollercoast right now). I was so disapointed. I ended up reading several books to my DD and puting together some puzzles. We colored and watched blues clues and then napped together. Finally at 3:15 my sister called and invited us to go swimming. I thought yeah, a silver lining to my day. It was so hot outside. At first the water seemed cold cause it rained last night, but it took less than a min. to feel great. Then my baby girl climed up the ladder like she had no fear in the world and went down the water slide. I was so proud of her. Anyway we had lots of fun and it was a great way to top off the afternoon. Now, I am babysitting my sisters kids while she attends her 10 yr. high school reunion.
I hope my back doesn't go out again :
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Does anyone know

I am not wanting the hospital to give the vitamin K shot, the silver nitrate eye oinment or the Hep vaccine at birth. My hospital tour is not scheduled for another 3 weeks so I thought I would get some imput from all of you. This is a different hospt. that with my first pg. I just told them and put in my birth plan about rejecting the vaccine, but I allowed them to do the eye ointment and shot, just delayed a few hours. I have read more this time around and don't want any of it.
Anyway, do any of you have good or bad experiences with this at a hospital? What can I do other than noting it in my birthplan and either myself or my DH telling the staff when we arrive. I am hoping to not have the baby go to the nursery at all. I told my MW this and she said she has had a few other mothers request this and as long as there is nothing wrong it shouldn't be a problem. I don't want to go in with a fighting attitude, but as a doula I have seen so many woman have to fight everything in the hospital to get what they want.
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*Warning pity party for me here*
I give up..leg cramps are so bad at this point....I am tired of trying to fight them, yet the pain is quite unbearable when they happen(believe me I have tried everything...increased potassium-magnesium, calicum, I exercise everyday, blah , blah , blah, nothing works for me). I also noticed today on my thigh a batch of nice little "spider veins" that I have never had before

Also :Puke today while trying to brush my teeth....blasted..Dh said "I really feel bad for you this morning honey..."and he hardly ever says anything about my pg related whoas....
*pity party over*

only about 9 weeks left for me....so I am really hitting the nesting phase.....

and I am really getting excited to meet our new baby. DS #1 turning 4 has really made me want this baby even more b/c I so miss the early years with ds and ds is sooo excited for this baby too it just makes it all one big warm fuzzy. Since this will probably be our last, I am also trying to savor the flavor of being pg and gushing over my belly and just smiling even though things are not as perfect as I would like them to be.

gtg off to ebay to check out my bids.....
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Hi Ladies,
Feeling like I should have my own pity party today, too. I am feeling so huge and slow-like a giant slug. Also, although I am not getting leg cramps, my calves feel very heavy. And it takes me a few minutes to get outta bed in the morning. Which is rough when DS has been getting up at 5:15 am!

Also feeling LOTS of movement today. And slightly crampy. Have I mentioned that I have this weird feeling that this baby is going to come early? Like really early? (Universe forbid!)So, besides thinking the early thoughts, I am starting to think of this babe lying crosswise in my uterus and I am hoping that he/she starts moving! I know it's too early to worry about it (especially since doc says that babes don't assume the head-down position until 36 weeks or after). But I don't think that DS was ever in this position. Which would make perfect sense. I am carrying and showing in a much different way this time around.

No big plans for the holiday weekend, and after our exciting vacation, that is fine with us!

Frog-Sorry to hear that you had to go thru the cast thing when your DC was so young! Must have been even harder to deal wtih.

Jl-ooooh, brownies! Also, I am feeling the early vibe with my babe, too, and this worries me. So much to do! And major HUGS to you. I'm sorry you're feeling so miserable.

Juju-My DH is unemployed (freelancing and starting his own business, but nontheless not employed full-time). And I can only imagine the joy I will feel when insurance issues are not an ISSUE any more! Glad that he is back working.

Foxy-Thanks for asking about DS. You know, I think he's been very annoyed by the cast over the past two days. And it makes sense that it may be itching the heck out of him. Last night he asked for medicine b/c his arm hurt. So, who knows? We aren't even 2 full weeks into this cast, so he has 2 more to go!

Ilove-I haven't had too many massages in my time, but I *think* that an hour is an hour. Like only if you came late would it affect your time. Doesn't sound like a great experience to me. I have a friend who is a massage therapist. I should ask her. You don't ever want a crappy massage!

Hi AP! You are SO allowed to have any old pity party for yourself that you want. We all deserve it. Sorry that your legs are still do crampy. I, too, am down to 9.5 weeks left. Of course, I want to meet this little baby, but I am not wanting him/her to come too early. I feel that I have so much to do. And I want to be a bit more centered than I'm feeling right now.

Oh-I would like to read more or hear more about the VitK and silver nitrate issues. The cons, that is. I did both with #1, but I have contemplated not getting it this time around. But I don't know much. This baby, however, will NOT get the Hep vaccine. Our hospital makes you sign something when you are denying it. And I already have.

Anyway, I think that's it for me. Anyone else having a hard time believing how FAST this pregnancy has gone!????For me, it seems to have whizzed by. Just a little scary! So much I wanted to encourage DS to do-like *"sometimes* sleeping in his own bed, have gone by the wayside. Just too tired and preoccupied to force any issues. Looks like it will be the FOUR of us in bed. Which is fine, but I think it will be tough.

Sleep well. Enjoy your weekends. And take good care of yourselves, mamas!

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Nothing new to update. Still getting sick, too. When will this part ever end? I guess the only cure is delivery.

Two great births for two different friends of mine this week. One had twins with no meds, first one was head down, second one breech! And, the other had a VBAC with my midwive's practice just this morning. Very empowering! I get to pick apart her experience and find out what I need to do to prepare.

My belly feels enormous these days. Lots of pressure. Today I had a BH contraction that took my breath away. I don't remember those with my last pregnancy. Maybe that means my uterus is practicing for real this time! I sure hope so.

I've got the leg cramps too, Traci. They're worse at night. Make my whole leg convulse. Ugh! I'm trying potassium too, although I'm also taking it to help ward off pre-eclampsia, and I'm not noticing a decrease in leg cramps.

Took Bonnie to the dentist this week. It went pretty well. They were extremely gentle with her, and kept saying "each visit will be positive, so we'll only do what she wants" and they did! They even asked me "what's her best time of day?" when scheduling our return visit. Very thoughtful. Hoping that next week we can get an X-ray and find out what we're up against. They think that her tooth is in fact already dead, and we just need to monitor for signs of infection. Probably not worth removing it, they say. I hope so.

Laurie, I'm also not planning on the Hep-B vax or the silver nitrate at birth, but we will be getting the vitamin K, I think. I had a very close friend who had a non-traumatic birth last summer end up with her 6 week old in the hospital with hemmoraghic fever of the newborn. It was absolutely terrifying, and I think it has changed this family for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, the baby lived, but there's no way of knowing what the extent of brain damage he has suffered will be until he's much older. He's delayed now. I researched the heck out of vitamin K deficiency for her, and it's really terrifying. Only happens to breastfed babies (because formula is loaded with vitamin K) and is highest risk among boys born to mothers who are vegetarian or vegan. I'm neither vegetarian nor vegan, but it still scared the garbage out of me. My poor friend will question every decision she ever makes again. Yeah, the statistics are very slim, but she will forever blame herself for not protecting him with that shot. I haven't found anything negative about getting the shot, just lots of vague "well, we're born vitamin K deficient for a reason" and some outdated references to increased cancer rates among babies who had the shot. There are no studies that have proved this, and several that have disproved it. If you find something about the risks of getting vitamin K, please let me know.

Okay, I'm off to take a hot bath. My legs are cramping up and I want to sleep!
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I don't have alot of time to post, but I wanted to comment about silver nitrate drops.... In my state, I was told that the eye drops are required but they don't use silver nitrate anymore. They use antibiotics that don't burn as much. I'm not sure what they do in other states though. I definently requested that they delaythe drops until after we had our first hour or so to bond with his clear vision.
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Bears: Thank you for the encouragement. The brownies were great. I think I am going to make a batch of fudge today. Just what I need to keep off the extra pounds right! Ooohh now that I am thinking about it, maybe some chocolate covered strawberries.

mommycaroline: Thank you for your input. I think one reason why I want to refuse these things, is because I hate routine and intervention. I don't want the baby to have anything done to her that she doesn't absolutely NEED. I would consent to the Vitamin K if she presented a problem at birth that might require surgery or if I ended up having an emergency c-section. I am not completely closed minded. I would also consent to the eye ointment if I had a vaginal disease or infection. I greatly appreciated your thoughts and concerns.

Today, well the lower back was acting up again a bit, but I worked it out with my electric massager. It is going to be HOT and HUMID for a while here. Suppose to be near 95 today and tomorrow with lots of cloud cover and windy. Chances of storms and showers in the evenings. I am hoping to spend some time with my mom today. She has been taking some college office/computer corses and had not been able to spend much time with me or DD. If that doesn't work out, I hope my sister wants to go swimming again. It will be a perfect day to go and the water takes so much pressure off my growing body. It's amazing that anything could make me feel wieghtless at this point.

I was looking through all my daughters pictures from birth until this point. She was chubby at birth but still seemed so small to us. Seeing pictures of my DH hold her, rock her, change her, sleep with her, and even swim with her. They all made me so excited about this new baby comming so soon.

Well, the house looks great. I must be nesting because I have never cleaned this much in such a short period of time. I do have a few loads of laundry that I could do though. And I still havn't washed all the cloth diapers for the baby. I think today would be a good day to tackle that one too. Have a terrific day everyone.

BTW When all of us deliver where do we go from here? I would love to have a thread to keep in touch with all of you. I don't think I could find another group of woman that are so kind and compasionate. Your all smart and full of good info too.
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links about the vitamin k shot

http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/vitktop.html Some is for and some againts. Pretty much the way it always it when you search on the internet. Anyway here are the sites so far. I have a harder time with the info for the eye ointment. But basically what I have read is it's purpose was to prevent blindness in babies born to moms with an STD. So since I don't have an STD why do I need to have my childs vission blurred?

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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz
http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/vitktop.html Some is for and some againts. Pretty much the way it always it when you search on the internet. Anyway here are the sites so far. I have a harder time with the info for the eye ointment. But basically what I have read is it's purpose was to prevent blindness in babies born to moms with an STD. So since I don't have an STD why do I need to have my childs vission blurred?

Thanks Laurie,

I've seen that link before. I too am totally against any routine intervention. It's the main thing I'm fighting here with this birth, being a VBAC (which, by the way, really was a necessary cesarean, I fought interventions long and hard for that birth too). And, if I didn't have first hand knowledge of how devestating the consequences of Vitamin K deficiency can be, I'd probably feel differently. I'm looking for hard evidence that it's a bad intervention, and I just haven't found it. The birth of my friend's son was a gentle home birth, no interventions, truly an ideal situation, and the articles I keep reading keep stating things like "abnormal bleeding caused by a traumatic birth", which was definitely not the case in my friend's situation. I don't want to convince you, just want to share why we'll probably go ahead and do this, particularly if we have a boy since they are at higher risk than girls (not in any way related to circumcision, which we won't be doing anyway).

And, yeah, the eye ointment to protect against STD's is just stupid, IMHO. You get tested up the wazoo (literally!) when you're pregnant. To have a routine intervention for something they routinely eliminate is just overkill and not something we'll submit to.

Christeeny - NOTHING is mandatory. You always have choices. So what if your state says it's mandatory, I think it's actually mandatory in all states anymore. You can always sign a waiver declining it, if that's your choice. And, something as inconsequential as eye ointment is not going to make or break a relationship with a pediatrician or your birth team (where declining some other things might cause them to say they have to deny you continued care).
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hi all!

we just got back from the beach, man I am exhausted! We had fun but its so good to be home. Just recently I feel like staying at home most of the time. Being away for two days and sleeping somewhere else just really wigged me out. I think its nesting-related which have started to do.

about the newborn procedures, we aren't doing the hep b or eye drops but I'm still on the fence about Vit K. Mommycaroline I feel the same way you do about trying to find some good evidence that is is bad, but not coming up with much. That and one of the mw I see had a baby she delivered get very sick from Vit K deficiency and she feels very strongly about giving it. I'm leaning towards just having it done.

Jl: I feel your pain with the back problems! Not quite as bad as what you had but last night I could not lie down in any position without severe pain. And I just wanted to sleep! Thankfully I had a heating pad with me so I used that and had dh massage it and that got it to the point where at least I could lie down. Still hurt though. Glad you found a solution and hopefully it won't happen again! Oh and in the Life With a Babe forum I think most of the due date groups go on to have Baby groups. I'll be sure to head over there when its time

seems like we are dealing with a fair amount of aches and pains, huh? Ah, the third trimester ain't it grand? I am feeling huge and rather limited also. And cranky! I get so cranky at the end well not much left to go! I need to get in gear and start getting ready!

Bears: My ds is no longer sleeping in his own bed. We moved things around and got him a new toddler bed but he wants to sleep only in the big bed (queen and his old twin pushed together). oh well!

oh and welcome rochelle

ok, thats it for me. Ya'll have a nice day!
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Hi All,
Things here are okay, although my main complaint lately is heartburn and general intestinal distress. I can't eat anything with tomatoes or certain veggies, or sometimes dairy without having very uncomfy heartburn. Also, I have tummy aches and diarrhea and/or constipation very frequently, too. Joy of joys. I just never know how a certain food will affect my very sensitive tract lately.

DS is driving us nuts with his sleep/waking habits lately. Sleep has always been a challenge for him, but lately-GEEESH! We have always tried to make bedtime a happy time. Nursing, books, hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy. For some reason he has suddenly decided to make his going-to-bed theatrics even longer. I don't deal well with this. AT ALL!!! It just goes on and on and on. And it's especially hard b/c he's been waking at 5:15. I just have little tolerance/patience for this now. Ugh! Minor thing in the big picture, I know, but just really annoying and tiresome and crazy-making!

Thanks to everyone for the great info on the eye drops and VitK at birth. I will investigate the eye goop stuff a little further, but I *think* we will still choose to do the VitK.

Caroline-Glad to hear that little Bonnies hasn't been completely traumatized by the dentist experience. We have our first appointment for DS this summer. I'm hoping things go well. Oh-and about the eye goop for prevention of STD transmission. It's SO true about being tested out the WAZOO. When I had blood drawn for the GD test they also mentioned at that test that they test the blood for Syphillis. I've heard that this disease has made a comeback of sorts, but GOSH. HEP, HIV, Syph-I feel like a clean mama already!!

Jl-I've just started wondering the same thing about our great group of women here. Where DO we go after our babes are born? It would be nice to continue this journey into the parenting of these babies. Wondering what everyone else thinks???

Okay, I'm off to drink a GALLON of water (anyone else drinking H20 like a fish???) And relax. Hope you all have a great night.

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Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Ds had a blast today at his park party....the weather was perfect.. I hope we get some more the next few days but it looks like we are going to be getting wet again.

I also like the idea of us staying in touch after the babies come....
Why don't we start a Yahoo group or an email list?
My 2 cents says to try to keep it as private as we could so that way if we want to share pics and things the whole www cannot look in on us. I know we can do that with Yahoo groups too.

I am pretty much on the same boat with all of you as far as the newborn procedures go...no eye goop...no HepB...but the Vit K I think we will do(we have been very on the fence about this too, but even my homeopath said she was too...). I would ideally like to have it given orally but my CNMW said the hospital only gives it in shot form.

I just got 6 more dipe covers today at a great price from a mamma here at MDC...I am soo nesting..I have a feeling this one may be early..

gtg dh wants to use the phone....
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We thought about the oral Vitamin K, but honestly, it kind of disturbs me more orally than as an injection. I'm very concerned about the introduction of anything that isn't mommy's milk in the intestinal tract before the time is right. I've also heard that it doesn't taste that great, and in some cases has led to an oral aversion which can interfere with breastfeeding.

The baby shower I threw tonight was tons of fun! It's so nice hanging with great women and not having to chase after kiddoes. LOL. It was in theory a mother's night out that we hijacked into a surprise baby shower (but the mom figured it out), and we just had so much fun. Nothing like good food, good company and great conversation. Fondue was the menu this evening, and it was divine! Everyone pitches in and it's just so easy. Plus, we cleaned the heck out of the house this afternoon, so it looked awesome. I love entertaining! This house was made to entertain, so it's nice being able to use it that way. I wish I could have more parties.

I'm all for a Yahoo group. It took me a while to get into this board, cause I'm so in love with Yahoo groups. It seems much easier to reply to things that way. But, I'm an old dog, I guess.

I wish I'd get the nesting bug a little bit. I am sooo not ready for this baby. Tons to do, and no motivation to do it. We've still got months and months, right? One of these days...
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This will probably be incoherent. My apologies.

It has been a terrible weekend. My dd recovered from her stomach bug but I caught it and can't seem to shake it. I wasn't able to eat or drink for several days. Last night, I couldn't stop throwing up. In between vomiting, I'd have contractions. I wanted to check myself in to a hospital, but it seemed way too daunting to get dressed, call a cab, yada, yada, yada, on my own in the middle of the night. This morning I feel quite a bit better. I'm even snacking on Saltines.

To make matters worse, dh had to watch dd while a good friend of his was in town. Instead of meeting his friend for a ballgame or a for a drink, they took dd to the park. His friend (childless of course) seemed miffed, dh feels rejected. I feel like phoning his friend to explain that this isn't domesticity, this is illness -- give us a break!

Anyway, does anyone know what kind of effect if any an illness like this can have on a baby in utero? Frogs? I know that you had a similar situation last week. What did they tell you at the hospital?

On to other happier topics, we plan to refuse the Vit K, unless the birth is for some reason traumatic. No eye goop either.

As for our future as a group, I'd rather stick with MDC. I'm not much of a Yahoo user. Also, and maybe this is weird, I don't enjoy the same-age threads as much as I do the due-date threads. I guess that I find that there is more common ground between the pregnant than the non. For instance, the same-age threads often revolve around milestones, e.g., my kid rolled over, took his first step, said his first word, counted to three, and that stuff either bores me or freaks me out (mother of a late talker here). Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind. My outlook on just about everything is a little negative right now. Maybe when I'll reconsider when I'm able to eat some real food.

Hope that you are all well.

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After the babies are born I am up for anything. I'd love to keep in touch.

Today is a wonderful day...the weather is great and I'm getting some micromanagment organization done. I guess this is my version of nesting right now. I'm going through our storage bins in the closets and reorganizing what goes where and eliminating some boxes to make room. I'm getting such a rush. What a dork am I.

I've had a few bh contractions that have taken my breath away. Last time i didn't get any at all plus I was induced and those contractions felt much different. This is a new experience. It was like a menstral cramp but it was bigger. probably because my uterus is bigger If I hadn't been on these boards and hearing about yall's I would have freaked out. It is good to be prepared mentally for stuff like that.

There is a wasp in my living room that has escaped into the molding crack in my vaulted ceiling so there is no way to go get him and get him out. I'm so nervous. The ceiling is too high. The wasp spray won't even reach, so I'm just trying to remain calm and hope he dies and does NOT make himself comfortable in my house and invite his friends. :

I am currently alternating between being totally ready and happy for this baby and being totally freaked out and scared and wondering if we have made ahuge mistake.

Have a good memorial day ladies....

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oh dodo, i'm sorry to hear that nasty tummy crud got you too! i know what you mean about the effort to get to the dr/hosp...about killed me to clothe myself, but i thought i was dying as dry as my mouth, etc was...i wasn't holding down anything even water or able to drink it anyways...glad to hear you're tolerating saltines ok now, maybe you're on the mend finally. at the hospital they gave me the usual schpeal about the baby taking what he needs from me and not to worry about him, i'd be the one deficient etc yK? besides, upon doing EFM's of him and measuring him - he's definitely showing to be ok, measuring ahead 1.5wks even. i'm hoping that growth has slowed back to normal by my next appt on the 7th...

christeenybeany, i understand your worries! i worried so much about introducing a 2nd baby to our happy li'l routine, now i'm paranoid of the third! honestly, the 2nd was a breeze - she was a pretty easy baby, though she didn't nap from about 2-6mos for some strange reason, but she's a terror now lol...very high-spirited, bossy, independent and possessive - i'm afraid we're rocking her world a li'l much w/ this new baby, but too late now lol! i think it will be good for her though, because she's used to being the center of attention (you can't help but to pay attn to the bossy li'l diva lol) and it'll teach patience and sharing i hope...sigh...
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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz

Foxy: Since you enjoyed your homebirth so much last time, why have you switched to an OB? Just curious.

Laurie, we switched to an OB after much deliberation. We had a few wild cards thrown at us that made us question our choice this time around. The primary reason we switched to a hospital birth, tho, has more to do with the local medical system. DD's delivery was long and difficult (30 hours, 10 lb 8oz baby), I tore real bad, set up an infection, and had a heck of a time getting good medical follow-up care for me b/c we had had a homebirth. We're talking several rounds of silver nitrate by the midwife on my privates (which, by the way, I would never ever want to subject to a newborn's eyes...... yo.), totally freaked out extended family members, and lots of haranguing before I finally found an OB who is "friendly to the cause." The other catch is that two other women went into labor the same weekend as we did, so our midwives were stretched super-thin and completely exhausted their back-up resources........I think everyone did the best they could, but in retrospect I think we took unnecessary risks because the midwives were too worn-out to think crystal-clear. There was a terrible few seconds after DD was born where she wasn't breathing and DH had to hunt down the ambu bag. Babies not breathing right away is common enough, but DH searching through gear for an ambu bag is not. Frightened me to the core.
These were issues I had not fully contemplated when we decided to have a homebirth.
I would gladly do it again if:
I had a midwife available who works closely with a local physician
There was a higher concentration of midwives and doulas in our area
I had not found an OBGYN who seems realy groovy
There was any sort of guarantee that this next kiddo is the same size or smaller than DD (it's a crap shoot)

But oh! I am convinced that homebirth is wonderful for most people most of the time. The bond that is forged between the couple laboring at home is eternal. The experience will change us forever.

Well, now, writing that just about did me in. It's interesting to me that writing this a few months ago would have left me feeling completely freaked out, but not now. I've been feeling increasingly calm and strong about having this baby in August. I'm ready. I'm also really curious about what it's going to be like compared to having DD. Birthing a baby, no matter where and how you go about it, is one of the most extraordinary things we will ever do as women. And, mamas, we're about to do it very soon!
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