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Hi everyone!
I've been so naughty and haven't posted in weeks it seems like; and I do apologize. I read everyone's posts when I get the chance, and I catch myself nodding in agreement to many things said, as well as coming up with so many things to add.........but I'm so dang tired when it comes time to post

I want a homebirth so bad again, but I haven't taken the time to get a midwife. My MIL said she'd pay for the entire fee, if that's the way we wanted to go. I am on medicaid since dh is unemployed (again), and the OB that I'm seeing seems ok........but she insists on the hospital of course. I've had 2 babies in the hospital, both with loads of PIT and agony. Ivy, my last dd, was born at home so fast that the midwife wasn't able to get there in time. My fault really for not recognizing the labor signs since I went into labor on my own for once. So, I'm really torn as to what to do. Dh absolutely won't do unassisted again, and I don't blame him really because I was flipping out too until the paramedics got there (too late I might add). But one thing is for sure, if I do end up using the OB, I'll listen to my body better and go to the hospital at the very last minute.........no way Jose' am I getting doped up!!

On to something more fun........like butt pain!! Does anyone else's ass hurt? I mean like right behind your crack? I can't really explain it any better. If I turn to quickly while sitting down, OUCH a ray of pain shoots thru my butt. I have found a heating pad to help a little, but it makes me so dang hot. Anyone know what's up with this, and what's it called?!

Dodo, I am so so sorry you've been so sick. I can't even imagine trying to hit the toilet to barf being this big. You are SUPERWOMAN and will be just fine, like Frogladybugmama said..........just rehydrate as best you can.
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Girl-No, my butt doesn't hurt, YET. But it sounds like you're talking about your cocxyc (sp??) bone. This makes sense especially if the baby and size of your uterus is throwing off your weight distribution. I've heard this before. I've also heard that some people have this pain AFTER giving birth, too, due labor pressure/pain.

No time, ladies. Just checking in!
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I have been reading the May due date clubs birth stories. They are so exciting! Just think, in a few weeks we will be doing the same!

It definitely sounds like we are all in the aches and pains stage of this pregnancy. My back has really been hurting, and it hurts all up and down the spine, and laying on my side doesn't alleviate it, just laying on my back. I have been doing yoga to try and keep it stretched out, and it helps a little. My next chiro appt. isn't until June 10th, I hope I can make it that long. I might go in the meantime, but it is $40.00 a time, and that adds up.

After reading about what some of you mama's are going through though, I feel lucky. I really am feeling pretty good overall. I haven't been eating so well though, lots of lemonade (made from powder) and brownies and bagels. I probably gained a lot of unuseful weight this week.

Hang in there y'all!
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i've hardly been online lately (how will i ever get to senior status? and you guys have been so chatty! i empathize with all your aches and pains, although i seem to have miraculously quit barfing for the moment (something i am supremely grateful for!).

i'm 32 weeks today, and also 41 years old today. dh is making me a cherry cheesecake, and we're having corn on the cob for dinner, with baked chicken and a big green salad and homemade potato salad. and lemonade. mmmm. i woke up this morning really wanting the corn, and all the rest came together this afternoon.

our big homeschooling conference was a wonderful success. after the final event (a talent show, where ds1 and dh performed), we went up to the rooftop pool of the hotel to watch the memorial weekend fireworks... we could hear the KC symphony outside the beautiful old rebuilt railroad station, and about 10 miles beyond was a tremendous thunder and lightning storm. watching the natural light show while the 1812 Overture was playing was such a treat!

john taylor gatto, who had most of his front teeth knocked out in a car accident in Borneo a few weeks ago, spoke at the conference, and it was fabulous (though a little hard to understand sometimes). linda dobson was also her wonderful gracious self, david albert was funny and engaging, and of course all the homeschool parents were terrific to talk with. i'm still tired but it was sooo worth it!

this baby is getting so big. probably about 4 pounds now, i think? i can't imagine where its going to grow now... i feel stretched to the limit as it is. a few bouts of hiccups these days, and lots of rib tickling (not the funny kind, either!).

my midwife gave me some food enzymes to take with meals, and they do seem to help (i was getting heartburn that lasted a couple hours after eating... no fun).

dh ordered the new dryer this weekend, so we're one step closer to being ready for this baby.

i hope you all are having a nice relaxing weekend with your families!

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Hi all! Terri, I think Bears is probably right and that it's your cocyxc. I've been having trouble with mine off and on all durring this pregnancy too. My OB says its pretty common. I find that if I keep a firm pillow at the small of my back when I'm driving or sitting in a recliner, it makes a big difference in how my tail feels.

Huge weather here in this area over the weekend. Tornados and all.....I wonder what it was like in Indy durring the race? Can't imagine what driving would have been like trying to get out of town. Hope weather was more settled in the areas where all of you live.

I've been thinking a lot about fluid intake. Bears mentioned a while back that she's drinking like a gallon a day. That's what my midwives always pushed for too. I'm trying to work my way up to that amount. Like ilovebeingamom, I can't get enough lemonade. Oh, Panera Breads has the BEST lemonade......sigh, I lust after it. Dodo and Frogs, after you got dehydrated, did it take you a few days to get enough fluid back in your systems? Did you have headaches?

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Happy Birthday Katje!!!
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Hey there
I have a touch of insomnia. Yesterday I hurt my back and really empathized with those of you who deal with that daily. Today we had couple friends over all day and it was fun. They don't have kids but love Ben and keep him entertained all day. I am so tired but I'm wide awake. Does that makes sense. I need to read or something to help me sleep but the only thing I have to read is baby/pregancy related and I'm kinda getting burnt out on that topic. (except the forum boards of course) I ate Chinese for dinner and I'm soooooo bloated. I should know better.

I'm sooooooo very nervouse because tomorrow is the first day of the last semester of my undergraduate carreer. In 10 weeks I will be through! It has taken me 6 years after a medical withdrawl, change of major, wedding, baby #1 and now baby #2. I wonder what grad school will bring.

I guess I'm getting sleepy enough now. Goodnight ladies. I hope your backs give you some relief.
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Foxy: Thankyou for answering my question about choosing an OB this time instead of homebirth. I can understand why you might want to make a change from your ordeal last time. I on the other hand had a bad hospital ordeal last time and have begged and begged and begged my DH for a homebirth. He isn't budging. I have changed hospitals and have a CNMW that delivers in a hospital. Still not exactly what I wanted but i am trying to look at it positively. I really wanted water birth and that is not an option at this location. I plan on staying home as long as possible. Taking advantage of walking, the comfort of my own home, and my big jet tub. I am actually excited about the whole birth procces!

I am open to whatever works best for everyone on the keeping in touch after our babies are born front. I'm glad I asked. You all have good suggestions. We could have a yahoo group and a thread here as well.

We had a slow weekend, but nice cause I got to go swimming twice. It is so wonderful being in the pool. I just can't get over how it completely takes all the pressure off my back and all the other aches. I can totally see how the use of water in birth would be useful.
I only have my daycare kids once this week and that is supposed to be tomorrow (Wednesday). I have taken advantage of the days off and continued giving in to my nesting urges. I completely cleaned and rearranged my DD's room for the second time in less than 2 weeks. We had converted her crib into a day bed but I turned it back into a crib and decided to use it for the new baby instead of keeping her in it. So now she is in a day bed that my Grandmother gave me. It's so pretty. She slept well for her nap and night time last night so I am pleased with her transition. I washed all the crib bedding and put it back together and tried the crib in several locations in the room until I was satisfied. I cleaned the changing table my sister gave me and put it in the room. Then decided to take my daughters dresser and put it in the babies room too. She had no extra space in her room and most of her clothes are on hangers anyway.
I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. In the last two weeks I have: scrubbed from top to bottom the kitchen. No more clutter. Even better, I have kept it cleaned and organized. The living room, dusted and vaccumed and cleaned the fan and base boards. My room (this was huge) It has had boxes all over since we moved in in September. I just never got motivated until now. So we relocated the bed, dressers, and computer table and placed the cradle next to my side of the bed. If the whole nesting thing is true and means that you are close to delivery, I atleast hope it's another 7 1/2 weeks. My DD was born at 37 weeks and had some breathing problems. I want the baby to come no sooner than 38 weeks.

Todays Note: My daughter woke up at 5:00 crying. I started to get out of bed and got the most terrible crams in both of my calves. It hurt so bad I couldn't think strait and it took me a second to remember to flex my feet toward me. That was four hours ago and my calves are still feeling sore. I havn't had to many of those yet. I hope this isn't a new trend that I will be experiencing until the arrival of our little one. OUCH!!! Beyond that, the morning has been pleasent. My DD is somewhat clingy today. Infact she is in my lap right now, just kuddling!
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Laurie, I'm so envious of your accomplishments! Way to go! I have similar nesting urges but am too weak to follow through on them.

Foxy, I'm still working on the rehydration. I don't have headaches, but I do have episodes of tearless weeping, which is pretty pathetic. Yesterday I phoned a midwife for some advice and she suggested that I drink a few sips of water, gatorade or black tea sweetened with sugar every half hour or hour. Before that, I'd feel nauseous, not drink for hours, get a small window in which I felt up to drinking and down a whole glass or bottle at a time. I now see the error of my ways. I thought that we needed to drink a lot, but perhaps it's preferable to drink frequently. Are you having headaches?
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