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Originally Posted by crunchywannabe
No-No..me next! If I go into labor tonight I can avoid the stool samples tomorrow! :LOL
I will graciously let you go next.
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YIPEE LIZ!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear the birth story!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations on the new little ones!!!!

We were up for about 3 hours last night with contractions every 3-7 minutes and then they stopped. Wow does this baby need a lot of practice getting out. I am, again, miserable today. We hired a mamma's helper to come and play with kids while we clean up today -- getting house ready for kids' caregivers when we go to hospital.

I too am getting the stabbing pain on my cervix and it sometimes brings me to tears. OUCH!

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Good morning! Congrats, Liz! It's so cool that we're having babies already.. I'm totally amazed! I'm not due until the end of June, so I've probably got quite a bit of waiting ahead of me but each new birth just gets me more excited, kwim?

I may have the option of a cervical check at my next appt, but I won't bother. I haven't lost any mucous, I've had sporadic, non-painful braxton hicks contractions, and I'm just not anywhere near labor. Hearing about how ripe or unripe my cervix is would just be depressing for me. :LOL Of course, with the whole GBS issue, it may not be an option for me at all because of the risk of introduction of the bacteria into my cervix. So we'll see! My next appt. is on Wednesday, after Eli's well baby check. I'm so not looking forward to that; we're not seeing his usual doctor, and I'm a bit concerned about this other person not being as pleasant as Eli's doc. He thinks I'm a little strange, but that's okay.. I so don't want to hear that I'm endangering my son's life by not giving him a shot for a disease he's already had.

I've got those stabbing cervical & vaginal pains too. I wish someone had told me they were normal with Eli, I thought that something was going horribly wrong. For all the "stuff they'll never tell you" books about pregnancy, that's one that just doesn't appear in any of them. Nor do they tell you that your hair might fall out... what they say is "Your hair may become thicker, shinier, and fuller during your pregnancy". Mine started falling out in clumps with Eli and the doctor was like "oh, that's normal." WTF? Why didn't anyone tell me?!?

Definately tired of being pregnant already.. but not quite ready for NewBean, so I guess I should relax and watch everyone else have their babies. I feel like I'm forgetting something, though... hmmm....
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I actually get pleasant feelings in my cervix. Is that weird or what?
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Originally Posted by Greaseball
I will graciously let you go next.
thanks...unfortunately, no labor today! :LOL but the diarrhea is magically gone..I am wondering if I should even still worry about it?

Cervix pains..yes OUCH! they do hurt. But I get them so often now that I am kind of used to them.

I am sure my OB will check me at my next appt, just because he will be doing my GBS then too. Honestly though-it just doesn't matter! My lsat 4 births I was dilated 3-4 and 80-95% effaced for a month before I was induced due to other reasons, so I don't get excited over progression anymore! :LOL

Busy nesting! went and bought tons of cleaning supplies yesterday. and my oldest kids are very busy scrubbing walls (can you believe that they actually LOVE doing that???)

I've been thinking of throwing together a ton of sauces etc to freeze for quick meals later too....

Belly has totally changed this week! She has finally come more forward and so I am looking more pregnant. I still had someone the other day say they could barely tell I had a baby in there :LOL
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Yikes, I missed so much!!

CONGRATS to Michelle and Liz!! YEAH!! I cant wait to read the birth story Liz! Both of you, enjoy your babymoon!

This has been a long week. DH has been working 14-16 hours a day, and I am exhausted. I just want someone to come and take my children away for a couple hours so I can nap...
Oh yeah, then there's the getting ready for baby stuff I feel so guilty about not having done yet. The homebirth supplies Im supposed to have washed and ready, labor pool I havent ordered yet, cleaning I havent done. I want to do all of it right now, but I just dont have the energy. Im 38 weeks officially, so I probably should get on it, huh?

I met the other day with a backup doc from Kaiser. He was FANTASTIC!! I am totally stoked to have found him. He will catch a breech, he doesnt care that Im homebirthing, he was unconcerned that I refused a vag check, and was good to the kiddos in the office. He asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I was like, well, I was kinda thinking about asking for an US to check the position of the placenta. He said "well we can do it right now, it wont be all official with measurements and such, but it will tell us what you want to know" I was like cool! So we did a few minutes of US, to find the placenta, check the spinal column, stomach and bladder bubbles, heart, etc... It was weird that I asked for an US that wasnt necessary, but it was nice to see everything the way it was supposed to be. And we still dont know the sex!

Hmm... everyone/everything annoys me right now, at least for the last couple of days. My 4.5 yr old DD is just like this: And my DS is : I feel like bad mama for asking for quiet time, but sometimes I just want to lock myself in a closet. Not that that would keep them out, though Zachary pounds on the bathroom door when I close it...
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