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It's sooo exciting, we're all getting so close!! Although I'm ready, I am starting to freak out because nothing's done in my house!! This weekend is going to have to be pretty intense! I need to go at least another week and four days before I can have this baby in the birth center!

My midwife asked me for the birth plan last week and we didn't have it done yet. I guess I'm probably going to keep it similar to the last one, with a few small changes. I asked her about suctioning the baby because my DS was suctioned a lot and he wouldn't nurse. Since then I've read some about "oral aversion" and wondered if that may have been part of the problem. Of course she tells me "every baby is different" but I'd like to avoid the same pitfalls if I can, you know?

Anyone else know their care provider's policy on suctioning?

((hugs)) to everyone!!

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Well, I've been reading too much about GBS. Liz, what alternative treatments are you trying again? See, here's the thing...I can decide what I want to do. I've said the whole time that I just want to be treated with abx if my water is broken for a long time or if I have a fever. My aversion to abx is that 1)I don't want to set myself up for thrush...I ALWAYS get yeast infections after abx and 2)after reading that article in Mothering's Nov/Dec issue and what Ina May has to say, I do worry about the effects of the abx longterm (resistance). My most immediate concern is the thrush. But then I know that the 1% of babies that do contract GBS from their mothers can die. Do I take comfort in that low percentage...up until last night, yes. But then I started freaking out about the 1%.

So, what I've been doing is taking a probiotic, increasing my yogurt intake, and taking Vitamin C. My midwife suggested garlic used intervaginally. I'm a bit nervous about trying this b/c the mechanics of how to put it in and get it out are puzzling me. I guess I've used a keeper before, it can't be that different? I've also heard of soaking a tampon in 2% tea tree oil/ 98% olive oil and wearing that for 4 hours. So tell me again what you are doing? And are you going to be retested and if so when? I think I do want to be retested but I'm going to have to request another appt with my backup doc to do so. I've not had an actual appt with my midwife yet to discuss any of this...I meet with her on Friday and will hash out some of these concerns then.

Part of me is like, the protocol is flawed anyway, they test too early, I could not have it when I go into labor or vice versa. It's a very small risk. The protocol used to be just to treat women with risk factors. Etc. Then there's the little voice that is bugging the crap out of me with worry.


On a positive note, I'm not so miserable this week. Yay! Still struggling to get a decent nights sleep but not so miserable.
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I've been in a funk these last couple of days and it just doesn't seem to be getting any better. Dh & I are not getting along and a lot of it stems from the way he disciplines or rather doesn't discipline our kids. I ALWAYS have to be the bad guy. He rarely steps up and helps out when they are doing something they are not suppose to. We went to visit friends w/ a new baby over the weekend and my friend needed to discipline my oldest while I was in the bathroom and dh was RIGHT there. I was angry and am still ticked off. I guess it was kinda the straw that broke the camels back per say.

Then yesterday my shower invitations went out. The girls in the neighborhood are doing a lunch shower at a restaurant. I should be happy but I've already had 3 people make comments about how I don't need a shower because what could I possibly need. These are people that are suppose to be my FRIENDS! I felt like saying then don't come because obviously you can't give me what I want and that's support. I feel like I give so much and it would be nice if for ONCE it was about ME damn it! I always feel like such an inconvience. It just sucks! Then to top it off my best friend that lives across the country decided that she's not coming home this summer to see the new baby but on vacation w/ her dh. I understand that she needs time w/ him right now but I'm just sad that for the second summer she won't be coming home. She promised she'd be here this summer because of the baby. It didn't bother me last summer because we had just gone out to see her but I was really looking foward to seeing her. sigh!

Alright sob fest over.
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Hi ladies. I'm around so sporadically and little that I don't know if anyone will remember me, but I just read up on this thread and wanted to pop in and say hello.

I can't complain too much, but I'm ready to meet this baby!

I haven't had a single solitary sign that s/he is going to come anytime soon though. I don't think I've even dropped.

I've had a few stomach aches that felt like my whole belly was on fire on the inside - like heartburn but in my belly. My mw said they could have been contractions but I don't really think so. Course I have nothing to base that on as I have never felt even so much as a BH before.

Then there's the bladder pain. I tried to describe it to my mw yesterday but she just asked me if I was sure it wasn't my pubic bone? I don't know - it feels like it's my bladder and only happens when I have to pee. Just a real sharp pain in that area that makes walking darn near impossible. I seriously thought I was going to have to crawl down the hall the other night when I got up to go, and then when I do go it hurts like crazy. Not like burning like I have an infection or anything, just really really sore inside.

And I said I couldn't complain too much. Really, I'm just mentioning these things in case some more experienced mamas or anyone might have an explanation or some encouragement that this bundle will be arriving soon.

I hope everyone is doing well and still feeling pretty decent! I belong to another board's June Mommies group and 2 of them have had their babies already. Such an exciting time!
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You're not around *that* sporadically, Steve's Sweety. :LOL

It's totally amazing to know that any time I could log on here and see a birth story.. this is just blowing my mind! :LOL It seems like only last week I was on the "Nursing mothers TTC in October" list. :LOL Wildthing, I seem to remember you being on that list, too.. crazy stuff, huh? :LOL

This morning, I did something I've never done before.. I turned the television on and put on PBS kids. My son looked at the screen and pointed, saying "Mom, it's Dragon Tales!" He seemed really baffled; I think that he thought we didn't have it on our tv. I was also a little surprised that he knew it was Dragon Tales; he's only seen the show half a dozen times (my niece watches it every day ), and I didn't realize he'd heard the name of it, or recognized enough to put the two together without the theme song. In-freaking-credible. :LOL

My brother is coming from across the country at the end of June, and he wants to do family pictures while he's out here. This is a good thing, except that it means my family is now pressuring me not to shave all my hair off until after the pictures. I sooooo want it gone!! I've been putting it up on the side of my head to keep it off of my neck (I cut two inches off to try to keep the pony tail off my neck and it grew back so quickly that I couldn't tell the difference two weeks later. ) but I still may hack it all off. I'm going to make an effort to keep it, but the hotter it gets the more I want it gone. :LOL

T The good "rolleyes" smiley is now apparently called "eyesroll" and the smirky one is I guess called "rolleyes" Okay, just as long as the good one is back. :LOL
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Well early this morning while I was still half-asleep I got a horrible cramp in my calf! Now I've been limping around the house.

No sign of a baby for me...the midwives were saying it could be this week but I don't think so.
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Hi, Everyone!

I've been reading these threads, and finally had time to post! I'm 37 weeks as of Sunday, and looking forward to having this little bean anytime! Not that I'm having contractions or anything. Although, I do have serious cramps after I void, or when I walk around too much. And lately, I've been having the pubic pain, too.

But now I'm on short-term disability from work. Thank goodness. I would have pains throughout the day, and felt very awkward to stop and relax like I was taught in Bradley classes. (I didn't want to put my co-workers in a panic. They already thought that I should have had the baby weeks ago. )

I'm a bit bummed out with my company's maternaty leave "package." I do get the 6 weeks short-term leave after baby is born, but then I only get 2 weeks at reduced pay since I have only been there for 2 years. After that I can take 4 weeks unpaid. Woohoo! At least I could phase-back for a month after that. Would be even better if I didn't have to go back. But I am the "bread-winner" (for now). Dh is an actor and has his own video-taping business, and, thankfully, is the one who stays home and watches our son. But it would be nice if I could do that. But that's another story, and we are trying to arrange things so that I could get out of the job.

Okay, enough of that ranting. Because, other than that, I have nothing to complain about. My next MW appt is Saturday. My mom wants me to ask her what "emergencies" can arrise at a home-birth. (She'll be there at the birth.) My mom's a nurse, and she worries about things like this. I did assure her that the MW would detect if something's wrong way before the actual birth/pushing stage. And that the hospital is only 5 min away, if need be. BUT! I know that won't happen.

Well, I better go. Ds has been calling for me.

Belly rubs to all!
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seedling, the GBS swab is usually just a long qtip swished in the vagina, not too far up, and that's it. Most midwives just give you the packet and tell you what to do. I am to wash internally 3x week with salt water 1/2 tsp to 1 pint water, and wash the perineum with the irri bottle and hibiclens when I use the toilet, since it is easily transmitted from the anus. I don't usually have problems with antibiotics and use them very rarely, so while I would not be thrilled to have a newborn exposed to abx I don't expect problems like yeast or thrush and from reading how serious GBS disease can be, would be grateful for the treatment. In fact some of the literature on just how serious it can be makes one want to take the antibiotics regardless of the risk factors! I did read one study that said washing internally with hibiclens during labor seemed to provide similar protection to abx. But as long as the water hasn't broken before labor and labor is not too early (<37weeks) the risk is lower. I will be tested again a week from tomorrow, the day before 37 weeks. My midwife tests at 34 and 37 so there is time to lower the colony count if, as in my case, it is high. But my count is apparently so high there is a concern about membranes rupturing early, hence the precautionary measures.
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Well I am obviously at the end of this pregnancy cause I'm checking the boards 5 times a day, lol! No labor news today. The kitties are at the vet getting their teeth cleaned and I kind of want to go back to bed, I was up so early taking them over. Actually I might, Dan and Ben won't be home from school for a couple of hours and I just don't have much to do. I do have some things to sew but need a few things before I can finish them

I was thinking of starting the announcements. I am using paintings that Ben has done at school for the backings (cut into 5x7 pieces) and overlaying a page with the info and getting pictures of the 2 boys printed on magnet paper to stick on. I've been cutting the backings as I get new paintings (though lately he's been doing some cool stuff and I want to save them all!) and I could do the layout for the overlay leaving out the unkowns. We really need about 100 (huge families!!) but I've only got about 40 backings, so I'll probably do something simpler for some of them, or find a different paper. I also want to have a webpage, and I'll probably use the one I did for Ben as a template if I still have it.

OK, going a bit braindead, I think it's time for that nap! Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!
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Hi Steve's Sweety! It's good to see you back. I also have lots of bladder pain/pressure and also what I refer to as PIMPH (Pressure In My Pee-Hole). The PIMPH feels like I'm being catheterized or something. I also have pretty bad pubic bone pain from time to time. It's totally different than the PIMPH.

Grease, I fight those damn leg cramps every freakin' night. They are certainly no fun. I've had them off and on since I was a teenager, and once I did have one that made my leg sore for days.

I just can't believe we haven't had any babies born yet. I log on here all the time to check. It's so exciting!
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I hear that calcium and magnesium can help with leg cramps, but I also hear it's because they're muscle relaxers, and I don't want to take anything that might interfere with my uterine muscles.
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Yikes!! Babies babies everywhere...almost.

I am feeling so exhausted I can hardley type this. Anyone else? Also, very weepy and introspective (I wept yesterday upon reading in Oprah that Billy Crystal still thinks his wife of 34 years is beautiful).

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whew! well, saw my OB yesterday. Still no weight gain but he did not lecture me this time. Baby is measuring 2 weeks small (and *I* know my due date is right) but I tend to expect this as my babies are small(er)

36 weeks-can't believe it! He will do my GBS at next appt but I am not too worried about it since we are hospital birthers

Baby has really slowed down in movement.....still having slight diarrhea. I decided not to have OB check me yesterday as dilation and effacement really doesn't mean much for when I will go...she will come when she comes!

We had lots of posts yesterday, so I have to catch up! LOL
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Well, I'm in an awful mood again today. My sister in law flew to China on a school trip yesterday, and when my in-laws didn't hear from her they totally freaked out. (m-i-l is here with us, and f-i-l called us about 6-8 times today to give updates and freak out over the phone) It turned out that she couldn't get her calling card to work. I just hate to be around them when they act like this - their lives are very fear-based and I find that that upsets my energy A LOT. I hope that when I have children who have opportunities to travel and try new things I'll be excited for them, not fearful for them. There is a huge difference, you know...

What can I do to stop their fear from blocking me??? I really feel like that's part of the reason that I haven't gone into active labor yet... I'm thinking about just locking myself in my room, watching a couple of my favorite movies, and relaxing by myself the rest of the afternoon. Maybe if I light a couple candles, do a couple Tarot practices, and pray for awhile I'll be able to un-block myself.
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Are you doing hypnobabies or hypnobirthing? They have some pretty powerful scripts that can help you to visualize your birth and even get baby to come out. Let me know if you want me to email you some scripts if you need them. Mama, hang in there, you're almost done!!!!!!
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Hey, could you PM me a sample script? I'm not doing hb; I'm just curious.
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Originally Posted by Greaseball
Hey, could you PM me a sample script? I'm not doing hb; I'm just curious.
You can join the hypnobabies yahoo group and get the scripts that way.
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Originally Posted by 2girlsmommy
You can join the hypnobabies yahoo group and get the scripts that way.
what is the link to join the group?

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Originally Posted by curlygrrl
Anyone else know their care provider's policy on suctioning?
If the baby has passed meconium, they try to suction before the baby takes their first breath. Then they examine the baby and if necessary suck the meconium out of their lungs with a tube. (I have a picture or two of this happening to my EliBean. ).

If the baby hasn't passed meconium, they suction only if the baby is a)not breathing or b)making gurgly noises when they breathe. I'm pretty sure that this would be different with a cesearian delivery, because when a baby passed through the birth canal most of the fluid gets pushed out of their lungs during the birth, but that doesn't happen during a c-section. I imagine that those babies are always suctioned.
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Hello ladies!

Just got back from seeing my MW. HB sounds great...I measured fine...but she's a little unsure about the baby's position.

She said she's pretty sure she's head down but she's confused because there are two distinct hard spots on either side of my belly (we've actually kind of been wondering about it ourselves because we can't make sense of what we are feeling). So anyway...she asked me how I felt about having an u/s to check position and I told her that was fine with me.

If she's not vertex, I'd like to know asap so I can work with my chiropractor and accupuncturist to hopefully get her to turn. I'm going in for the u/s on Monday morning.

I had the GBS swabbing and she offered to do a vaginal exam, though she emphasized that there was no medical reason to do so. My own curiosity won out and I told her to go ahead and check me.

I'm a whopping 1 cm dialated. :LOL And my cervix is very long and thick.

The good thing is that when she was examining me, she felt pretty confident that she was feeling the baby's head. She thinks the baby must just be all scrunched up in the bottom of my uterus because I have a LOT of fluid and no clear body parts up top.

Originally Posted by Queen of Cups
I'm thinking about just locking myself in my room, watching a couple of my favorite movies, and relaxing by myself the rest of the afternoon.
Queenie ~ That sounds like a GREAT idea. Do you like taking baths? That's my favorite place to zone out and chat with the baby. Sending lots of relaxing, peaceful vibes your way....

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