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Well, so much for going into labor on my schedule. James is very happy where he is.

We'll give him another week, and then my mw can strip the membranes again and I'll try some cohosh and nipple stimulation that afternoon. I think I'll keep having sex, though - dh should be happy about that. :
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Originally Posted by Smithie
Well, so much for going into labor on my schedule. James is very happy where he is.

We'll give him another week, and then my mw can strip the membranes again and I'll try some cohosh and nipple stimulation that afternoon. I think I'll keep having sex, though - dh should be happy about that. :
LOL--the other night dh would not leave me alone he was so handsy! And then he says to me "but Jess--nipple stimulation is supposed to" and I swatted his hand away

I gotta watch what I say in front of him now..the words come back to haunt me! :LOL
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Aarh -- I have been feeling so exhausted and somewhat flu-like -- on and off. Plus more diarrhea today. But no more contractions today. Appt. with Ob tomorrow. We'll see.

What is stripping the membranes??

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Originally Posted by irishgreengables

What is stripping the membranes??

It is a procedure where they pull the membranes away from the uterus. It can be painful and it CAN induce infection into the uterus.

It only works on a certain amount of women....I had it done 4 times (before I knew better!) and 2 of those times was within one pregnancy. It never worked...however I know a few girls it has helped.
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Just FYI, Paula, I did not find it painful. My mw said that my cervix was very soft and thin, and that the procedure might have been painful for me if I was not ripe. Also, some women are just more sensitive up there than others.

But I'm also still pregnant today, so I cannot vouch for the usefulness of getting the membranes stripped.
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Originally Posted by crunchywannabe
what is the link to join the group?

HEre's the link to the hypnobabies website. http://www.hypnobabies.com/home.php
I think you can either sign up by going to the forums section or by clicking on contact us and sending Kerry an e-mail telling her you would like to join the yahoo group.

There use to be an actual link to signing up but I can't find it. I don't know if it will show up when you click on forums(it doesn't for my but I'm not sure if that is because I'm already a member or not).

Good Luck!
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I can't believe how close we are all getting. I now have to go in for weekly visits! June is fast approaching and it's such an incredibly busy month it's going to fly by! It's so weird that quite possibly in a month I will be holding a sweet little newborn.

I think the baby dropped a little. My ribs aren't as sore but my bladder is under constant attack!

Lately I've been having some bh where my whole stomach tightens up into this rock hard ball and stays that way for a couple of minutes. Anyone else experiencing this? I don't remember having this w/ the other two.

OH some FANTASTIC news!!! My cousin who has been trying to get pregnant for 6 1/2 years is finally pregnant!!!! They totally had given up hope that they would ever get pregnant and now she is!! Please, please , please send her sticky vibes!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!
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Originally Posted by jaredsmom
I'm a bit bummed out with my company's maternaty leave "package." I do get the 6 weeks short-term leave after baby is born, but then I only get 2 weeks at reduced pay since I have only been there for 2 years. After that I can take 4 weeks unpaid. Woohoo! At least I could phase-back for a month after that. Would be even better if I didn't have to go back. But I am the "bread-winner" (for now). Dh is an actor and has his own video-taping business, and, thankfully, is the one who stays home and watches our son. But it would be nice if I could do that. But that's another story, and we are trying to arrange things so that I could get out of the job.
Hi Tricia! I'm the breadwinner w/ a SAHD too! DH is a bass player. I'm very apprehensive about the whole leave thing too. I get 2 weeks where I have to use my own Paid Time Off (if I have enough, which I probably won't), then they pay me 65% of my salary for 4 weeks. After that I can take 6 more weeks under the federal FMLA, of course completely unpaid. I don't know how I'm going to do it, probably sell some furniture or maybe get a small part-time job to hold me over. I just can't go back after 6 weeks like I did with DS.

I've been trying to convince DH to do something too but, who knows? Mostly I'd like to freelance out of the home, so I hope to use my leave to help cultivate that as well.

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Originally Posted by 2girlsmommy
OH some FANTASTIC news!!! My cousin who has been trying to get pregnant for 6 1/2 years is finally pregnant!!!! They totally had given up hope that they would ever get pregnant and now she is!! Please, please , please send her sticky vibes!!!
That's so cool!

My sister had her membranes stripped with my younger niece at 40w6d in the middle of July... she was soooo desperate to have that baby OUT. : It was done around 9am, she went to school, went for her daily afternoon walk to get labor going, and around 7 pm she finally noticed that her pants would not stay up over her belly when she stood up... they kept sliding down. She went to the hospital at 7:40pm, they checked her and said she wasn't dialated past three (same as that morning) her cervix was still fairly long and she wasn't in labor. She said "Yes I am" and stayed. Shortly after 8 pm they tried to call a cab to send her home; 8:15 she threw up all over the triage area, so they let her stay... 8:30 her water broke and at 8:43 my niece was born. One contraction for the head, then her giant shoulders got stuck for the next contraction, she was turned and she slid out.

So it can work. : I, however, am not a candidate for membrane stripping because of the GBS. I wish I'd known this when I was pregnant with Eli, though. I think now that it's entirely possible that the reason my water broke Monday night was because of an attempt to strip my membranes that morning, which succeded only in introducing the bacteria to my cervix.
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I don't feel very good this morning - and I can't figure out if I'm really having surges. I'm feeling a lot of pressure and discomfort, but I can't seem to discern a pattern and they're not terribly intense. I feel pretty queasy, too. Just not feeling great today...

But it is me and DH's 3-year anniversary! So we're going out for Thai food and to see Shrek 2 tonight. I'm excited about that...

PS- I found "stripping the membranes" to be somewhat uncomfortable. I have a fairly touchy cervix to begin with, though. The midwife stripped them LAST monday and I had a lot of bloody show and irregular contractions for about 2 days then. She stripped them again the day before yesterday and it wasn't as uncomfortable as the first time, and though I've had a lot of pink-streaked mucous since its not as much as last week.
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QoC- Happy Anniversary!! Hope you're feeling better. Let's hope some spicy Thai food kicks things into high gear!!
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Ugh, I don't like nipple stimulation. Dh is disappointed about that...

I got another leg cramp last night, same time, same leg! Is that supposed to be some kind of warm-up for labor? I've also been waking up with intestinal cramps. I'm getting ready for this thing to be over.
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Dang it!!!!! I had a whole big post typed out and then I ht the wrong button and lost the blasted thing!!!

Anyway, Rynna, yes I remember being on the TTC threads....I think Robin was on the nursing mamas threads, weren't you Robin? I remember Erin being on the general TTC threads as well. Here we all are, ready to hold our babies in a matter of weeks.

I am feeling good overall. Some aches and pains, occassional emotional outburst, using involving lots of tears, but nothing making me miserable. I do have a lot of bladder pain and pressure if I wait to pee for too long. My baby was flipping around a lot up until 36 weeks, but is now head down, and I am pretty sure posterior. If I try to check my cervix, I can feel his/her head from inside. I have always loved that.

I realy need baby to stay inside for at least 3.5 weeks. Of course, because I am wanting that so badly, he or she may decide on a different plan for me! I just have so many other things that need to be finished/completed, everything will be much more settled after June 11th. Like I can actually decide these things, huh?

Okay, I need a nap.....ttyl!
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I don't really like nipple stimulation, either. I've always had a strong emotional reaction to my nips being touched - if lovin' is already underway it feels good, but as a starter it usually makes me feel tearful and depressed. However, I put my sobbing baby cousin to the breast once (desperation makes you do odd things) and did not get the same reaction. Weird, huh?

Anyhow, I'll take membrane stripping over nipple twiddling any day.
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So, I found a midwife's guide to using cohosh to induce labor online today and then went to whole foods to get blue and black cohosh. They taste awful! But I figure I'll try it for a few hours and see - if nothing else, maybe the placebo effect will help my contractions to regulate. The instructions are to take a few drops of each every 20 minutes for 5 hours (starting with 5 drops the first hour and going to 20 drops by the 4th hour). Anyone tried this before? I lost a lot of pink-tinged mucous this morning, and I've been having regular surges every 10 minutes or so today... seemed like a good time to try something to get me into a progressing pattern.
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Those sound like much more sensible directions than the ones I followed! I was pounding back twenty drops of balck cohosh every fifteen minutes - big bellyache!

I need to go to Whole Foods next week and find some blue scohosh, so I can try your ramp-up method next week.
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Please define "surges" for me.

Went to OB todya -- no dilation but cervix has moved to the proper place nad she could feel the head just behind the cervix. I am happy to keep her cooking for a while longer, though.

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Originally Posted by irishgreengables
Please define "surges" for me.
Surge is another word for contraction. I'm doing the Hypnobabies program, which is using hypnosis for childbirth. The word contraction has so many negative connotations for so many people, the words "surge" or "pressure wave" are substituted. If you ask me, they offer a better description of the sensation anyway...
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I like the word "babyhug."

I still can't feel my cervix or the baby's head. I wonder if it's because mine is still really far back?
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Well, I started the garlic clove treatement last night. It was no big deal but I could taste? the garlic. Very strange. I went in today to have more blood drawn for monitering my platelett levels but didn't talk to the backup doc. I'm going to talk to my midwife on Friday about the whole GBS thing and the internal struggle I've been going thru about what to do. I really want to be retested and have this test come up negative. That would just be a huge weight off my shoulders. So, if she agrees it'd be worthwhile, I'll call my backup doc and schedule a re-test for next week which means I'll spend the weekend majorly trying every home remedy known for eliminating GBS. Knowing I'm positive and not knowing for sure what I want to do about treatment has totally cooled off any desire I had to have the baby early.

Meanwhile, I look like a vitamin freak with my probiotic, vit c, prenatal, 8 alfalfa, iron, epo, etc. It takes an entire glass of water to get it all down. Anybody else looking forward to not caring so much about what they eat and how well they treat their body? I know I have to take care of myself after baby comes and my milk supply etc, but I'm just getting sick of the high maintenance phase.

Well, hope everyone has a great evening and QoC I hope your labor gets going. I really do think you had something there when you said having your in-laws around may have you blocked. I hope you get a nice private space to settle into soon.
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