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May 16 - 22 weekly thread

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chocomoto -1/16
embens - 1/08
Marysmama - 1/21
Pam and Abigail - 1/17
sweetpeasmom -1/17
Bunches - 1/17
lovebugmama - 1/05
nelybel - 1/16
hollyhobbie - 1/9 or so
lilguymommy - 1/04
ivarson - 1/05
killick - 1/04
AP Momma
Did I miss anyone?????? pm me if I did!! Do you want me to add due dates next to names or how far along we are??

Well....... its a new week already!! I am 4w6days today still without many symptoms. Although, its hard to decipher which symtoms are still after effects of the virus I had and which are preg. symptoms. I am feeling a lot better today. Tomorrow, I see the midwife. I am dying to see those beta numbers!!!

I am glad to hear all is well with everyone so far!!!

p.s. Although I'd love to take credit for the weekly thread idea, its really an idea I got from being on the ttc board. It makes things easier!!!!!!!
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EDD Jan. 21--4w3d

Hi everyone. Let's see, it's been 3 days since I tested positive. Still pretty excited about it.

I've been feeling pretty good. Just kinda tired and emotional. I haven't called my ob yet. I figured I'd wait 'til this coming week or so. Not in a real big hurry.

During my last pg, I called them right away and they had me bring in a urine sample the next day. So, I did that and they confirmed it was positive and then said "See you in 8 weeks." I thought it was wierd that they do it that way. In my ob's opinion, they want to wait and make sure the baby sticks, before they start blood work and everything. So, that's why I'm not in any big hurry to call my ob.

Bunches, hope your beta numbers are good. And how cool that you're going to a midwife. I had seen a midwife temporarily during my last pg. For like two months or so. Then my dh and I had to move. I just loved her.
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Add me to the roll call please.

I just tested positive yesterday. I figure I'm about 6 weeks so the first week of January. My cycle has been irregular since my last loss so I'll know more when I see my m/w

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Mary, hope them numbers are high! they gotta be. I go for mine again today, so we both better be reported high numbers, got it? Not much else going on, no new symptoms, but maybe just feeling a bit tired.
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I tested a while ago, No symptoms, not that I'm complaining at all!!!! My other pregnancy's were all about throwing up and feeling like crap. So this is a very nice change.I have my first OB appt on June 2nd, so I'll have all my bloodwork #'s then. I haven't told my family yet, we are all getting together for my brother's wedding and I am going to have dd2 wear a shirt that says, "I'm gonna be a BIG sister" I think that will get their attention!!! LOL
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Edd 1/04/05

Doing well here. Told my family last weekend on mother's day. My mom got so pissed off. Don't get me wrong, she'll eventually be excited, but she is thinking about Christmas and we are supposed to go out of town by plane around that time. She actually thought this was a way for me to have Christmas at my house again this year. Who really and truely wants to do that much work if they don't have too when they are that pregnant.

So as far as the pregnancy. No really bad symptoms. Kinda freaky, but I guess I can't complain. Tender breasts went away, but still have nausea sometimes. Oh yeah. First doctors appointment is next Tuesday (5-25-04) and I am 7 weeks 1 day.

Talk to you soon.
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EDD Jan 21-4w4d

Well, today, I'm feeling fine. Sore nipples still, and have to pee more. With my last pg, I never had morning sickeness. So, I'm not really expecting it this time either. Let's hope I dont' get it.

Gosh Nicole, too bad about your Mom being grumpy. Like you said, she'll soon be happy about it.

Leenie, I'm thinking of doing the "Big Sister" shirt thing too. I've got some fabric markers. I think I'm going to use an old white onesie or something. But, I'm going to wait a while. Maybe 8 weeks or so.

Hope everyone's feeling great!
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EDD 1/17 - 5weeks today!

Good morning everyone! AP Momma - I added you to the list!! Welcome!
sweetpeasmom - fingers crossed! I'll see the midwife today. We won't have our first prenatal exam until I am much further along but we'll look at some numbers. Do you ever get your progesterone levels checked?
embens, Killick and Gen - no major symptoms here either! But, then again its early. Today, when waking up, I could really feel the fatigue though!!
The t-shirt idea is cute!!!!!!!!!
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Got m y 3rd beta- 2011!! wowzers, my numbers have been tripling every 2 days. They scheduled me an u/s for next. Things are looking good
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Good for you, sweetpea!!! That is such good news. I am happy for you. I won't get my results until tomorrow because we don't even have a lab in this town. They have to send it by plane to Seattle tonight so I'll find out tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, you give me hope!!!!!!!! I know how you must be feeling after last month - at least I think so!
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Yesterday's Hcg level was 1384 - going up!!!!!!!!!! Whew! I'm tired..........
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WOOHOO Mary!! see I told ya so Do u have to go for anymore or will that be it for now?
howz everyone feeling? I started getting a bit of m/s last night, blah! I hope I don't get it as bad as last time.
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Thanks. Let's just hope they keep going up. My progesterone was on the low-end of normal so my midwife has me starting progesterone supplements to be safe. Has anyone else ever used those???????
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Hi! Congratulations everyone!

Add me please I got my BFP this morning! I am 4w0d! My edd is 1/26/05 (dh says 1/25 but I am sticking with my # for now!).
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Anyone starting to get ms? I've been nauseous for 2 days now. ugh. With my other pregnancies, I'd feel nauseous and then just lie in bed and not eat. I now know that hyoglycemia makes it worse (or causes it) so my new tactic is to eat constantly-- because I'm also having cravings at the same time..... geesh, I had forgotten how fun pregnancy can be!!!

Actually I'm very excited. I've been an apprentice midwife for the last 3 years and was about to start my own practice at the end of this year. My plans have changed a bit, obviously, but it's so cool to get to experience pregnancy and birth again-- with a slightly different perspective.

Hope everyone's feeling well!

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I forgot we were doing a weekly, so I just found this! I am 5 1/2 weeks now. My nausea comes and goes, haven't lost any food yet. My nipples got sore last weekend, I had to dig out my tube of lanolin. My butt got big, and I am definitely showing!
I am also having major joint problems. Both my knees are sore. They get stiff and inflamed and there was one day it was hard to walk. Usually it's only one knee at a time, and they seem to take turns. Plus, I think my sacrum is getting bad again. Last pg I had troubles with it from 2 months on.
I broke down and actually told dd. We weren't hiding it from her, people around her, including us, were talking about it, but one particularly tough day, I told her there's a baby in my belly (she's 20 months, I think it's a better word than 'uterus' ) and I pinched my fingers together and said "it's this big!" And I added, "it won't be coming fo a looooooong time" Now when I ask her where the baby is she points to my bulge, and when I ask how big it is, she pinches her fingers together, grinning. It's so cute.
We're all sick right now, though, so that's unfun. She hasn't been sick since she was 4 months old, so I wonder if it had to do with changes in my milk, ie less antibodies?
Welcome to the new members!
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Ugh... I knew it was coming on, but this morning I woke up with a hum-dinger of a cold. *fingers crossed* that Tess gets enough antibodies through my milk to stay healthy!
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I'm still not feeling any nausea. I never really had morning sickness with my other pregnancies, just a vague nausea in the evenings around dinner time. Makes cooking dinner practically impossible!

I can't remember when it set in last time. Anyone else not feeling anything yet?
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Pam thats so cute w/your dd. I've told mine but she's still too young to know what I'm saying. At least I don't have to worry about her spilling the beans yet.

I'm not feeling anything yet either. I felt a little sick the other night but only lasted for a couple of hours. Last time it hit me around 6 weeks, so we'll see.
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I guess I am about five and a half weeks along. So far the only symptoms I have is a little nausea now and again and extreme tiredness(something that I did not have so much with DS). I feel tired most of the day and I think could probably sleep most of the time if I did not have to work......hurray its almost the weekend!!!!
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