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Me too!

I just found out today that I am prego too.

The only day I had sex was May 5th, but I am pretty sure I ovulated around the 7th or 8th.

So my midwife told me that the spermys could have been hanging out, waiting during that time.

So, from which date should I calculate my EDD?

Also she told me that it's more likely to be a girl since the girl spermys usually are the ones to hang out like that.
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Congratulations Nadia! and........ welcome!!! I guess I'd calculate from the day you think you ovulated.
I still don't have any major symptoms - just fatigue and I have to pee alot. I go back to the midwife on Monday for more Hcg levels. I started progesterone supplements yesterday. Hopefully, it will help!!!!!!!!
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I just got back from my first prenatal, and my due date has been adjusted for my slightly longer cycle: Jan 19.
Not that it makes much of a difference, we all know how babies decide when they come out! Am I ever showing! I look the way I did at 12 weeks last time!
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Please add me to the list.....

EDD 1/11/05. I have my first appointment with my midwife on Monday. This is a different practice from my practice I used with my first birth (moved to a different city), so I'm hoping I like them!

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I'm now officially five weeks and still no real symptoms! So far strong smells and sleepiness are all I'm dealing with -- and it's my own fault for being tired because we've had so many playdates lately!

My first appt. is Tuesday!
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Just found out!!

hey everyone -

i hope it is ok to join you. we just took the test a few hours ago and it was POSITIVE!!!!

i can't believe it. we have been trying for several months now so i was so scared of hoping for a positive test. this is our first pregnancy and i am very excited and a bit scared and i feel like i am walking in a dream. it doesn't really feel real yet. so far i don't have any symptoms - we took the test because i was a bit late.

i guess i should tell you a bit about myself - i am 29 and my husband is 34. the due date (according to a due date calculator online) is jan 21 (i think i remember reading about someone else who was due on the 21st and another kathy who is 29 - how weird!!) well, the only thing i can think of to say is I AM PREGNANT!!! but i guess you guys already know that

oh, we were thinking about not telling anyone (if we can hold out) for a few months just to make sure everything is ok. no one even knows we have been trying to get pregnant. has anyone else decided not to tell?? do you think it matters??

well, i am going to go dance around the house some more - looking very forward to getting to know everyone over the next 9 months.
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edd Jan. 21

Welcome Kathy! Our due dates are the same. Though, I have gotten different results from different due date calculators online. Some say Jan. 23. So who knows.

Congrats!! How exciting. We're not telling anyone right away either. I'm going to wait probably until 9 weeks. I'm getting an ultrasound around that time.

I don't really know if it matters to tell or not tell. If something goes wrong, then you're going to have to untell everyone. With my last pg, we told everyone pretty early. Everything was fine.

However, as soon as I told MIL she was telling everyone. Including the guy at the gas station.

Well, good luck to you. So glad you've joined us!
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Congratulations Kathy from the other Kathy!

We're telling everyone right away, and did with the last pregnancy too. I think it's just a matter of personal choice, kwim?

I wish you a wonderful 9 months!
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We told everyone already. Most people think we are crazy for having another one so soon...:

I am having nausea. I also have this terrible neck pain that shoots up my head and hits my eye and it also shoots all the way down the right side of my body to my foot. I get this peridically and now this morning I woke up with that pain and morning sickness and I threw up. My chiro is closed until Monday.

I feel like crap, my mother just came to pick up the kids, DH is at work so at least I get to rest.

I feel so stressed. I am worried that I really won't be able to do this without getting even more stressed. I want to go to the gym cause I can't afford to get any fatter with this one, my health is at risk, but I have no energy and no regularly reliable childcare.

I am happy to be having another baby. I think it will be awesome for Sami to have a playmate so close in age. I would just be much happier with a live in nanny...LOL.
But seriously I am planning on making that happen by September or so. Until then I will survive.
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My due date is around 1/19. I did a frozen embryo transfer on 4/30 and got a positive blood test on 5/14. My beta numbers are high so I think maybe mulitiples. They transfered 3, we have an u/s scheduled for 6/01 so we will know then how many we will be expecting.
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Hi,i am cautiously joining.I miscarried last month and appear to be pregnant again!My edd would be January 29th.

I am 29 and have a 6 year old special needs child,a 4year old genius(at least i think so )And a gorgeous 2 year old lil girl.I hope i get to hang around with y'all for the next nine months!
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Hi -

Count me in. We just took a test last night and it was positive. It'll be our first together, but DH's second. It's a little earlier than planned (about 3 or 4 months), and things are crazy at our house right now - we're in the middle of gutting and renovating our rowhouse - and craziness going on with 14 y.o. stepdaughter, but keeping fingers crossed things will work out.

We think we conceived around the end of April - but things are soo crazy, I just realized I missed my period. I'm guessing our edd is around the end of january, but I was 2 weeks early and my b-day is jan 12 - so maybe?

I was listening to a midwife speak at a conference and she said they don't do estimated due dates, they do seasons - so I guess my season will definitely be winter.

hoping for a homebirth - but need to work on dh a bit. we're only 4 blocks from one hospital (but they got rid of their Labor/delivery services last year) and only 2 miles from another hospital with a bunch of midwives.

also no symptoms here - although i did realize I was having to pee once in the middle of the night for the last week or so - and i've never done that before - but it just got really hot here, so i figured i was just drinking more water. the bummer is that b/c of our house renovations, i have to go down to the basement to use the b'room and our bedroom is on the 2nd floor.

we're not telling anybody for a while. my brother is having the first grandkid in late june and i'd like to wait till after he and his girlfriend have had the babe to announce our news - don't want to steal their limelight
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Hi, I'm joining also...due somewhere around 1/24/05, although I tend to go early, I'm hoping to keep this one in! I had some energy work done last night and she said she felt the babe would come in Feb! We'll see...
So happy to be here!

Ravenmoon, I am REALLY happy to see you here, I remember you from ttc.
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