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Round the clock braxton hicks anyone?

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I had only had b/h when walking on the treadmill until Thursday night.... I've had them every 3-5 minutes since!!!

I know they are not "real" but they are ANNOYING!!!!! I just want them to STOP!

Anyone feel my pain?
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when are you due? i had round the clock b/h during my entire last month. i thought it might mean an early birth, but it different. sometimes they were 3-5 minutes apart, other times 15 minutes more or less.
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I'm due 8/6.

I am 28w2d.

I had them a LOT with my daughter too, but ahhhh, these are annoying. And it certainly didn't mean an early birth with her, as I was induced for eclampsia and was a "fingertip" the morning of my induction at 38 1/2 weeks!! And 48 hours later, I was a 4 and had my c/s

So I'm not expecting an early birth!! Hehe!

I'd really rather just not have them at all As if I have a choice!!
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I'm a little confused about bh contractions. I read a little about them a little. I get the tightening all the time. But is this really a bh contraction or what? When I get them, sometimes it is a tightening that is bad enough to feel a bit crampy. When you guys get them is it like a real contraction or what? I am wondering.
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My braxton hicks feel like a 30 second or minute long menstrual cramp.

They're just ANNOYING, not truly painful.
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I had a lot of B/H contractions when I did not drink enough water. I could have them regularly for hours, but as soon as I would drink alot of water, they would change and decrease significantly.
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I have around the clock too. This is my 3rd pregnancy and with my 1st I never had at all, my 2nd pregnancy I had them from 24 weeks on and they were generally 5-10 min. apart until delivery at 40w6d. With this pregnancy I have them a lot too. I probably have a few an hour sometimes more and sometimes less. These seem to be more painful than I remember though. Most times they are in the lower abdomen and low back, but sometimes I get some that are quite uncomfortable at the top of the uterus. If I remember correctly BH are more in the lower abdomen and low back.
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i've had a few sessions of regular b/h, and it can get annoying, especially when you're trying to sleep.

i agree about the water... often that's my problem.

sometimes a little alcohol will calm things (if you've already drunk a bunch of water). hops, skullcap, lobelia and/or valerian tinctures could help if you aren't getting ANY sleep at all, but i would definitely talk to your midwife before starting them (i know lobelia, for one, can cause problems with someone who has had a history of siezures, for instance).

one other method... sometimes a funky uterus will knock out of a b/h spell with a good strong orgasm!

good luck,

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Funny you should mention this. I've had a lot of BH the last week. I'm happy to have them as the midwives always say there's no such thing as a useless contraction. They're all getting your body that little bit more ready for labour.

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I am pretty sure it's not water related for me... I drink at LEAST a gallon or two of water every day. I'm on the overkill end of that spectrum

It's just good to know I'm not alone, you know?

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i've had braxton hicks contrax's now for at least a few weeks...i'm at 28wks now and for the last week i've had some that are bordering on painful...friday when i spent the day in L&D being monitored i had several that registered on the monitors, but that might be mostly from me being dehydrated and having some preterm labor...once i was rehydrated they've kept up though...i've got a fairly high pain tolerance when allowed to roam/move etc so they don't typically bother me, but are a nuisance...only reassuring thing is that i remind myself each contrax now is one closer to baby!
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I've been suffering since last saturday with constant BH's (no rhyme or reason to them though). I've been having them for a while but nothing like this. I had one last night that contracted for several minutes and it nearly set me through the roof. Some are very painful, especially when I do anything that's the least bit strenuous so I've been taking it easy. I'm hoping they're prepping me up so I can have my VBAC
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I had a ton with my first and I started getting them frequently around 18 weeks...it is annoying...they happen all the time. My ds was born on his due date, so I know it will not mean an early delivery.
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