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how do I take a poll?

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I can't figure out how to do the options...

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Do you want to vote in a poll someone set up? Or do you want to put a poll together yourself for others to vote to?
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i want to set up a poll for others

to vote on.
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I guess the best way to explain it is step by step.

Plan your poll first by choosing a title, a clear poll question or statement and the number of options you'll be giving. It's best to think this through first in your mind and on paper or screen beforehand so you know exactly what you plan to ask and offer and can post the poll without problems.

Click on New Thread. In the Post New Thread screen type an introduction to your poll explaining your intentions, reasons, interests, or whatever you'd like to clarify or offer for discussion in the thread. Before you click Submit New Thread make sure you have checked the box "Yes! Post a Poll" and have chosen in the window to the right of that how many options you'd like to allow voters to choose from.

Click Submit and then you'll be taken to the Post New Poll screen where you'll Give the poll question you'd like to ask and give the options you've chosen to allow the voters. Here you can also allow voters multiple choice rather than a one choice vote by checking the multiple choice box in the options section. You may also set a limit on the poll voting to so many days if you wish.

That's it! Click on the Preview poll button first to see how it all lays out on the screen before you click the submit button. if it's all fine and you have no changes to make then submit it.

Give it a try and see if it's as easy as I've made it out to be
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