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Trying to make sense of cycle...

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I am nursing my 7 month old and I got my period back in January. Since then my cycle was 34 days (March), then 35 days (April) and now I am on day 38 with still no period. My LMP was April 9th. Dh & I had unprotected intercourse on either May 3rd or 4th.

I just took a look at one of those due date calculators and it seems like I probably ovulated right around that date but I just took a pregnancy test that was negative.
Is it too soon to test?

I guess what I am looking for is data from mamas with more knowledge on menstrual cycle irregularities during nursing.

Basically, do you think I'm pregnant - I know it's silly...: ....but do you...?

Like does nursing legthen the days of a woman's menstrual cycle?
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Oh come on mamas please...

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I probably won't be much help since I only have experience with ttc. And, I'm newly pregnant now after having a miscarriage last month. But, with ttc experience, I can tell you that it is recommended to test 14 days past ovulation. Many women have reported false negatives when testing earlier only to find out they were indeed pregnant days later. Good luck!!!!!!!! There is a great board on the "ttc board" about nursing Moms ttc'ing. Maybe that would help.
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My cycle is always longer when I am nursing, and can be irregular. Makes me need to be extra aware about fertility awareness! I can't tell you how many preg. tests I have taken being 2 weeks late. I think maybe as my son's nursing patterns fluctuate it can change my cycle, just my theory anyway. But yeah, I suppose you could be pregnant. Did you have any signs of ovulation that you keep track of (increased mucus, etc)?
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I haven't been keeping track like on a chart or anything else other than my period...been meaning to start doing that for a while. If I am not then I want to get that thing you put saliva in and start doing that.

I couldn't find any posts in TTC relevant to my current situation.
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I would wait until the end of the week and retest if you haven't gotten your menstration yet.

It's typically 14 days after ovulation that you get your period. Some woman varies a few days before or after. So if you ovulated the 3rd or 4th your not even late until Tuesday and if you usually have a longer luteral phase then it could be as late as Thursday or Friday.

I hope you get the answer you're looking for.

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I am in fact pregnant and very excited I might add. Sooner than I would have maybe planned but this is what I really wanted. Thank you for your input mamas.

So I am due January 28th or so. I am 4 weeks. Now I need to find out about going throught pregnancy without gaining weight since I am already 70 lbs over my weight, I look about 5 months pregnant already.

Anyway...congrats to me and all the other mamas who just found out here.
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