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I need some ideas

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I can't have a home birth, but I would like to stay home as long as I can with this labor. I am sick of being strapped to a bed flat on my back for 15 hours. I sucked 3 times and I don't want to do it a fourth. Any ideas to keep me comfortable, help me deal with the pain, while still at home. I would like to try an unmedicated birth, but there is no I can do it if i have to be in the hospital the whole time!!!!!!
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Breathe, switch positions, get in the shower or bathtub, walk, lean over a chair on hands & knees, moan, sit on the toilet, lean on DH, if you feel low back pain have someone (Nicole?) press on your tail bone as counterpressure, sing, visualize......

That's all I got right now... You'll find ways of coping. Staying "comfortable" isn't necessarily the goal, is it? Just listen to your body and keep moving. Have DH to remind you to switch positions if something doesn't seem like it's working (sometimes it's hard to remember to try something different if you're all caught up in the discomfort). Your body will take over - let it.

Btw, my son was born on the 25th anniversary of Elvis's death.
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Could you hire a doula or a monitrice to come help you labor at home? A doula provides emotional support and comfort measures...a monitrice also does these things, but she also is trained to provide clinical assessment of labor progress (assess fetal heart tones, maternal blood pressure, and vaginal exams). If you desire a natural birth you can do it Hope it goes well
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Yeah, I agree with the doula or monitrice idea. Have her come to your house early in labor. Plus she can help you refuse to be strapped flat on your back hooked up to monitors once you do get to the hospital. You can do it! Good luck!
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I think you will find it much easier to cope with labor while at home, in comfy surroundings, rather than in the hospital. No one to please but yourself! I found that listening to my body and staying active was helpful. Moving when the urge strikes. W/my first, I wanted a way *out* of the pain of being flat on my back hooked up to five different machines. At home, I realized there was no getting out of the experience, only through. A CNM I once was seeing said she recommends that all of her clients show up at the hosp. at 9 cms. "Doesn't make for the best car trip, but it sure makes for better outcomes."

Also, I my birth ball. It was awesome during my last labor, and now, we use it every day to bounce! IMO, a mindset of not *needing* to rush off for medical care is important, as is the belief that your body was meant to do this! If you desire an unmedicated birth, you might consider eliminating the word 'try.' You are awesome and powerful! You're a mama!
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I agree with Anna.......you'll find ways to cope. I stayed home as long as possible with my daughter and ended up showering, wandering, laying on the couch.........etc etc. It was nice (as nice as labor can be) because you really just feel freer to do what you need to do to cope......no stress.
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I used hypnobirthing with a lot of success. I was in transition before I actually started to labour in an uncomfortable way! I also used distraction and denial. ( was convinced I had the flu!) I recommend birthing from within by pam england
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Another vote for the doula, especially if you can find one who is also a childbirth educator or hypno birth instructor- mine was a blessing. If you have always labored in hospital you may be surprised at how little actual pain you experience at home, especially with knowledgeable help and good coping strategies. Good luck!
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