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Faint line on day 28!!!!

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Whoo hoo! I don't want to get TOO excited, but I think I finally got a positive result after days of testing too early and wasting money on tests! I was going to hold off 2 more days to test, since my cycle is usually 28 to 29 days, but I just couldn't wait. It's the afternoon, so I will check again in the AM for a better result. It's a Clear Blue test, the one that makes a "+", and the vertical line is really light and thin, but it's there, unlike in the past tests. Am I crazy? Have other people gotten such a thin line as a positive test?

Laurie (35), hopefully really pregnant -- and if so, due incredulously on 1/26/05, my 8 year-old ds's birthday!!!!
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Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think any line regardless of how faint is usually a positive.
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Congratualtions! I think my due date is 1/25 or 1/26!!!
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